How to Attract Overseas Investment in Pakistan?


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The wheels of an economy are powered by consumption and production activities; the higher the rate of these activities, the faster the wheel spins. The economic growth in Pakistan is led by consumption, and the local production capacity is low; therefore, the country relies on importing most of its consumer goods. One reason for this is a lower level of investment in the country’s industries. The present-day government of Pakistan believes that attracting overseas investment, especially from émigré, is a viable solution for this investment issue. This blog looks into methods to attract such investment opportunities. 

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) defines Foreign direct investment (FDI) as; “a category of investment that reflects the objective of establishing a lasting interest by a resident enterprise in one economy (direct investor) in an enterprise (direct investment enterprise) that is resident in an economy other than that of the direct investor.” 

In simpler terms, when a foreigner, be it an individual or an organisation, invests in Pakistan’s industries, it is called FDI. 

In recent years, FDI inflows in the country have increased, according to the World Investment Report 2020. The report states that Pakistan’s FDI increased from USD 1.7 billion to USD 2.2 billion in 2019. The Economic Survey of Pakistan states that “FDI in telecom during July-February FY2021 was $ 101.1 million. Telecom operators have invested an amount of $ 363.9 million during July-February FY2021.” Though Pakistan is getting considerable FDI in the telecom sectors, some other industries also need it.

Pakistan has many natural resources and a growing population where FDI can help it achieve economic growth, human capital development, and socioeconomic development. However, due to Pakistan’s selective judicial system, poor law and order situation and economic issues, investors don’t hold much confidence in the Pakistani economy. Pakistan’s economy is crippled by the energy crisis, lack of quality education, security concerns, lack of a knowledge economy, political instability, governance issues and taxation issues.

How can Pakistan Attract FDI?

Step 1: Identify target investors

Pakistan needs to identify who the investors are around the world and what they are interested in. A lot of groups around the world have money, like oil-rich Arab countries, Chinese, and transnational corporations. Most investors are spending on tech startups in our neighbourhood, and Google is a leading buyer of tech outputs in India. Pakistan needs to identify who it wants to invest in the country. The present government believes that the overseas Pakistanis are the best investors in the country, but they don’t possess pools of wealth like Arabs, or tech giants do. Pakistan should look into attracting Arab investors who invest in tech initiatives. Pakistan has good relations with all Arab countries, and it has a massive number of unemployed engineers who could find employment in incubation centres.

Step 2: Identify core competencies

Once it is decided which investors Pakistan wants, the next step is to identify its core competencies. Economic wisdom dictates that a country should focus on its core competencies—its strength—to achieve sustainable economic growth. In Pakistan’s case, agriculture has been its core competency, but economists have started to argue that the future of Pakistan is not in agriculture. Pakistan can begin by improving agriculture income and then invest that income to build a tech sector. If Pakistan succeeds, it has to make agriculture income a base for a knowledge-based and tech-related economy.  

Step 3: Create a legal and governance structure that gives investors’ confidence

Pakistan must introduce laws that make doing business easy in the country, and it needs to improve the governance situation to attract investors. Pakistan needs to make judicial processes easy and fast so that the investors are not afraid to lose money and be mistreated. In post-2008, investors were concerned about the country’s security condition and poor governance; thus, FDI declined in that period. Fortunately, the security conditions in the country have improved, but there is a need to work on building strong governance structures in the country. 

Step 4: Resolve energy crisis

Pakistan’s industries are at a standstill because of the power shortage to run its equipment. Pakistan’s energy crisis is the cause many investors avoid investing in the country’s industries. Instead of starting new dam debates, the country could utilise solar energy projects to feed its energy needs. Under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, many energy projects will help provide the country’s energy needs. Pakistan can use this opportunity to increase the trust of investors.  


In a nutshell, FDI can be a golden opportunity for Pakistan to achieve sustainable economic growth. Pakistan can do so by first attracting investors in its tech sector as tech is the future. Before that, it needs to improve its agriculture sector and use that income to make the tech sector attractive for investors. It also needs to strengthen belief law and governance and resolve energy crisis issues to win investors’ trust. believe



Different Ways Cities Can Integrate Urban Renewal | Blog


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Urban renewal is an economic and development tool to renovate and resuscitate the aggravated conditions of impoverished or degenerated regions in an urban city. Such regions are marked with dilapidated infrastructure, stunted economy, lack of private investment, inadequate sanitation, unfit living conditions, deteriorating buildings/houses, contaminated water, and so on. Urban renewal breathes a new life in such unsustainable regions and stimulates private investment and sustainable solutions.

