Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort-Khanpur: Overview


The metropolitan area of Khanpur in Rahim Yar Khan District is quite famous for its tourist attractions, most of which are based on the region’s natural beauty. The area is frequented by travellers and adventure-seekers alike. Places like Khanpur Dam have been in the spotlight lately due to the recent infrastructure upgrades. 

Keeping in view the ever-increasing tourism significance of Khanpur, Tomorrow Land Developers, which is among the most well-reputed names in the country’s development industry, has finally introduced a grand-scale project by the name of “Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort”. It has been envisioned as an ultramodern development, destined to capitalise on the rapidly growing tourism industry in the region.

Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort has already started seeking the attention of investors from all over the country — and for good reason. The project enjoys a stunning location and many remarkable features, which makes it probably the most groundbreaking real estate development in the history of Khanpur. 

Now, let’s find out more about this game-changing project!

Location of Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort

overview of khanpur dam
Khanpur Dam is a man-made reservoir (Credits: FB/Khanpur Dam)

Directly linked to the main Khanpur Road, the prime location of Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort seamlessly connects it with many major tourist spots in the region. The up-and-coming vacation resort is located right in front of Khanpur Dam — one of KPK’s most popular travel destinations. 

Nestled among breathtakingly beautiful mountainous countryside, Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort is all set to become the perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure-seekers. The project’s ideal positioning allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in nature’s serenity and calm. The panoramic views of the surrounding lush green landscape will bring you very close to nature.

Easily accessible by Haripur Interchange on Khanpur Road, this project also enjoys proximity to the region’s most popular archaeological sites, such as Ashoka Palace, Bhamala Stupa, and Taxila.

Facilities and Amenities at Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort

Planned as a haven for tourists, Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort has been equipped with the best-in-class features. The entire project is meticulously designed, putting convenience and facilitation of guests and visitors on the top priority. Once completed, this high-end resort will offer you a plush living experience surrounded by gorgeous views of pristine natural beauty, which will surely leave you mesmerised.

Some of the most noteworthy facilities and amenities of Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort that make it a worthwhile investment have been listed as under:

  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance and Round-the-clock Security
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Smart Connectivity
  • Fire Fighting system
  • Rooftop Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Spacious Car parking
  • High-speed elevators
  • Robust maintenance services

Myriad of Tourism and Adventure Activities Nearby

The Khanpur region in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is brimming with adventure sports and a multitude of tourist activities all year round. Located in the vicinity of Khanpur Dam, Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort is a perfect getaway for travellers and adrenaline junkies. 

From swimming, fishing and snorkeling to parasailing, zip-lining and paragliding, there would be a lot of exciting things to do nearby for guests staying at Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort, which would make their experience even more memorable and fun-filled.

Investment Options in Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort

Investment options in Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort

This upscale tourism-centric development has been brilliantly packaged with hotel apartments and suites. The available investment options have been categorised into executive panoramic suites, junior panoramic suites and junior hotel apartments. 

The interior of every hotel apartment in Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort has been gracefully architectured, the exquisiteness of which is further enhanced by top-of-the-line fittings and multiple balconies to enjoy unobstructed views of Khanpur’s natural scenery.

Why Invest in Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort?

Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort is an intelligently planned urban development that is tipped to breathe new life into the local tourism industry. It’s an opportunity for real estate investment in Khanpur that is bound to translate into high capital returns because of the below-given factors.

  • The project is owned a developed by Tomorrow Land Developers — a highly prestigious development company
  • Approved by all concerned authorities, it is an absolutely safe investment opportunity satisfying all due diligence criteria set by, which is the marketing and sales partner of the project.
  • The very first grand-scale tourism-oriented project in Khanpur with hotel apartments and suites available on easy instalments.
  • It guarantees high capital gains and up to a 10% rental yield to investors in the near future.

Here’s the Easiest Way to Book a Unit in Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort

For your convenience, we have attached a (green and white) form to this blog, which you can fill out with your basic contact info to get in touch with our representative and proceed with your investment in Tomorrow Land Country Club & Resort.

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Why do young people need to invest in real estate as early as possible?


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Young people in the twenty-first century have some apprehensions about purchasing a home. Young individuals in today’s environment do not necessarily have a lot of financial security. Parental leave, independence, and starting a family are all typical desires, and many young people still see the advantages of buying rather than renting when it comes to housing. tells you about the significant benefits of buying a home at the start of your adult life.

