DIY Eid Decoration Ideas for Home

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Are you excited for Eid? Thinking of ways to celebrate your Eid during COVID-19? We’ve got you covered! Eid is a much celebrated event not only for Muslims but across the world. It is also the way people come together to share their happiness with each other. Eid-ul-Adha is about remembering the importance of sacrifice and giving back to your community. Eid is also about celebrating with friends and family and realising the importance of relationships. brings you ways you can prepare yourself for the upcoming Eid. 


Deep Cleaning


Before the onset of any event, one essential thing to do is to prepare yourself for the day by deep cleaning every nook and corner. Not only will it get you into the vacation mode, it will also reset you for the event. Deep cleaning will help you get on top of things to know what exactly is required to prepare yourself for the celebratory occasion. You can easily make a list of all things that are required for the day and prepare a to-do list to timely execute your plans. 


Refreshing Bedsheets 



The easiest and the quickest way to revamp any bedroom is to change the bedsheets. The bed occupies the majority of space in any bedroom yet it is one of the most neglected spaces. If you are looking to redecorate your room for Eid on a budget, try changing the bedsheet to a vibrant colour or any existing bedsheet to change things up a little. You can even buy a new set if you want to decorate your room according to a theme. 


Lighting Spaces 



Lighting is everything when it comes to decor. With the right lighting options, you can totally transform a place from shabby to chic in a few minutes. Lighting is essential to highlight your feature pieces and create an inviting ambience in your space. If you have a dinner planned, you can utilise low lighting to create that cozy atmosphere or if you are looking to host a bunch of people, try having a well lit room to invite that energy into the living space. There are plenty of options to choose from: you can invest in fairy lights, wall sconces or lamps. 


Decorating Dining Table



Eid is synonymous with food and barbecue. In Pakistan, families come together to enjoy barbecue time with family. Some members set up the grill while others set up the dining table and get creative with the ornaments. Setting a dining table is an art itself. You set it up as simply as you want or you can make it elaborate. There are several ways to go about it. You can set up a formal table with centrepieces and fancy silverware or you can keep it casual and place basic cutlery on the table. The options are limitless. 


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Welcoming Guest Room Decor Ideas in 2021

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If you are looking to decorate the guest bedroom in your house, keep in mind that comfort is the key. A guest bedroom should have a happy vibe and should be inviting. Your guests will be away from their homes but they should feel as comfortable as possible in your guest bedroom. Guest bedroom is also the place where you can have lots of fun with creative design since it is essentially an extra bedroom which allows you to let your creative juices flow to make daring decisions. brings you creative ways to create a welcoming guest bedroom. 


Welcome Basket 



Nothing feels better than a basket full of essential items that the guests may appreciate. The basket can include items such as an extra pair of toothbrush, mini soaps, scented candles or a body lotion. You can customize this basket as per your liking. While it may seem like a small gesture, these special touches really make your guests feel comfortable in the new space and leave a lasting impression. 


Spa like Washroom 



For most travellers, having a clean washroom is a priority. Some may even place greater importance on the washroom compared to the room. If you are having guests over, it is essential you take the extra step to provide a clean washroom. Ideally, you should deep clean the washroom before the guests arrive in order to set things up. Ensure that the towels are clean and the toiletries are present. You can also place certain decor elements along with scented candles to provide a spa-like experience. For this purpose, you can invest in white towels and a matching container set for soap, shampoo etc, which will inject that luxurious feeling into the washroom. 


Comfortable Bedding  



The showstopper in any bedroom is how comfortable it is to sleep in the bed. Refrain from giving your guests the oldest and shabbiest mattress that you have. Chances are that it is not the most comfortable. If you have the resources, invest in a quality mattress that will prove to be a total game changer. Moreover, try upgrading the bedding to give a clean and neat ambience which makes it appealing for the guests. Think about good quality linens and fluffy pillows to wow your guests. 


Adequate Lighting 



Let that natural light in and even supplement with light fixtures to brighten up your bedroom. The light and airy feeling will be an instant hit with your guests. One of the simplest ways to do that is to invest in good table lamps. Not only do they act as statement decor pieces, they also serve the purpose to brighten the bedroom. Your guests can even decide to just turn the lamps on for a cosy late night ambience. Other lighting options can include wall sconces, pendant lights and standing lamps. 