Urban renewal revolves around slum improvement, urban regeneration, and gentrification. It can include renovation, relocation, upgradation and demolition of existing structures. Public investment in road upgradation, street cleaning, and improving linkages stimulates the region’s economy as improved infrastructure attracts private investment. 

Urban Renewal Process


There are two major ways through which urban renewal can be adapted – regeneration and gentrification. 


Urban regeneration is the redevelopment of dilapidated areas marked with poor environmental conditions, high population density, congestion, and related urban problems. It includes improving physical infrastructure through demolition and construction, renovation, and exciting start-ups to reverse the economic downturn and pump up private investments. Most importantly, regeneration does not include relocation or resettlement under any condition. It is also known as a ‘retrofitting’ or ‘revitalisation’ program. 

Urban renewals target congested areas, introduce new land uses, improve linkages to business centres of the city, increase municipal services and amenities, add an aesthetical value, and drive rental and property matters upward. The imminent surge in property values motivates private investors to invest in the region’s regeneration. As a result, congestion, crime rates, and intolerance decrease. A new life and revived community activism emerge to save the region from urban decay. 


Ways to Regenerate Urban Areas

  1. Upgrade transportation networks to improve connectivity and elevate ease of doing business.
  2. Mending the dilapidated building and improving the street structure.
  3. The government should offer housing subsidies that incentivise and target the inner-city population to buy property in the region. 
  4. Work with private partners to regenerate the area and add economic stimuli. 
  5. Support small start-ups to kickstart the economy.
  6. Incorporate mixed land-use to attract more population.
  7. Support commercial areas, local schools, water plants, waste management, and affordable housing in the region.
  8. Tree plantation to increase greenery in the area and boost air quality. 
  9. Support small vendors (vegetable sellers, stationery shops, restaurants, etc.).


Urban Gentrification:

Urban gentrification is characterised by transforming a metropolitan area from a low-value region to a high value. If urban renewal is targeted to develop a dilapidated region in a high-value neighbourhood, it can be categorised as urban renewal. Other times, it can result from specific urban renewal programs that inflate the region’s property values. 

The term is derived from “gentry”, which means people of a higher social status. In 1964, the term was reintroduced by a renowned sociologist, Ruth Glass, when she studied the influx of middle-class residents into the previously low-income areas of London that belonged to the working class. Urban gentrification is often carried out under the clause of eminent domain, whereby public authorities can compulsorily reclaim private land for civic purposes. 


Elements of Gentrification:

  • High property and rental value
  • Displacement of residents as property rates surge high
  • It can be politically driven
  • A rapid rise in employment and business
  • Physical improvement 
  • An upper-middle-class character
  • A surge in city amenities
  • Increased traffic inflow
  • A direct effect on the housing market
  • High rate of taxation
  • Increased transportation cost in accessing central business districts (CBD)


The Impact of Gentrification:

  • Change in Neighbourhood Character: Gentrification is a process that tends to displace the existing low-income residents of a region because the abject transformation of the neighbourhood from low value to high value makes the living standards extravagant. For this reason, such a renewal attracts criticism from the public—the entire fabric of the community changes from events to cultural values to street flavour. Therefore, gentrification can lead to socio-economic and political issues.
  • Economic benefits: Gentrification benefits public investors and young families searching for affordable housing in new towns and societies. It generates more tax revenue for the local municipalities as the economic activity rises. Young families can find a safe and reasonable living place with many public services and amenities. 
  • Social Cost: In gentrification, there’s a human cost involved. It reduces the capacity for long-time dwellers to afford their living in an upgraded area marked by expensive services and inflated goods. There’s a chance that a chunk of the population can get displaced or need to be migrated, especially if the gentrification upscales an informal settlement or a slum.
  • Private Investments: In gentrification, private investment also surges and opens avenues for new businesses, new government initiatives, real estate development, reduced crime rate, and more community activism.


In totality, gentrification means different things for different sections of society. For the well-off people, it presents an opportunity to acquire safe land. For private businesses, it opens up new market streams to elevate their sales. For governments, it offers a well-sustained tax base. For the local people, it can be a cost if their incomes do not grow simultaneously with the rising prices in the region. If gentrification leads to displacement, it can be deemed a failure of urban planning as it fails to sustain the existing population. In other words, gentrification has a human cost involved, which can lead to displacement, urban sprawl, and mushrooming of slums if not taken into consideration. Hence, urban renewal should always be targeted to rebuild and resuscitate existing communities, not to resettle. 