Real estate can be a tremendous investment if you take the time to learn about the process and the best strategies to obtain high returns. Many young people wanting to invest in real estate keep waiting for the right time and never gather the courage to do so. Those who do not make an effort to learn about rental property investing are missing out on a fantastic opportunity. brings you a list of significant benefits of investing in real estate at the start of your adult life.


Early bird catches the worm

Many incredibly successful people recognised the potential of real estate investing at a young age and are now reaping the benefits. You can begin to develop good saving habits at an early age. This will be an invaluable experience, particularly if you have higher-budget long-term objectives in mind.

Purchasing is a sound financial decision through which you learn financial responsibility along with making money. You’ll be well ahead of your colleagues, who are likely unaware of the great potential of the real estate market. Suppose you still live at home and aren’t ready to leave. In that case, an investment property can provide you with additional income while only requiring you to pay low living expenses, depending on your family status.


Education and experience

Most importantly, investing in real estate as a young person provides you with an education. Someone else in the real estate industry will always have more experience. Starting young means you’ll have access to a wide range of knowledgeable property investors who can provide valuable advice.

This will prevent you from making the same mistakes they did when purchasing property, and you will be able to learn faster by following their steps to success. If you make any mistakes when you’re young, you’ll have plenty of time to learn from them.


Good habits

Along with developing a habit of saving, you will learn other skills too. Real estate investing teaches you to think in new ways. You’ll learn to think about things differently and realise that money isn’t always the most important consideration when investing. To wait for the most incredible deals, you’ll need problem-solving skills as well as tenacity and determination. Suitable investments sometimes necessitate patience as well.



You are more liberated during your youth and early adulthood, and your passionate desire to buy a property can be a powerful ally in seeing and analysing your possibilities.

This more fervent and intense demand may be the key to obtaining a dream home at a reasonable price. You don’t have to find a house that will be your first home if you invest in a property when you are still young. You can take advantage of a property with a favourable present market value while focusing on the property’s long-term financial benefits. You may save for your ideal home while earning cash from regular rental payments.

You’ll have more flexibility in what you invest in because you won’t be bound by more restrictions like when you’re old. 


More time to reach maximum potential

When you are young, investing in real estate provides you with a chance to benefit from prime real estate while having your long-term goals in mind. Start early and scope out properties in ideal areas you’d like to live in for the future.

Also, you will have more time to give your property to reach its maximum profitable margin and pay off a great deal.


Special offers  for young people

Another significant benefit of investing in real estate when you are young is having unique access to offers focused solely on younger age groups.

There are a lot of projects like Imarat Residences that are designed to cater the needs of young people, and you can benefit from them.


Source of income

A property takes up less time than a full-time job. You may make money while learning, which is, of course, the dream of any student.

The cost of living is rising to unaffordable levels for many young individuals just starting in their jobs.

Although purchasing a home requires a larger initial investment, the monthly mortgage payments are typically smaller than the monthly income. The property remains the property of the individual making the payments at the end of the day. You are investing in your future, and monthly mortgage repayment is more profitable than paying a landlord rent for the rest of your life.


Investing in real estate while you’re young can provide you with long-term benefits. Do your research, be persistent, and look around you. This will be a positive and rewarding journey.



Benefits of an Open House


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What is an open house? It is a way to get people to see your home. In addition to attracting agents, open houses also attract potential buyers who would otherwise be too lax, lazy, or unmotivated to schedule a showing. Additionally, open houses draw more visitors than simple listing advertisements. People who may be interested in your house can tell their friends and family about the event. It is possible that neighbours who drop by are trying to get someone they know to move into the neighbourhood. With advertising and signage, you will both appeal to casual buyers as well as serious buyers.

A house seller’s open house is more important than ever in competitive markets. Look at these ways to make your open house in Pakistan a success if you’re thinking of selling!

An opportunity to showcase

Ensure that your house stands out from the rest with this feature. The best way to experience a home is to see it for yourself. By holding an open house, you can showcase your home at its best. When you choose a professional staging service, your décor instantly gets upgraded. Having an experienced staging company bring in furnishings makes staging hassle-free. You want to design an expressive yet versatile home so that prospective buyers can envision themselves living in your home.

Browse Without Pressure

It’s very natural to feel awkward when you’re at a showing with your real estate agent. On the other hand, open houses are relaxed gatherings where potential buyers can see what’s important without feeling pressed to look at just one or two things. It gives you the freedom to explore the property at your own pace. Taking your time reduces the need to rush, so you have more time to focus on the finer details that are important. It provides you with a deeper understanding of the home and what you may buy, which can help you make an informed decision.

Additionally, you are not required to have an agent with you. Whether or not you have found an agent who you would like to represent you, you can attend an open house.

