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Prefab House


EPACK Prefab K House


K-houses are the most up to date additions to the family of prefabricated building construction and also have actually gained broad appeal in many areas. ACCO Prefab, the top prefabricated K-house manufacturer in India serves the best affordable prefabricated structures that are built as a mix of several modules.

Developed as per state-of-the-art décor and structured based on IS code criteria, ACCO Prefab made prefabricated K-Houses are covered in completely dry walls made from the very best sandwich panels. Our K-houses are lightweight yet durable structures that can last for many years.

A K-house can be repeatedly disassembled and reassembled for reuse. Only simple tools are required for assembly and disassembly. The layout can be tailored to your specifications and adjusted at any time. The K-house features a watertight layout.


Ideal for a vast array of applications, K-houses are an excellent solution to myriad buildings and also work as fast and also reliable alternative to standard methods. With a light-weight skeletal system and also the finest shielded panel envelop, these erected residences made by ACCO Prefab, the top prefabricated K-house manufacturer are convenient to assemble as well as disassemble. Their leading features include the following:

  • Lightweight and tough structure from a flexible construction
  • Safe and reliable design that meets the construction requirement standards
  • Effortless relocation abilities from a hassle free assembly and disassembly
  • Diverse facade options from attractive panels to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the structure
  • K-houses manufactured by EPACK Prefab are weatherproof and water repellent
  • The Leakproof structure helps retain heat and effectively insulates the interiors from harsh outdoor temperatures
  • The structure and panels are corrosion free, which makes it last for a lifetime
  • EPACK Prefab, the best portable house manufacturer in India offers products that can effectively be transported between locations
Labour Accommodation


K-houses have a large usage as temporary constructions and are widely adopted as the best re-locatable structures. Liftable structures have enormous benefits that popularize their usage in the following:

  • Site office / Camp office
  • Engineer Accommodation
  • Labour Accommodation
  • Family Accommodation
  • Time Office / QC Office
  • Canteen / Site Kitchen
  • School & Training centers
  • Health Centers/ Anganwadis
  • Ablution / Toilet block
  • Disaster relief camps / Refugee camps
  • Temporary hospitals


The best portable house manufacturer in India,EPACK Prefab serves its client requirements with utmose care using prefabricated structures that benchmarks for quality and durability. These liftable homes / K-house offer the following benefits:

  • Portable and Reusable: All components are standard and fabricated in factory, which makes it suitable for recycling.
  • Rapid Installation: K-Houses are quick and easy to erect and being made from light-weight materials offer convenience in re-location.
  • Sturdy Structure: ACCO Prefab K-House has a flexible but rugged construction system, which is reliable and meets the highest standards of construction and design.
  • The K-House can be disassembled / assembled multiple times and reused. It just needs simple tools to assemble and disassemble.
  • Flexible Layout: The layout can be set up as per your choice and altered whenever wished
  • Waterproof structure: The K-House adopts a waterproof design. So it does not need any additional waterproof treatment.
  • Environmental and Economic: Prefabricated K-Houses from the top portable house manufacturer Pakistan gives you the advantages of low energy consumption and have no negative environmental impact.ACCOK-houses, temporary constructions, relocatable structures, site office, camp office, engineer accommodation, labour accommodation, family accommodation, time office, QC office, canteen, site kitchen, school, training centers, health centers, Anganwadis, ablution, toilet block, disaster relief camps, refugee camps, temporary hospitals, modular buildings, portable structures, on-site facilities, construction housing, mobile offices, workforce housing, emergency shelters, disaster response, modular healthcare, prefabricated structures, versatile buildings, movable units, rapid deployment, modular classrooms, mobile training facilities, disaster recovery, portable clinics, modular living, prefab solutions, temporary housing, deployable structures, field offices, relocatable housing, adaptable constructions, mobile kitchens, on-site education, crisis accommodation, emergency infrastructure, flexible shelters, quick assembly, prefabricated healthcare, disaster management, temporary living spaces, construction site amenities, rapid deployment units, versatile camps, mobile housing solutions, temporary offices, mobile health units, modular disaster relief, prefabricated schools, temporary workforce housing, emergency sanitation, movable healthcare facilities, disaster housing solutions, rapid response structures, adaptable living spaces, on-site relief, emergency toilets, portable classrooms, modular canteens, relocatable offices, temporary educational facilities, disaster recovery housing, mobile training centers, prefab living spaces, disaster relief shelters.


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