Updates on Government Residential Projects in KPK


Tokra-III Ring Road
High-rise Flats In Mardan
Jalozai Housing Scheme
Warsak Housing Scheme
Nishtarabad High-rise Building
Dheri Zardad Project In Charsadda
Dangram Housing Scheme
Surizai Housing Scheme
Other Government Allotted Housing Schemes

In line with the federal government’s plan to provide low-cost housing units to underprivileged members of the society, the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has launched a number of residential schemes. To take the initiative of government residential projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa one step further, it was decided in a meeting to launch two new housing schemes in Peshawar and Mardan in the next two months. 

The provincial government has been actively monitoring the achievement of deadlines and this blog gives complete development updates on various ongoing projects in the province.

Government Residential Projects In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

subsidized prices of housing schemes
The government is providing new affordable housing units at subsidized prices

Providing low-cost housing to people with low income is among one the many visions of Prime Minister Imran Khan in an effort to make Pakistan a welfare state. The meeting was held in the presence of Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and chaired by himself where it was decided to launch two new housing projects in Peshawar and Mardan.

The housing project to be launched in Peshawar is Tokra-III Ring Road and high-rise flats in Mardan. Special instructions were given by the CM to timely complete the prerequisites of launching the two housing projects. The meeting also discussed the progress made so far and how many units each of these government residential projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will have after its completion.

The focus of the government is to meet its deadlines and timely deliver all the projects related to low-cost housing across the province.

Tokra-III Ring Road

The Tokra -III Ring Road project is being developed in Peshawar and currently, the authorities are in its planning and designing phase completing the fundamentals of the project prior to its launch. The residential scheme of Tokra-III spreads over an area of 79 kanals on which the government is building 1,080 flats that will be ready to move in by the allotted personnel.

High-rise Flats In Mardan

Among the projects that will be launched in the next two months is the high-rise apartments project in Mardan. The project is also in its planning and designing phase and shall be moving to its next phase soon considering its launch in October 2021. According to the official handouts issued to the press, the high-rise apartments project will be developed over an area of 2.17 kanals.

Jalozai Housing Scheme

The meeting discussed the development status of the Jalozai Housing Scheme in Nowshera in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which is a peri-urban scheme. According to the recent updates, the provincial government has completed the balloting process of 2,510 plots Jalozai Housing Scheme Phase 3. 

The government is also building Jalozai Flats which are being developed on a huge area of 150 kanals. The total number of flats to be developed on this land are 1,320 and so far, the government has received 750 applications. 

Warsak Housing Scheme

Warsak is an area in Peshawar and the housing project here has been divided into two parts – Warsak Peshawar and Warsak-II. Warsak Peshawar consists of 144 flats while Warsak-II comprises 112 flats making a total of 256 flats that are ready to be launched. 

Nishtarabad High-rise Building

Nishtarabad is a residential area in the city of Peshawar. Realizing the need for low-cost housing units in the area, the provincial government has hired a consultant who will be responsible for planning and designing a high-rise building here. The total area spared for this project is 35.8 kanals where about 650 residential units will be constructed.

Dheri Zardad Project In Charsadda

Dheri Zardad project is an allotment of small plots of 3.5 marlas in Charsadda. The total scheme consists of 458 plots but currently, 53 plots are ready for allotment.

plots of varied sizes in government schemes
In some residential schemes, the government is offering plots of 3.5 marla and other sizes

Dangram Housing Scheme 

Dangram Housing Scheme is located in Swat where the site is being prepared for development purposes and the designing of the project is also in progress. Under this project, 836 flats of different sizes will be constructed and allotted to citizens.

Surizai Housing Scheme

Surizai Housing Scheme is being established in Peshawar and is one of the biggest housing schemes in the province. Spanning over an area of 8,500 kanals, the project will be home to 16,000 grey-structure houses and flats that will be allotted to the citizens.

Other Government Allotted Housing Schemes

Jarma Housing Scheme in Kohat is also in its development phase in which the government will be allotting 463 plots of different sizes. Similarly, development works on the Hangu Housing Society will also be initiated soon.

The government is allotting these low-cost residential units at subsidized rates and the banks are providing loans at a very low interest rate. Through this program, the vision of the prime minister is to enable every family to have the luxury of having their own home, even those who can not afford it. 