Cost-effective marketing

Open houses reduce marketing costs. The chances of selling your house quickly increase if there are more eyes on it in a short time. With an open house, you avoid weeks of individual showings and enjoy the advantages of having the event on one day, which maximizes the number of attendees. It’s cheaper to hire a housekeeper once, the stage once, and prepare your house for sale as soon as possible.

Community Know-How

Buying a home involves buying more than just a house – you’re buying a community as well as a neighbourhood. You can invite the neighbours over for a meet-and-greet. Introducing them to prospective buyers is a good idea if they are great neighbours. An open house is also a great way to get buyers in love with your neighbours.

Compare and Contrast

Comparing and contrasting can help buyers make a decision. A particular neighbourhood usually has several open houses on the weekend. An influx of prospective buyers looking to purchase real estate property in your area will allow you to present your home uniquely – giving your home a competitive edge.

Choose your Timings

Choose the time that works for you. The number of open houses can vary greatly from weekend to weekend. On the days of an open house, make sure your listing remains active! Holding an open house can put your house on the map if you want to make a massive impact on the local real estate market. Put together a strategic open house plan with the help of your real estate agent, and you might just get that sale started sooner.

A strong traffic flow is essential

Open houses are the best way to attract people. A higher level of traffic translates into more serious buyers scheduling showings. People will always be able to tell whether they like a product by the pictures on the website.

It is better to be in the space than rely on pictures alone to get a sense of the house.

How To Promote Your Real Estate Open House Virtually

In part, why open houses are considered less effective in selling a house could be due to how they are advertised. Traditionally, openings are marketed by sending an email blast to all local realtors. Whether it’s possible to get a showing based on seeing their email or if they have clients who they think might be interested in your house, they may see your email. All of us receive many emails, and we can’t be certain they will be read.

Now that buyers are looking at homes on real estate websites all the time, your listings can go out to a wider audience without relying on agent networks or word-of-mouth. Let’s discuss some new school techniques to help you reach your target audience.

Make sure your listing is current

Open houses sections can be found on some real estate listing websites. The listing will appear in that section if an open house is scheduled on a given date so that potential buyers can plan their schedule. The average viewing that you need to sell off the house also keeps getting better and bigger.

Take advantage of social media

Create a Facebook page if you don’t have one already. It is important to do some social marketing. As a result, you can utilize Facebook to offer potential buyers relevant content in addition to the ability to create full galleries so you can use your showcase photos on your Facebook page so that you can reach your potential buyers wherever they are.

Facebook Marketplace also lets you post for free. You can create detailed property listings, and there is a special home sales category. You have the option of spending some money to boost your listing in order to appear more prominently in the feed and to have it appear more prominently if you have the budget, but it isn’t necessary.

It’s a good idea to start with Facebook, purely because of the ability to add many photos. However, there are many other ways to leverage social media without spending a dime.

An Experience to Last

The number of open houses is going to be high, especially on Sundays, so make your houses stand out from the rest. Creating a memorable experience through event marketing can also be a good way to showcase the use of the space.

Perhaps you can exhibit cookie decorating if the space has an inviting kitchen with an island. Maybe you can set up a meditation course in a comfortable backyard that looks like an oasis.



Pakistan’s first eco-friendly plastic road in Islamabad’s F9 park to be opened soon


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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s first-ever eco-friendly plastic road sprawling on 1km, in F-9 Park Islamabad will be opened soon.

The road project is being constructed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), in collaboration with private firms.

He said to a private news programme that the Plastic Road is one kilometre long and contains the recycled plastic equivalent of more than one million plastic cups.

He went on to say that it’s a big step ahead from traditional asphalt roads to future-proof plastic roads that offer both performance and sustainability and can be replicated throughout the country.


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Rawalpindi Ring Road project worth Rs23bn included in PSDP.


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RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Ring Road project worth Rs23 billion has been included in the government’s public-sector development plan (PSDP).

The project will be completed under the Public-Private Partnership.

The Punjab government will set aside Rs6 billion for land acquisition for the Rawalpindi Ring Road project, which would cost a total of Rs23 billion.

According to sources, the CDWP is set to give final permission to the Leh Expressway during its meeting on November 22. The expressway project’s land acquisition process has also begun. On December 25, Prime Minister Imran Khan will lay the foundations for both projects.