Special Touches 



Taking the extra mile and adding special touches always leaves a pleasant taste in the guests’ mouth. There are plenty of options and ways one can do that depending on time, effort and resources they are willing to invest in it. Hosts can decide to write personalised handwritten notes welcoming the guests, or they can buy welcome gifts. There are a myriad of options to choose from. You can make your guests feel special by clearing the closet for them to put their clothes or keeping extra water bottles and snacks on the side table for the night; you can get creative with how you can make the stay comfortable for your guests. But one thing is for you, it is always the little things that make the biggest difference. 

Invited To A Housewarming Party? Here Are Some Gift Ideas

Housewarming parties are joyous occasions where you congratulate your friends or family because buying a home by yourself is such a huge accomplishment in life. You want to hear all the stories of struggle, the process and everything they went through. In order to not go empty handed and congratulate the person for achieving a milestone, here are some best housewarming gift ideas that will not only make them feel special but will also be light on your pocket.

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Buying a home by yourself is a huge accomplishment in life

A housewarming party is an informal gathering of very close friends and family to let them know about your newly bought home and share the happiness with them. There is laughter, there is food and above all, the stories of struggles the person had to go through to buy the house. But the love, appreciation, kind gestures and presents from people closest to you transform the house into a home in no time.

We won’t make you keep you waiting any further to explore some interesting and useful housewarming gifts that you can buy for the next party you are invited to. So let’s begin.

Vase With Flowers

Gifting flowers may be considered a cliché move by some, but it’s actually a timeless idea. Nothing brightens up your room like flowers. As a gesture to your happiness for someone, flowers are the best but it is a possibility that the receiver may not have a suitable vase to put them in and enjoy the feeling till later. What you can do is buy a vase and put those beautiful flowers in it and present the gift as it is. The flowers may die at some point unless they are artificial but they can use the same vase to put new flowers in it or use it as a decoration piece. 

Decoration Pieces

Buying decoration pieces can be tricky because there is a lot to choose from. These items range from wall hangings to coffee tables and you will want to buy every single one of them. However, you would want to get them something they can put in their living room and give them a constant reminder of your bond with them.  You can choose from pottery items, mirror decoration pieces or handmade items. 

Soft, Cozy, Comfy Blankets

If it is winter and you want to make their home extra cosy, give them a pair of throw blankets and, trust us, they will love it. Throw blankets add finesse to the overall look of a room. They come in a variety of options, such as cotton, wool, fleece or polyester and are not only warm but also lightweight. If you don’t know the colour theme of their house, it’s always best to go with neutral colours because those are the safest option. The next time they will watch TV in the living room on a chilly night, they will surely be remembering you. 

fabric of throw blankets
Throw blankets come in variety of options such as cotton, wool and fleece.

Cutlery Set

No matter how much cutlery you have in your house, there is always room for one more set. It always comes in handy when you are hosting a large gathering, such as a housewarming party. How about that! Maybe they will use it right there and then. You can also get a nice set of sharp knives or a set of trays which will definitely be useful.

Wall Paintings

It can be very difficult to know if a person already has something that you are planning to give them, even when it comes to the people you think you know best. But you can never go wrong with wall paintings. You can go to an art gallery where you will find different paintings and you will have a variety of options to choose from. From abstract to customized paintings, you can find the desired size and colours you have in mind. 

Calligraphy and abstract art are also popular choices when it comes to buying housewarming gifts. These are the two safest options. If you want to add a personal touch, you can ask the artist to make you a customized painting but that may cost you more than you have planned.


Candleholders will never go out of style. Even though people no longer feel the need to light candles for better visibility,  these articles have certainly become a home decor staple. Available in all sizes and shapes, candle holders can be an accessory for your dining table and of course you can light candles in it to have a candlelight dinner.

Another thing you can give new house owners are scented candles, which smell nice and give a home-like feeling and remove the bad odour from a house. The soothing effect of scented candles calms you down and also you associate good memories with them.