This is current from government residential projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. For more information on initiatives of the government, head over to Zameen Blog now. You can also write to us at


بارش کے پانی کا بہتر استعمال، مگر کیسے؟


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یہ تو آپ نے سُنا ہی ہوگا کہ پانی زندگی ہے۔ کوئی بھی ذی شعور شخص اِس حقیقت سے انکار نہیں کرسکتا۔ پانی وہ قدرتی ریسورس ہے کہ جس کے بغیر آپ زمین پر زندگی کا تصور بھی نہیں کر سکتے۔ قدیم وقتوں سے آج تک، انسان وہیں بستا اور آباد ہوتا چلا آرہا ہے کہ جہاں پانی کی فراوانی ہو۔

دنیا میں جس رفتار، جس تناسب سے آبادی بڑھ رہی ہے، اگر پانی کا سوچ سمجھ کر یعنی دُرست استعمال نہ کیا گیا تو ہم بہت جلد ایک عالمی آبی قلت کے رو برو آسکتے ہیں۔ اُس کے آثار ابھی سے ہی بہت نمایاں ہیں لہٰذا پانی کے استعمال میں انتہائی احتیاط ضروری ہے۔

چند حقائق

عالمی جریدے فوربز کے مطابق پانی کرہ ارض کا 71 فیصد بنتا ہے۔ مزے کی بات یہ کہ اس 71 فیصد کا صرف 3 فیصد فریش واٹر ہے یعنی وہ پانی ہے جو انسانوں کے پینے کے قابل ہے اور جس سے فصل اُگائی جاسکتی ہے۔ حیرت کی بات مگر یہ ہے کہ اُس 3 فیصد کا 2.5 فیصد دستیاب ہی نہیں ہے یعنی وہ آئس کیپس اور گلیشیرز میں بند ہے، کچھ زیرِ زمین ہے اور کچھ ہوا میں نمی کی صورت میں یعنی اپنے ایک مدار، اپنے سائیکل میں قید ہے۔ اس بات کو یوں سمجھیں کہ ہم 7 ارب انسانوں کے لیے صرف 0.5 فیصد پانی بچتا ہے جسے ہم ضایع بھی کررہے ہیں اور ماحولیاتی تبدیلی اور گندگی کی وجہ سے اُس کی صحت کے بھی درپے ہیں۔ یوں رین واٹر ہارویسٹنگ ضروری ہی نہیں، انتہائی ضروری بن جاتی ہے۔

ہمارا ماڈرن لائف سٹائل، ایک المیہ

ہمارے ماڈرن لائف سٹائل میں جہاں پانی کے بچاؤ پر توجہ ہونی چاہیے تھی، بدقسمتی سے اُتنا ہی پانی ضایع ہورہا ہے۔ ہمارے واش رومز میں نصب نت نئے اقسام کے نلکوں سے پانی بہت تیز بہتا ہے اور ہم اپنی ضرورت سے بہت زیادہ پانی یونہی بہا دیتے ہیں۔ اسی طرح گھروں پر ٹینکیاں بھرنے کے لیے موٹرز کا استعمال کیا جاتا ہے، وہ موٹر چند منٹوں میں ٹینک بھر دیتے ہیں اور ہمارے اُنہیں بند کرنے تک پہنچنے تک پانی بہتا چلا جاتا ہے، اور اکثر تو ہم اُسے بند کرنے میں اور بھی دیر کردیتے ہیں۔ یوں نت نئے اقسام کے شاورز کی بھی الگ ہی صورتحال ہے اور ہم اس بات کا احساس نہیں کر پارہے کہ فریش واٹر ایک انمول ریسورس ہے۔ آپ ماحولیاتی فوائد کو ہٹا بھی دیں، اس کے بچاؤ کی تدابیر اختیار کرنا ہماری اپنی زندگیوں کے لیے اہم ہے۔



مون سون، پانی کے بچاؤ کا اہم سیزن

پاکستان میں آجکل مون سون سیزن چل رہا ہے۔ آئے روز بارشیں جہاں گرمی کے جانے کی نوید دے رہی ہیں، وہیں اس بات کا احساس بھی دلا رہی ہیں کہ قدرت کے اس انمول ترین تحفے کی قدر کرنا وقت کی اہم ترین ضرورت ہے۔ مون سون سیزن میں بارش کا بہت سا پانی صرف اس لیے ضائع ہوجاتا ہے کہ ہمارے پاس اُس کے بچاؤ اور بہتر استعمال کا کوئی میکنزم نہیں ہوتا۔ آج کی تحریر میں مگر ایسے بہت سے طریقوں کا ذکر ہے کہ جس سے آپ ماحولیات پر اپنے منفی اثر کو کسی صورت کم کرسکتے ہیں۔