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پاکستان کی پہلی ماحول دوست سڑک جلد مکمل کر لی جائے گی۔ سی ڈی اے


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اسلام آباد: ماحولیاتی آلودگی پر قابو پانے کے لیے پاکستان میں اپنی نوعیت کا پہلا پلاسٹک روڈ منصوبہ جلد مکمل کر لیا جائے گا۔ وفاقی ترقیاتی ادارے سی ڈی اے اور ایک نجی ادارے کے تعاون سے ایف – نائن پارک میں تجرباتی بنیادوں پر 1 کلومیٹر طویل پلاسٹک روڈ کی تعمیر کا عمل جاری ہے۔

کیپٹل ڈیولپمنٹ اتھارٹی (سی ڈی اے) کے ترجمان رانا شکیل اصغر کے مطابق پلاسٹک روڈ کی تعمیر میں ضائع شدہ 10 لاکھ پلاسٹک کپ کو قابلِ استعمال بناتے ہوئے استعمال کیا جا رہا ہے۔

ان کا کہنا تھا کہ روزانہ کی بنیادوں پر اسلام آباد میں 500 سے 600 ٹن کوڑا کرکٹ اکھٹا کیا جاتا ہے جس میں 150 سے 200 ٹن صرف پلاسٹک کی ضائع شدہ اشیاء شامل ہوتی ہیں۔

مزید خبروں اور اپڈیٹس کے لیے وزٹ کیجئے گرانہ بلاگ۔


حکومت نے راولپنڈی رنگ روڈ منصوبہ ترقیاتی بجٹ میں شامل کر لیا


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اسلام آباد:  حکومتی اور نجی شعبے کے مابین عدم اشتراک کے باعث حکومت نے 23 ارب روپے کی لاگت سے تیار ہونے والے راولپنڈی رنگ روڈ منصوبے کو ترقیاتی بجٹ میں شامل کرنے کا فیصلہ کر لیا ہے۔

تفصیلات کے مطابق لئی ایکسپریس وے اور راولپنڈی رنگ روڈ منصوبے کی منظوری 22 نومبر کو ہونے والے سی ڈی ڈبلیو پی کے آئندہ اجلاس میں متوقع ہے۔ ایکسپریس وے منصوبے کے لیے زمین کے حصول کا عمل شروع ہو چکا ہے جبکہ وزیر اعظم عمران خان 25 دسمبر کو اس منصوبے کا باقاعدہ سنگِ بنیاد رکھیں گے۔

حکام کے مطابق 23 ارب روپے کی لاگت سے تعمیر کیے جانے والے راولپنڈی رنگ روڈ منصوبے کی زمین کے حصول کے لیے پنجاب حکومت 6 ارب روپے کے فنڈز جاری کرے گی۔

لئی ایکسپریس وے منصوبہ 16.5 کلومیٹر طویل چار رویہ سڑک پر مشتمل ہے جس میں انٹرچینجز اور فلائی اوورز کی تعمیر بھی شامل ہے جبکہ نالہ لئی کے نئے ڈیزائن سے زمین کے حصول کی لاگت میں کمی کا امکان ظاہر کیا جا رہا ہے۔

مزید خبروں اور اپڈیٹس کے لیے وزٹ کیجئے گرانہ بلاگ۔


The Development of Rural Areas: in context of Master Plan of Islamabad and Urbanization


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Islamabad, the renowned capital city of Pakistan, was designed by the Greek architect and town planner Constantinos Doxiadis. The aerial view of Islamabad presents the city in a distinguished ‘Grid-Iron Pattern’, expanding on the array of parallel lines emanating from the centre. (Hull, 502). The original Master Plan divided the city into five zones: In Zone 1, the Islamabad Capital Development Authority (CDA) was allowed to acquire land for purposes of development of the capital; Zones 2 and 5 were reserved for the development of housing societies; Zone 3 was classified as the Reserved Area; while Zone 4 included parks, educational institutions and agricultural activities. The city was planned as an exclusive administrative city designed for the country’s ruling elite (PIDE, 2020). The Master Plan, as revolutionary as it looked at the time of inception, was not as futuristic and practical in approach as it could have been. The planned city did not include a Commercial Business District in any zone(s) or a plan to expand the peripheral rural areas. Doxiadis called Islamabad a ‘dynapolis’, which means a dynamic metropolis extends unhindered into the future. However, he designed Islamabad on the sole premise of ‘exclusion’, in that each sector was excluded from the other, limiting people to their sectors with everything available within the confines of a particular sector (Hull, 2008). Perhaps, the ideology of the Master Plan infiltrated the people’s mindsets inhabiting Islamabad, reminiscing the dead city in its old glory, the unapproachable and exclusive but magnificent capital city of Pakistan.

This research article by the Iqbal Institute of Policy Studies will discuss the future development of rural areas in Islamabad, the possible socio-legal issues arising out of such development, and the zoning of Islamabad in urban space and expansion of the city.