Lamps And Lanterns

Most families have bedside lamps because they feel their bedroom furniture is incomplete without them. If your host is a fan of lamp lights, you can give them corner lamps for living room lamps. There are plenty of ways they can use these lamps such as making a reading nook or simply placing it in the corner of their room next to a study table. 

lamp in a reading nook
A lamp in a reading nook gives ample light to a reader at night

Sentiment Serving Bowl

Last but not least is a sentiment serving bowl. Remember the time when you went to your grandparents’ house and they always had this bowl filled with candies, fruits or marbles? That is the one which now comes in different sizes, shapes as well as material they are made from. These can be used as a decoration piece on a side table in the drawing-room with dried petals of a flower.

Choosing a housewarming gift can be tricky because you have to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the house owners as well as keep in mind the utility of the item you are gifting. This list will help you narrow down what you want to give the new house owners at the housewarming party.

Meanwhile, if you are the new house owner and confused about how to throw a housewarming party, we have a guide for you too. Feel free to write to us at if you wish to speak to us. For more informative pieces on the lifestyle and real estate of Pakistan keep following Zameen Blog.

Small Guest Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

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Raise your hand if you have guests coming over and your guest bedroom is not remotely ready! As a host you want to make your guests feel at home while providing them with all the amenities of a 5-star hotel. The best guestrooms are ones which are de-cluttered, clean and welcoming. Depersonalising is an important step in this process but your guests should also know that you have warmly opened your home to them with few deliberate touches. brings you simple yet effective changes that you can do to your space to make it more inviting.  


Make a Statement 

Invite them into a moody bedroom. This way you can easily make your guests feel welcomed and also provide them with a luxury getaway experience. The devil will be in the detail with clearly thought-out decor plans and few accent pieces. Easy way to do this is to paint the room a dark rich colour of your choice. Add the bedding and chair in a contrasting colour to add that glitz and glam. This will create that luxury hotel-like feeling for your guests. The bold decor choices will act as a statement which will be imprinted on your guest’s mind. 


Add Lots of Plants 

One way to add new life to any bedroom is to add plants. It blows new energy into the room and makes it look cosy. Indoor plants are also good for health and constantly purifies the air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. If you can add tall plants, it may even make your room like a tropical oasis. Coupled with new themed bedding, your guests will really be in for some exciting time. 


Choose the Right Bedding 

Choosing the right bedding can make all the difference in the room. The bed holds the maximum space in any room. Therefore, it should be styled tastefully to make use of that space and turn it into a wow factor. Bed is also the space that can instantly make a room feel more inviting. The ideal way to set up your guest bed is to choose a neutral bed sheet and add a minimum of four pillows. Extra cushions can be added for style and texture according to your chosen colour scheme. Place a little tray with some flowers or ornaments on the bed to make it more luxurious and add that extra touch for your guests. 


Add Decorative Mirrors 

Mirrors in any room are game-changers. They instantly make a room look bigger and are excellent ways to fill empty spaces. They also come in handy to take photos for your social media posts. There are a variety of ways mirrors can be used to style a room. You can use a vintage full length mirror and mount it against a wall or you can use a decorative mirror above your bed so it acts as a statement piece. 


De-personalise It 

If you are in a race to set up the guest bedroom without having to do any major changes, start off by tidying up the room. Wash up the linens and dust the room to make it clean. Next make the bed so it gives a tidy appearance. The next best thing to do is de-personalise the space. You want your guests to know that they are staying at your place but you also want them to feel at home. Remove any personal items that you have or extra books laying around. Try to de-clutter as much as you can to allow your guests to fully enjoy the bedroom. 

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Best Ramzan Home Decoration Ideas in 2021

Best Ramzan Home Decoration Ideas in 2021

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In the holy month of Ramzan, as we focus on our connection with God, we cannot neglect our adobe. The spirit of Ramzan is manifested in charity, forgiveness, prayer and celebrations with family. Loved ones are invited to our homes and quality time is spent in our living spaces. The coming together of family coupled with the spirit of Ramzan makes it a memorable time of the year. 

People have numerous memories attached to it. Maybe it’s your first Ramzan after wedding, your child’s first roza, your father’s first Ramzan after coming from off-station or your first Ramzan in your new home, it is a special occasion that will stay with you forever. To get into the Ramzan feels, organise your home and decorate it with things you like to mark this occasion. highlights several ways you can decorate your home in Ramzan. 