جب بھی بارش ہو تو وہ سامان کہ جس کا کھلے پانی میں دُھلنا ضروری ہے وہ باہر رکھیں اور اس پر بارش ہونے دیں تاکہ وہ سامان دُھل سکے۔ اب آپ سوچ رہے ہونگے کہ بھلا اس سے پانی کا بچاؤ کیسے ممکن ہے۔ تو جناب وہ ایسے کہ آپ ویسے بھی یہ تمام اشیاء دھوئیں گے ہی اور اُس صورت میں پانی کے دیگر ذرائع استعمال ہونگے۔ تو کیوں نہ بارش کا ہی پانی استعمال کرلیا جائے۔ ایسے میں ایک بہتر امر یہ ہے کہ آپ اُس تمام سامان پر تھوڑا سا صابن یا سرف پہلے سے ہی لگا دیں تاکہ بارش کا پانی اُسے مکمل طور پر چمکا سکے۔

رین واٹر کلیکشن سسٹم

آپ اپنے گھر پر ایک رین واٹر کلیکشن سسٹم بھی انسٹال کر سکتے ہیں۔ یہ ایک بڑا ٹینک ہوتا ہے جس میں پانی بھرا جاسکتا ہے مگر یہ زیرِ زمین ہوتا ہے۔ جب بھی بارش ہو، اور بارش کی صورت میں زیادہ پانی آئے، تو پانی رین واٹر کلیکشن ٹینک کی جانب ڈائریکٹ کردیا جاتا ہے۔



اس ٹینک میں ایک فلٹر بھی نصب ہوتا ہے جس سے پانی صاف کیا جاتا ہے اور قابلِ استعمال بنایا جاتا ہے۔ یہاں یہ بات قابلِ ذکر ہے کہ رین واٹر کلیکشن سسٹم کی لاگت تو زیادہ ہوتی ہے اور اسے نصب کرنا بھی ایک عام آدمی کے خود کے بس کی بات نہیں، یعنی یہ ایک پروفیشنل کی مدد سے ہی لگایا جاسکتا ہے مگر ایک بار اگر آپ یہ انویسٹمنٹ کر گزرے تو آپ پانی کو ضایع ہونے سے بھی بچا سکتے ہیں اور آپ کے گھر کو پانی کی قلت کا سامنا نہیں کرنا پڑیگا۔

پودوں تک پانی کی رسائی

اپنے مکان کی چھت کے ڈرین پائپ سے ایک ہوز کنیکٹ کرلیں اور اس کی ڈائریکشن نیچے دالان کی جانب کریں۔ یوں بارشوں کے موسم میں وہاں وہ گملے یا پلانٹ کنٹینرز رکھ لیں جن کو وقتاً فوقتاً آبیاری کی ضرورت رہا کرتی ہے۔



اسی طرح سے اپنے گھر میں بچوں کے سوئمنگ پول، بالٹیاں، واٹر کینز کو استعمال میں لاتے ہوئے بارش کا پانی جمع کیا جاسکتا ہے۔ اس پانی سے گاڑی کا دھونا، فرش کی دھلائی یا پھر دیگر صفائی ستھرائی کا کام باآسانی کیا جاسکتا ہے۔ یہ بات ذہن نشین کرلینی چاہیے کہ یہ پانی آپ کو چند دنوں کے اندر ہی استعمال کرنا ہے اور اسے زیادہ دیر تک ٹھہرانا اسے مچھروں کے افزائش کا موقع فراہم کرنے کے مترادف ہے جو کہ آپ کی صحت کے لیے خطرناک ہوسکتا ہے۔

مزید خبروں اور اپڈیٹس کے لیے وزٹ کیجئے گرانہ بلاگ۔


Property features that attract buyers


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Buying a house in Pakistan is a tedious task and requires many skills, time and energy. Hence, it is safe to say that it is a significant decision and one has to keep a lot of things before buying a property in Pakistan.

In this blog, we bring you a list of property features that attract buyers in Pakistan. The buyers are keen on these property features and want to see them in their real estate purchases. 

To know more about these features, keep on reading.


People prefer properties in places that have multiple facilities and amenities at their disposal. For example, some of the most common amenities people wish to see in their property include Power backup, lifts, water supply, security services, parking space, recreational facilities, access to shared spaces and proper waste disposal.

These features improve the overall worth of the property and attract potential buyers. Nobody would like to live in a place that has no gas or electricity.



One of the essential property features that attract buyers is pricing. It is the first thing a potential buyer will ask while buying a property. If you are a seller, you need to set your pricing strategy straight. Many vendors and agents get this wrong and incur financial losses. Research and market trends show that pricing your property can either make or break a good sale.

So, to sell your property fast in Pakistan, make sure you have a realistic price tag. Do not price the real estate project too high because it will simply put buyers off.