Development of Rural Areas in Islamabad

Urbanisation is arguably the most critical issue of the 21st Century. In the context of Islamabad, the various reasons for the uncontrolled urbanisation include the exclusionary design of the city, lack of development in rural areas, outdated technologies used for agriculture, particularly in the context of agrarian economies like Pakistan, surplus capital being invested in housing societies, land acquisition or takeover by CDA for purposes of housing societies, and exploitation of the law. Recently, through the Minister of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives, Mr Asad Umer, the Government of Pakistan announced that they would improve the governance in rural Areas of Islamabad by re-structuring them based on Zones. This is a prodigious step towards humanising Islamabad and preserving its essence as the actual capital city of Pakistan. The rural structure of Islamabad comprises 23 Union Councils, including 133 villages, whereas the urban design shall consist of 21 Union Councils (UNICEF, 2020). It is disheartening to say that the state’s focus and functionaries have always been on developing the urban areas. The grave neglect of the rural areas is evident from a bleak comparison of the quality of life and basic facilities of the rural areas compared to the urban localities. One may argue that urban centres generate economic activity; however, for agrarian economies, the development of the rural regions is equally essential for the growth and prosperity of the nation as a whole. The rapid growth of population vis a vis the city’s expansion demands immediate action on the development of rural areas. The population of Islamabad in 2020 was 1,095,064, and it is estimated to grow up to 2.2 Million by the year 2030 (UNICEF, 2020). Moreover, there has been an apparent increase in the propagation of slums across the city and its rural areas, including Sihala, Barakahu, Tarnol etc.

These contributing factors point us back to the Master Plan of Islamabad, which needs a revision to accommodate the city’s changing needs. The original [exclusionary] Master Plan is not sufficient to sustain the rapidly urbanising city regarding the new spatial dynamics developing in the context of rural areas.


Redressal of Issues Arising from The Development of Rural Areas

As discussed, the development of rural areas is crucial to mitigate the issues arising from widespread urbanisation. However, the interplay of various social, legal, political and economic factors must be considered. First and foremost is the Right to the City; the original Master Plan of Islamabad conveniently excluded the rural areas and the underprivileged sections of the society. According to the imminent scholar, David Harvey, the incorporation of diverse social, economic and cultural aspects are essential in the production of urban space; making it a collective experience, rather than an individualistic or exclusionary reality, where everyone is ‘accepted’ and ‘incorporated’ in the space thus produced (Harvey, 2012). To this end, the right to the city becomes important in relation to urban space, and the city is the custodian of this right socially, politically and economically. Secondly, to develop rural areas, the government must protect the stakeholders’ interests while acquiring property(s) for such development. The government should learn from history and not repeat the injustices committed by the CDA for land acquisition in the 1960s at the time of the development of Islamabad. Thirdly, the implementation of the Islamabad Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2020, should be the priority for the government to streamline rural development. The government has also announced the consolidation of local government laws of Islamabad, where the power will flow from MCI, and CDA will act as a regulator. Therefore, it is imperative to develop the rural areas to control the impacts of urbanisation and haphazard expansion of the city and create a diverse social fabric; fitting for the most beautiful capital city of the world.



One of the most well-known planned cities in the world at the time, the Master Plan of Islamabad needs revision in the context of the city’s expansion and urbanisation. Islamabad was planned on a grid-like structure with green belts, public parks, educational institutions, housing societies and agricultural lands, divided into different zones. The Master Plan excluded the underprivileged communities as well as the rural areas. The disproportionate development and deteriorating rural sectors in the agricultural economy of Pakistan is one of the most pressing reasons for the uncontrolled urbanisation in Islamabad. The announcement of the Government of Pakistan to develop the rural areas of Islamabad Divide and by dividing them into zones, is a stepping stone for rural development, which entails proper planning and a futuristic approach to avoid making mistakes of the past.



Importance of smart buildings for a sustainable city


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This year has been pivotal in the battle against climate change. Many countries globally are setting up targets for carbon reduction and creating environmentally-friendly spaces for their residents. In contrast, urbanisation keeps growing and cities are getting more and more occupied in Pakistan. We also need to devise and employ strategies to reduce emissions in towns, cities and the country as a whole, along with saving energy and accelerating our transition process to renewable energy.  

With cities and buildings accounting for 65 percent of worldwide energy use, smart city expansion is viewed as a critical approach to address the climate crisis. A contemporary city requires sophisticated data, people, and technology to build inclusive and sustainable solutions.

