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Property features that attract buyers


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Buying a house in Pakistan is a tedious task and requires many skills, time and energy. Hence, it is safe to say that it is a significant decision and one has to keep a lot of things before buying a property in Pakistan.

In this blog, we bring you a list of property features that attract buyers in Pakistan. The buyers are keen on these property features and want to see them in their real estate purchases. 

To know more about these features, keep on reading.


People prefer properties in places that have multiple facilities and amenities at their disposal. For example, some of the most common amenities people wish to see in their property include Power backup, lifts, water supply, security services, parking space, recreational facilities, access to shared spaces and proper waste disposal.

These features improve the overall worth of the property and attract potential buyers. Nobody would like to live in a place that has no gas or electricity.



One of the essential property features that attract buyers is pricing. It is the first thing a potential buyer will ask while buying a property. If you are a seller, you need to set your pricing strategy straight. Many vendors and agents get this wrong and incur financial losses. Research and market trends show that pricing your property can either make or break a good sale.

So, to sell your property fast in Pakistan, make sure you have a realistic price tag. Do not price the real estate project too high because it will simply put buyers off.



One of the most crucial factors that attract buyers is the ambience of the place. People who prefer quiet and serene environments look for houses in the city’s suburbs, whereas people who like to live in loud and lively areas might opt for a place in the central city.

In short, the ambience of the place matters a lot.



Location is the top important thing when it comes to real estate. A potential buyer will always be most interested in the location of the property. If the property is located at a prime location, the price and demand of the property will be high. 

People are not usually interested in properties that are located in far-flung locations. People prefer real estate projects that are situated in posh areas.


Educational institutes: 

If you have school-going kids, you probably want to live in an area where there is an abundance of good educational institutes. A beautiful house in a place with no schools, colleges or universities, might be a problem for sellers because potential buyers might not be interested in such homes.


Flexible spaces:

People prefer houses and real estate properties that are flexible, and you can convert them into different types of spaces. For example, many places have extra rooms which can be used as dining areas, storage space or even a guest room. 

So, try to invest in places that have spaces that can be used for many things.



People prefer places that come with updated kitchens with all the basic amenities. A kitchen that many people love includes high-end cabinets, countertops and appliances. The water taps, sinks and cabinet doors must work perfectly as well.


Open space:

People adore places that come with wide-open spaces. Open spaces are crucial features that attract buyers. The open space can be used as a car parking area, kids playing room, pet home, and even a garden. 

People also prefer open spaces because they can be converted into an extra room in the future. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a huge selling point in any home. 


Attached bathrooms:

People prefer real estate properties, mainly houses with attached bathrooms. Make sure before giving a sales pitch to your potential buyers, you revamp your bathrooms. Fix those tiles, paint the walls and make sure the toilet and sink are draining water properly.


Storage spaces:

People in Pakistan prefer houses that come with extra storage spaces. A place with no storeroom might not be a good option for potential buyers. Many people use the storage rooms to store their laundry, extra furniture, and some people even use it as a pantry. To increase the visibility of your house in the eyes of customers, make sure you have a storage space in your home as well. 

Apart from residential properties, commercial properties with storage spaces are also in demand. Many shop owners store seasonal items and their stock in the extra storage space. In short, it is safe to say that a real estate property with storage space is high in demand. 


Security system:

In Pakistan, the concept of smart homes is getting popular day by day. People now prefer properties that come with built-in security systems. For example, houses with alarm systems and burglar alarms are in high demand. 

Many security companies in Pakistan will install security systems in your property, including cameras, smart devices and alarm systems, that too at an affordable price.


Outdoor lighting systems:

Outdoor lights are excellent to enhance the curb appeal of your property. People like places that are well lit and bright. So, try to install good lighting in your house. To save energy and money, get energy-efficient lighting systems. You can also invest in solar panels and increase the overall visibility of your home in the real estate market.


Heating system:

The heating system is one of the top property features that attract buyers. People prefer houses that have built-in heating and cooling systems. Many companies in Pakistan will install automated thermostats in your home to control the temperature of the house.


Marble surfaces:

Marble surfaces instantly enhance the house’s overall appearance and make it look chic and sleek in no time. Potential buyers always look for homes with good marble finishing because marble looks regal and is straightforward to clean and maintain. People prefer marble on the exterior and interior sides of the house, especially in the kitchen. So, select marble, which will still give you brownie points from buyers.


Bi-folding doors:

Bi-folding doors are best suited for minimal houses and people who like spacious houses with lots of doors and open spaces. These are the kind of doors that slide open, made from a series of panels that fold up against the wall.

Bifold doors work ideally outdoors and indoors and can be installed inside or outside your home, as a gateway to your garden or conservatory, or even as a way to split a larger room without losing out on that sense of space.


So, these are some of the property features that attract buyers. Give these features a read and try to incorporate them into your real estate projects. If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding these property features that attract buyers, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

Happy investing!



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