One of the most crucial factors that attract buyers is the ambience of the place. People who prefer quiet and serene environments look for houses in the city’s suburbs, whereas people who like to live in loud and lively areas might opt for a place in the central city.

In short, the ambience of the place matters a lot.



Location is the top important thing when it comes to real estate. A potential buyer will always be most interested in the location of the property. If the property is located at a prime location, the price and demand of the property will be high. 

People are not usually interested in properties that are located in far-flung locations. People prefer real estate projects that are situated in posh areas.


Educational institutes: 

If you have school-going kids, you probably want to live in an area where there is an abundance of good educational institutes. A beautiful house in a place with no schools, colleges or universities, might be a problem for sellers because potential buyers might not be interested in such homes.


Flexible spaces:

People prefer houses and real estate properties that are flexible, and you can convert them into different types of spaces. For example, many places have extra rooms which can be used as dining areas, storage space or even a guest room. 

So, try to invest in places that have spaces that can be used for many things.



People prefer places that come with updated kitchens with all the basic amenities. A kitchen that many people love includes high-end cabinets, countertops and appliances. The water taps, sinks and cabinet doors must work perfectly as well.


Open space:

People adore places that come with wide-open spaces. Open spaces are crucial features that attract buyers. The open space can be used as a car parking area, kids playing room, pet home, and even a garden. 

People also prefer open spaces because they can be converted into an extra room in the future. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a huge selling point in any home. 


Attached bathrooms:

People prefer real estate properties, mainly houses with attached bathrooms. Make sure before giving a sales pitch to your potential buyers, you revamp your bathrooms. Fix those tiles, paint the walls and make sure the toilet and sink are draining water properly.


Storage spaces:

People in Pakistan prefer houses that come with extra storage spaces. A place with no storeroom might not be a good option for potential buyers. Many people use the storage rooms to store their laundry, extra furniture, and some people even use it as a pantry. To increase the visibility of your house in the eyes of customers, make sure you have a storage space in your home as well. 

Apart from residential properties, commercial properties with storage spaces are also in demand. Many shop owners store seasonal items and their stock in the extra storage space. In short, it is safe to say that a real estate property with storage space is high in demand. 


Security system:

In Pakistan, the concept of smart homes is getting popular day by day. People now prefer properties that come with built-in security systems. For example, houses with alarm systems and burglar alarms are in high demand. 

Many security companies in Pakistan will install security systems in your property, including cameras, smart devices and alarm systems, that too at an affordable price.


Outdoor lighting systems:

Outdoor lights are excellent to enhance the curb appeal of your property. People like places that are well lit and bright. So, try to install good lighting in your house. To save energy and money, get energy-efficient lighting systems. You can also invest in solar panels and increase the overall visibility of your home in the real estate market.


Heating system:

The heating system is one of the top property features that attract buyers. People prefer houses that have built-in heating and cooling systems. Many companies in Pakistan will install automated thermostats in your home to control the temperature of the house.


Marble surfaces:

Marble surfaces instantly enhance the house’s overall appearance and make it look chic and sleek in no time. Potential buyers always look for homes with good marble finishing because marble looks regal and is straightforward to clean and maintain. People prefer marble on the exterior and interior sides of the house, especially in the kitchen. So, select marble, which will still give you brownie points from buyers.


Bi-folding doors:

Bi-folding doors are best suited for minimal houses and people who like spacious houses with lots of doors and open spaces. These are the kind of doors that slide open, made from a series of panels that fold up against the wall.

Bifold doors work ideally outdoors and indoors and can be installed inside or outside your home, as a gateway to your garden or conservatory, or even as a way to split a larger room without losing out on that sense of space.


So, these are some of the property features that attract buyers. Give these features a read and try to incorporate them into your real estate projects. If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding these property features that attract buyers, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

Happy investing!



Pakistan’s real estate sector to welcome biggest REIT funds


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ISLAMABAD: To benefit from the booming real estate sector of Pakistan, a private company is planning to raise the biggest Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) funds in the country.

According to the details, the private company is planning to raise $500mn by establishing a private entity.

The private company aims to raise the 60pc of total funds by welcoming foreign investment in the country while raising the remaining funds from domestic investors.

The funds will be utilised to finance three real estate projects in the country.


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Pakistan’s IT services’ export increase 47.44% during FY20-21


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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) services’ exports recorded an increase of 47.44 per cent during the fiscal year 2020-21.

A sum of $2123.035 million was earned against the services provided by Pakistan to various countries. Prior to this, the sector achieved a total of US $1439.970 million in FY 2019-20,

Under the sector, the computer services recorded a growth of 50.32 per cent, earning the US $1666.615 million, with the exports of software consultancy services growing 35.50 per cent, from the US $408.974 million to the US $554.180 million, the export and import of computer software-related services growing  30.88 per cent, from the US $318.937 million to the US $417.415 million.