As a result, smart buildings are increasingly playing a leading role in the development of smart cities. They are widely recognised as critical tools for addressing the many challenges we face today and in the future, such as accomplishing net-zero objectives, ensuring security, and meeting the demand for greater interoperability.

Smart buildings are sweeping the sector with the emergence of new and enhanced technology by using the Internet of Things (IoT) to share data, control processes, and improve human contact. While these breakthroughs are exciting, they also promise well for long-term sustainability.

As a result, today’s buildings are critical for the evolution of smart cities – indeed sustainable cities, have cleaner transportation, optimise resources such as water and energy, and have more intelligent buildings and infrastructures that serve essential human needs like security, comfort, and connectivity. Finally, by constructing smart structures, we improve our cities’ liveability, workability, and sustainability.

By using smart building technology, buildings and residences can consume energy more effectively. Because facilities are complex systems involving air, water, and power, smart sensors and IoT-based solutions can guarantee that these resources are delivered safely and efficiently. However, it is not just about implementing new technologies; smart thinking and the optimisation of existing structures are also crucial in driving smart cities’ worldwide development. discusses the importance of smart buildings for a sustainable city.


Energy Consumption

Smart buildings are a critical component of a future in which cities are secure, smart, and sustainable, and building owners can capture and control their energy consumption. We all know that buildings use a lot of energy to keep running. Unfortunately, the more energy required, the environmental damage is caused. Most of the time, more resources are provided than are needed. This is not just inefficient but also unethical. Smart buildings, fortunately, provide a potential response to rising energy demands.

Smart buildings are fitted with cutting-edge technology that makes it easier to track how much energy is consumed. These smart devices do not necessitate human intervention and can operate on their own. Human error, on the other hand, does not consume energy resources. Hence, smart buildings allow for energy conservation and increased efficiency.


Malfunction Detection

Malfunctions are identified immediately in smart buildings, which makes it easier to deal with them. Today, battery management systems excel at detecting hazards. Furthermore, these systems require little human participation.

With smart buildings, malfunctions are detected right away. As a result, it’s easier to address issues and, in turn, return to business as usual. Battery management systems, in particular, do an excellent job of identifying and targeting threats. What’s more, these systems detect issues on their own, meaning minimal human intervention is needed.


Collect Data

With IoT devices, gathering data on products and services is simple. Sensors can be installed in a variety of products, from heating systems to ventilation equipment. As a result, if you need to obtain information on machines, you won’t have any problems. You can use current implementations to alter your processes if you determine that a component is overworked or underused. The days of scant systems and poor solutions are over with such innovative technology.



Focusing on IoT power usage keeps us informed about ongoing setbacks, issue areas, and practical solutions. We can lower our carbon footprint, promote sustainability, and promote eco-friendly alternatives with this knowledge. An occupancy sensor can help to reduce carbon dioxide levels in a space. When this sensor detects a decrease in movement, it sends a signal to the building management system, instructing it to turn off the heating, ventilation, and lighting systems. When people return, these systems revert to regular operation, ensuring a safe and comfortable workplace. This type of software saves both energy and money. Fewer emissions are produced, more eco-conscious solutions are deployed, and more corporations are building well-oiled procedures as more organisations embrace these changes. Smart buildings are gaining popularity due to these advantages.

Smart cities are the way of the future. Smart cities will begin to take shape from the home and office to transportation and utilities. Smart buildings brought together by advances in IoT, and AI will develop a new smart society ecosystem that is increasingly interlinked and efficient. It will allow living a comfortable life while safeguarding the planet for future generations. Intelligent smart buildings with features, which could not be imagined just a few decades ago, are now a reality and will be critical to the growth of sustainable smart cities.


منہ مانگے دام کا حصول یقینی بنانے کے لیے گھر کی فروخت سے قبل اس کی تزئین ناگزیر ہے


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کورونا وبا نے ہماری عادتوں کو تبدیل اور ہماری سرگرمیوں کو محدود کرکے رکھ دیا ہے۔ دنیا بھر میں اربوں افراد کرونا پر قابو پانے کے لیے لگائی جانے والی عالمی پابندیوں کے باعث اپنے گھروں میں قید ہوکر رہے گئے ہیں۔ اس کے کچھ اثرات گھر سے باہر کھانا کھانے، سفرکرنے، جم جانے یا فلم دیکھنے کے لیے سنیما جانے پر پابندی کی صورت میں دیکھے گئے تاہم دفاتر اور کاروبار بند ہونے کے باعث کچھ لوگوں نے اپنے وقت اور پیسے کی بچت بھی کی۔