Spice up your living room 

Where do you have your iftar or suhoor? Or which place in your house receives the most traffic? Ideally, the living room or the lounge is a favourite spot during Ramzan where all family members enjoy quality time. It is best to start your Ramzan decor with the living room

Put out a Ramzan banner on a wall to make the space feel a bit festive. Add a few Ramzan themed lanterns near the sofa or fireplace to add that cosiness. If you have time on your hands or want a Ramzan activity with your kids, you can make paper lanterns and display them on the dining table or the console table. This will really transform your living area and mould it according to the Ramzan theme. 

Ramzan Corner 

Ramzan is usually associated with working on one’s relationship with their creator. Every year this month people vow to take measures to improve that relationship. Every person has different goals. 

It is important to create a separate corner for Ramzan to inspire you to achieve your goals. It will remind you of the promises you made with yourself at the beginning of the month. You can simply lay down the prayer mat and place the Holy Book on a table for easy access. You can even make a list of all the education videos or verses you have to listen to and set it up in the room on a TV or laptop for your ease. 

Eid Countdown 

Different people attach different meanings to the month of Ramzan. For some it is the month of worship while for others it is the month of charity. Some may even consider it a month of building family relationships.  

One way to achieve your Ramzan goals is through setting up an Eid Countdown. Not only will help you track the number of fasts but it will also tell you the number of fasts left till Eid

The Eid Countdown planner will help you keep track of your religious goals. It will aid in the documentation of the number of verses you have to cover within a day and then help keep track of your successful tasks. 

This countdown can further provide you with an opportunity to get creative. It is also a good opportunity to get crafty with your kids and create a fun countdown calendar. 

Put up Ramadan Ornaments 

A good way to prepare your house for any occasion is to take out a few ornaments and put them on display. You don’t have to purchase new ornaments and can easily re-purpose or reorganise your home to create a fresh ambience. 

Ramzan neon signs or marquee lighted letters are an excellent choice to get into that festive mood. They are attention grabbing and putting them in a spotlight can really change the mood of the place. Together with some stars and lanterns, the whole look is going to be inviting 

Create Ramzan Traditions 

What is that childhood tradition that you are fond of? What kind of feelings does it invoke? Does the memory of it involve friends and family? Ramzan is a great opportunity to create new traditions with your loved ones to be repeated every year as means to connect with your special ones. 

The options are plenty. It can be as simple as making a dish every weekend with your family members or visiting the mosque with your friends followed by a cricket match. If you are thinking of doing something with your kids, you can visit an orphanage every weekend to connect with the kids or you can arrange food drives for the needy. If you want to do something within the confines of your home, then you can decorate the Eidi Envelopes or make cards for Eid party celebrations. Either way, you can get as creative as you want! 


Building material is any material which is used for construction purposes. Many naturally occurring substances, such as clay, rocks, sand, and wood, even twigs and leaves, have been used to construct buildings. Apart from naturally occurring materials, many man-made products that use natural materials or synthetic substances are used.  The choice of building material in the construction of a building depends on the cost, durability, maintenance, ease in handling etc. It also depends on the ‘current trend’ which may be bio-degradable materials or imperishable ones, locally available materials or materials secured from abroad etc.

As an Architect practising in India, I have seen that my clients are often confused on the choice of building materials. This is because they get conflicting advice from well-wishers, contractors and others. The contractors sometimes insist on using certain materials, on which they get a good profit. So, it is my job to enlighten my clients on the best options. Here is a list of all the construction building materials used in a Building.


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The term “building products” often refers to ready-made products/sections, made from various materials and fitted for use in a building. The building products exclude the building materials used to construct the building architecture. Building products include fixtures, windows, doors, cabinets, accessories, elevators etc. In Building products, there is a wide choice available.


In my 20 odd years of architectural practice in India, I have often faced queries from my clients regarding the best choices in Building products. They are confused because of the vast options that are available in the market for all types of Building products. I always advise them to opt for quality products and decide on  them based on certain standards. In these pages, I have reviewed different types of Building products used in the different rooms of a house along with their pros and cons. 




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