On the other hand, the exports of hardware consultancy services witnessed a downward growth of 71.84 per cent from US $1.957 million to US $0.551 million. A declining trend of 56.19 per cent was also observed in repair and maintenance services exports, with earnings dropping to $0.662 million from $1.511 million.

The exports of other computer services and information services witnessed an increase of 83.88 per cent and 56.47 per cent – with the former earning US $ 693.807 million and the latter recording US $3.990 million.

Under the sector, the information services also witnessed growth. The exports of news agency services increased to US $ 2.304 million from the US $ 1.360 million, marking an increase of 69.41 per cent.

Similarly, the exports of other information services also increased to US $ 1.686 million, from the US $ 1.190 million, marking a growth of 41.68 per cent.

Increasing 37.63 per cent, the export of telecommunication services added $452.430 million to the FY.

The export of call centre services, under the telecommunication services, witnessed an increase of 22.10 per cent, with

The export of call centre services, under the telecommunication services, witnessed an increase of 22.10 per cent, with exports increasing to the US $153.806 million, from the US $125.964 million. The export of other telecommunication services also grew to the US $298.624 million from the US $202.766 million, marking an increase of 47.28 per cent during the period under review.


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ٹی پی ایل کا ریئل اسٹیٹ انویسٹمنٹ ٹرسٹ کی شراکت سے 500 ملین ڈالر کا ہدف


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اسلام آباد: کاروباری ادارے ٹی پی ایل کارپوریشن نے پاکستان کے سب سے بڑے نجی ریئل اسٹیٹ انویسٹمنٹ ٹرسٹ (آرای آئی ٹی) کے ساتھ شراکتی بنیادوں پر تعیراتی سرگرمیوں سے 500 ملین ڈالر کی آمدن کا ہدف طے کر لیا ہے۔

ٹی پی ایل (آرای آئی ٹی) مینجمنٹ کمپنی کُل ہدف (500 ملین ڈالر) کا 60 فیصد بیرونی سرمایہ کاروں جبکہ 30 فیصد فنڈز مقامی سرمایہ کاری سے حاصل کرنے سے متعلق امور کو عملی شکل دے دی ہے۔

پاکستان میں تعمیراتی سرگرمیوں سے متعلق کاروبار کے فروغ کے لیے وفاقی حکومت کی جانب سے ٹیکس میں چھوٹ سمیت چھوٹے اور درمیانے درجے کے گھروں کی تعمیر پر حکومت کی جانب سے سبسڈی جیسی سہولیات فراہم کی جا رہی ہیں۔

پاکستان کا پہلا ریئل اسٹیٹ انویسٹمنٹ ٹرسٹ نے کراچی میں کرایہ داری کی بنیاد پر تعمیراتی منصوبے میں سرمایہ کاری پر 12 فیصد سالانہ منافع جبکہ رہاءشی منصوبے لے لیے 8 ارب روپے کی سرمایہ کاری پر 30 فیصد ریٹ آف ریٹرن کا اعلان کر رکھا ہے۔

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Anti-encroachment drive to be initiated in Peshawar


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PESHAWAR: The authorities announced an anti-encroachment drive within the provisional capital, under the Peshawar Revival Plan, in a meeting chaired by division commissioner Riaz Khan Mehsud.

After a detailed briefing, the municipal administrations and the traffic police of the four towns were tasked to submit a report after surveying within one week to launch the anti-encroachment drive.

MPA Asif Khan, Director of Environment Protection Agency, Direct General (DG) Peshawar Development Authority (PDA), Ammara Khan, SSP traffic, Fazal Ahmad Jan, Additional Deputy Commissioner Peshawar, Shama Niamat, DG railways, Samiullah Khan, and other relevant officials.

According to the plan, the Town-I administration will be responsible for the operation in the inner city. Town-II will handle operations on Charsadda Road, Town-III on the University Road, and Town-IIIV will administer Kohat Road operations. Additionally, PDA will operate the drive in the Karkhano market and Hayatabad. Pakistan Railways will also operate the anti-encroachment drive on either side of the railway tracks extending from Nauthia to Hayatabad and Hashtnagri to Firdous.