کورونا کی لہر کے دوران لاک ڈاؤن کا ایک مثبت پہلو یہ بھی تھا کہ بہت سے لوگوں کو اپنے خاندان کے ساتھ معیاری وقت گزارنے، نئے مشاغل اپنانے اور گھر کے وہ تمام کام جو مصروفیت کے باعث نہ ہوسکے تھے انہیں نمٹانے کا موقع ملا ۔ ایسے میں کئی لوگوں نے گھر کی تزئینِ نو (ری- ماڈلنگ) کے منصوبے بھی شروع کیے۔ گوگل کے تجزیے اور سروے کے مطابق لاک ڈاؤن کے دوران ہر دس میں سے نو افراد نے گھر کی ری-ماڈلنگ کے منصوبے پر کام کیا۔

یہاں آج ہم گھر کی تزئینِ نو کے حوالے سے کچھ اہم معلومات کا آپ کے ساتھ تبادلہ کریں گے جو بلاشبہ آپ کے گھر کی قدر و قیمت میں اضافے کے لیے مددگار ثابت ہو سکتی ہیں۔

مسکن کے بیرونی حصے کی خوبصورتی خریدار کے اطمینان کی پہلی کنجی

اکثر لوگ صرف گھر کے اندرونی حصے کی سجاوٹ اور تزئین و آرائش پر اپنی توجہ پرکوز رکھتے ہیں جبکہ وہ گھر کی بیرونی خوبصورتی کو ہمیشہ نظرانداز کردیتے ہیں۔ یاد رکھیں! کسی بھی کام میں پہلا تاثر ہی آخری تاثر ہوتا ہے لہذا آپ کے گھر کا عقبی حصہ ایسا ہونا چاہیے کہ وہ گھر کی خریداری میں دلچسپی رکھنے والے خریدار کو اپنی طرف ہر ممکن طور پر متوجہ کر سکے۔ گھر کی عقبی بوسیدہ حال دیواریں، زنگ آلود دروازہ اور نکاسی آب کی ناقص لائنیں خریدار کو آپ کے گھر سے دور رکھنے کے لیے کافی ہوتی ہیں۔ اگر گھر کا بیرونی دروازہ دیکھ کر آپ کو یہ احساس ہوتا ہے کہ یہ اپنے اچھے دن گزار چکا ہے تو اسے تبدیل کرنے میں ہی بہتری ہے۔

سبزہ زار کسی بھی گھر کی خوبصورتی کا انتہائی اہم جزو ہوتا ہے

ایک خوبصورت اور صاف ستھرا صحن یا باغیچہ آپ کے گھر کی قدر و قیمت بڑھانے کی بڑی وجہ بن سکتا ہے۔ صحن میں خوبصورت باغیچہ اور پودے اسے زندگی بخشتے ہیں۔ اگر آپ کو باغیچہ تیار کرنے میں کسی قسم کی دشواری کا سامنا ہے تو آپ لینڈ اسکیپنگ کے کسی ماہر کی خدمات حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔ اسی طرح اگر آپ کے سبزہ زار یا باغیچے میں اگر درخت کی شاخوں کی کانٹ چھانٹ کی ضرورت ہے تواس کے لیے بھی کسی ماہر کی خدمات حاصل کرنا ہی مناسب ہے۔

گھر کے صحن میں نشست کا انتظام

وَبائی مرض کے باعث لوگ بڑے سماجی اجتماعات کا انتظام کرنے یا ان میں شرکت سے پرہیز کرتے ہیں۔ ایسے میں کئی لوگوں نے گھر کے صحن میں آؤٹ ڈور ڈیک بنوا دیے ہیں جہاں محدود لوگوں کو مدعو کرکے سماجی فاصلہ کو یقینی بنایا جاسکتا ہے۔ یقیناً وَبا کے زمانے میں آؤٹ ڈور ڈیک پر سرمایہ کاری ناصرف آپ کے گھر کی قدر و قیمت بڑھا دے گی بلکہ اس طرح آپ اپنے خاندان اور قریبی دوستوں کے ساتھ اچھا وقت بھی گزار سکتے ہیں۔

دیواروں اور فرش کی خوبصورتی گھر کی قدر میں اضافے کا باعث ہے

آپ کے گھر کی تعمیر چاہے پُرانی ہو لیکن جب فروخت کے لیے پیش کریں تو اسے صاف ستھرا اور دلکش نظر آنا چاہیے۔ سفید یا ہلکا نیا رنگ آپ کے کمروں کی خوبصورتی میں اضافے کا باعث بن سکتا ہے اور خریدار پر اچھا تاثر چھوڑے گا۔ اسی طرح اگر آپ نے دیواروں کو وال پیپر سے سجایا ہوا ہے تو دیکھ لیں کہ وہ پرانے اور پھٹے ہوئے نہ ہوں۔ آپ کی حتی الامکان یہ کوشش ہونی چاہیے کہ خریدار کو گھر میں ایسا کوئی نقص نظر نہ آئے جو اس کی گھر میں دلچسپی کو کم کرنے کا باعث بنے۔ اسی طرح اگر آپ نے گھر میں قالین بچھایا ہوا ہے اور وہ پُرانا ہوگیا ہے تو اسے بھی فوری طور پر بدل دیں۔ لکڑی کا فرش اس سے کہیں بہتر ہے۔

باورچی خانے کی صفائی یقینی بنائیں

باورچی خانہ میں آپ کو نئے اپلائنسز نصب کرنے اور دیگر مہنگی سرمایہ کاری کرنے کی ضرورت نہیں ہے۔ اس کے علاوہ پُرانی الماریوں کو تبدیل کرنے کے بجائے انہیں نیا پینٹ کردیا جائے یا صرف وارنش کرنے سے ہی وہ پھر سے چمک اٹھیں گی۔

قدرتی روشنی کے نکاس کا مناسب انتظام

ہر ممکن حد تک کوشش کریں کہ گھر کی تزئینِ نو میں کھڑکیوں، چھت اور دیواروں میں ایسے انتظامات کیے جائیں کہ ان کے ذریعے زیادہ سے زیادہ قدرتی روشنی آپ کے گھر کے اندر پہنچ رہی ہو۔ اس طرح آپ کا گھر کھلا کھلا اور کشادہ لگتا ہے۔ اگر کسی کمرے میں قدرتی روشنی کا انتظام نہ ہو تو وہاں چھت میں ڈھکی ہوئی لائٹنگ سسٹم نصب کرکے اسے روشن کیا جاسکتا ہے اور یہ روشنی آنکھوں پر بھی بوجھ نہیں بنتی۔

مزید خبروں اور اپڈیٹس کے لیے وزٹ کیجئے گرانہ بلاگ۔


بی ایس ریئل اسٹیٹ منیجمنٹ: یو سی پی طلباء کا گرانہ ڈاٹ کام کے لاہور دفتر کا دورہ


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یونیورسٹی آف سینٹرل پنجاب (یو سی پی) کے بی ایس ریئل اسٹیٹ منیجمنٹ کے طلباء کو گرانہ ڈاٹ کام کے لاہور دفتر کا دورہ کروایا گیا۔ 

تفصیلات کے مطابق طلباء کو گرانہ ڈاٹ کام کی منیجمنٹ کی جانب سے ملکی ریئل اسٹیٹ سیکٹر پر تفصیلاً بریفنگ دی گئی۔ 

اس موقع پر طلباء سے گفتگو کرتے ہوئے گروپ ڈائریکٹر گرانہ فرحان جاوید کا کہنا تھا اس پروگرام کا بنیادی مقصد ملک میں بڑھتی ہوئی تعمیراتی سرگرمیوں اور ریئل اسٹیٹ بزنس کو جدید تقاضوں سے ہم آہنگ کرنے کے ساتھ ساتھ نوجوان نسل کو پیشہ وارانہ مواقع فراہم کرنا ہے۔ 

یاد رہے کہ یو سی پی کی آفر کردہ بی ایس ریئل اسٹیٹ منیجمنٹ ڈگری کامیابی سے مکمل کرنے والے طلباء کے لیے گرانہ ڈاٹ کام نے نوکریوں کا اعلان بھی کیا ہے۔ 

جو طلباء ریئل اسٹیٹ منیجمنٹ میں بی ایس کریں گے انہیں پاکستان کی پہلی آن لائن ریئل اسٹیٹ مارکیٹ پلیس گرانہ ڈاٹ کام میں نوکری دی جائیگی۔ 

گرانہ ڈاٹ کام اور یو سی پی نے مشترکہ تعاون سے حال ہی میں ریئل اسٹیٹ منیجمنٹ میں پاکستان کے پہلے بی ایس ڈگری پروگرام کا آغاز کیا ہے۔ 

بی ایس ریئل اسٹیٹ مینجمنٹ ڈگری پروگرام تھیوری اور عملی مطالعات پر مبنی ہے جو کہ ریئل اسٹیٹ کے پروفیشن سے جُڑے تکنیکی، انتظامی اور قانونی امور کا مکمل احاطہ کریگا۔