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ڈویژنل کمشنر کا پشاور میں تجاوزات کیخلاف آپریشن شروع کرنے کا فیصلہ


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پشاور: کمشنر پشاور ڈویژن ریاض خان محسود کی زیرِ صدارت اجلاس میں پشاور میں تجاوزات کیخلاف آپریشن شروع کرنے کا فیصلہ کیا گیا ہے۔

پشاور ڈیولپمینٹ اتھارٹی (پی ڈی اے) کا کہنا ہے کہ احیائے پشاور منصوبے کوعملی جامہ پہنانے کے لیے شہر کو تجاوزات سے پاک کرنا نہایت ضروری ہے.

صوبائی حکومت کے احکامات کی روشنی میں کمشنر پشاور ڈویژن ریاض خان محسود کی زیرِ صدارت احیائے پشاور منصوبے کو عملی جامہ پہنانے کے حوالے سے پونے والے اجلاس میں فیصلہ کیا گیا کہ احیائے پشاور منصوبہ کو عملی جامہ پہنانے کے لئے کوششوں کو مزید تیز کیا جائے گا۔

اس مقصد کے لئے تعمیراتی کام سے قبل پورے پشاور میں ایک ساتھ تجاوزات کے خلاف بھرپور آپریشن شروع کرنے کا فیصلہ کیا گیا جس کے لئے پشاور ڈیولپمینٹ اتھارٹی (پی ڈی اے)، ٹریفک پولیس اور چاروں ٹی ایم ایز کو اپنے اپنے علاقوں میں سروے مکمل کرنے اور ایک ہفتے میں رپورٹ پیش کرنے کے احکامات جاری کیے گئے۔

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گذشتہ مالی سال کے دوران آئی ٹی سروسز کی برآمد سے پاکستان کو 2.12 ارب ڈالر کی آمدن


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اسلام آباد: مالی سال 2020-21 کے دوران مختلف ممالک میں انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی (آئی ٹی) کی خدمات فراہم کرکے پاکستان نے 2.12 ارب ڈالر کی آمدن حاصل کی۔

وفاقی ادارہ شماریات کے مطابق مالی سال 2019-20 کے دوران خدمات کی فراہمی کے ذریعے حاصل کردہ آمدن 1.439 ارب ڈالر رہی جو کہ گذشتہ ماہ کے مقابلے میں 47.44 فیصد کمی  کے ساتھ زیر مشاہدہ رہی۔

مذکورہ مدت کے دوران کمپیوٹر سروسز میں 50.32 فیصد اضافہ ہوا یہ گزشتہ مالی سال 1.1 ارب ڈالر سے بڑھ کر 2020-21 کے دوران 1.66 ارب ڈالر تک پہنچ گئی۔

کمپیوٹر سروسز میں سافٹ وئیر کنسلٹنسی سروسز کی برآمدات میں 35.50 فیصد اضافہ دیکھا گیا جو کہ 408.974 ملین ڈالر سے بڑھ کر 554.180 ملین ڈالر ہو گیا ہے جبکہ کمپیوٹر سافٹ ویئر سے متعلقہ خدمات کی برآمد اور درآمد بھی 30.88 اضافے کے ساتھ 318.937 ملین ڈالر سے بڑھ کر 417.415 ملین ڈالر ہو گئی ہے۔

ہارڈ ویئر کنسلٹنسی سروسز کی برآمدات 71.84 فیصد کم ہو کر 1.957 ملین ڈالر سے 0.551 ملین ڈالر رہ گئی ہیں جبکہ مرمت اور دیکھ بھال کی خدمات کی برآمدات بھی 56.19 فیصد کم ہو کر 1.511 ملین ڈالر سے 0.662 ملین ڈالر رہ گئی ہیں۔

اعداد و شمار کے مطابق ٹیلی کمیونیکیشن سروسز کی برآمدات میں بھی 37.63 فیصد کا اضافہ دیکھنے میں آیا جو کہ مذکورہ مالی سال کے دوران 328.730 ملین ڈالر سے بڑھ کر 452.430 ملین ڈالر تک پہنچ گئی۔

مزید خبروں اور اپڈیٹس کے لیے وزٹ کیجئے گرانہ بلاگ۔


SBP introduces new mechanism for overseas Pakistanis in real estate sector


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KARACHI: State Bank of Pakistan has introduced a new mechanism to extend financing facilities to non-resident Pakistanis for investing in the real estate sector.

According to the details, the SBP has allowed funding facility to Roshan Digital Account (RDA) holders using their PKR accounts using digital channels.

The central banks have allowed the overseas Pakistanis to invest directly in the shares of companies in Pakistan, and units of funds licensed by the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

Earlier, transactions in RDAs were allowed only through banking channels however, inflows through Money Transfer Operators (MTO) in RDAs have also been allowed by the central bank.

This initiative will increase the inflows of remittances in RDAs.


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