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Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

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Having a beautiful, designer home shouldn’t be a tough reality check for anyone. With the rising innovations and technology, eventually, it’s small things that matter, starting from out-of-the-box ideas.

We have collected several subtle hacks that will help you achieve classic design trends in your house, and as a cherry on top, these hacks are budget-friendly. You can design different and unique interior designs at a low cost and make an aesthetically appealing home. Let’s dive in!

Crown Molding

The details are essential. When you decide to decorate your home, you must pay attention to custom-made and high-end pieces. Here, we are talking about crown molding. Crown molding allows the room to look complete and wholesome. Its delicate finish brings the ceiling and the walls together, reflecting elegance and beauty. If you don’t opt for crown molding, your rooms will not have a fine finish, thus making the overall look of your space cheap and unfinished. Luckily, crown molding is not expensive. Crown molding in plastic or paintable versions is very affordable and can be done on almost any budget.

There are several variations to choose from. For enhancing the glamour of your home space, try incorporating all types of crown molding to your house, such as high baseboard, columns, ceiling medallions, chair rails, ceiling beams, etc. However, if you wish to have a significant impact, you must select the most expansive trim according to your budget.

Add fresh new paint

Picking paint for your house is perhaps the most difficult decision to make while decorating your house. Especially when the remaining decor has to complement the color palate. If you want your house to look elegant, there are certain tones that you can consider while choosing a paint color for your home. You can choose from these two colors: bold and dramatic or soft, understated tones.

These hues or tones add the element of elegance to your house, followed by a soft overall look. It mainly depends on the color personality in terms of what you choose. Painting the interior of the doors in black is also a great hack. It automatically reflects an expensive look that makes the house look classy without causing much damage to your wallet. If you opt for this hack, make sure to add some extra black accessories to the surroundings of the space to tie the overall design of the room together.


Light up your house

Many contractors decide to go for standard lighting fixtures, probably being the same they have used repeatedly. However, adding designer light fixtures will add a more elegant and classy look to your house instead of a traditional chandelier. You must be worrying that these designer light fixtures will cost you a fortune. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. There is a way where you can achieve a high-end look without having to pay a high-end price. Take a tour of flea markets and second-hand stores. You will not only see a variety of items but also may find one at a reasonable price. Or you may also try a bloggers trick by adding a drum shade around an old chandelier to get that trendy look that everyone is talking about. Some pieces may need a little elbow grease by adding paint to them or adding another layer of varnish or buffing but can transform into a million-dollar piece just by spending a few bucks. Additionally, you need to make sure that you have several light sources, such as table lamps, floor lamps, in your house to maintain the elegancy and beauty of your home.

Hardwood over carpet

There is no denial that wall-to-wall carpeting gives a warm, soft look to the house, but it doesn’t display equal elegancy compared to solid floors such as gleaming hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are the epitome of elegance in one’s house. It provides a classic appearance that not only looks elegant but also looks like an expensive investment. But lucky for you, it is affordable and can be installed quite easily. Buying hardwood is an investment, but it is a wise one. Hardwood is a long-term investment. That is to stay that it lasts longer and has a sustainable/ durable nature. It also adds value to your house if you plan on selling the house. Laminate is another helpful option. But you must make sure you opt for the best laminate on the market, which is long-lasting and better in quality. If you as us which is better? Laminate or plush carpet? We’d route for plush carpet. To get the most of your money, you need to take a good look at the types of wood, as the price varies for each type. For instance, birch and oak are economical and cheap, but cherry is very expensive. Moving on to colors, it is suggested that you consider going for dark colors instead of light-colored wood as dark colors give a more luxurious outlook of the house. Adding rugs and carpets to your floors will enhance the beauty of your house and tie the whole room together.

Move furniture around

Just because you bought a chair specifically for one room doesn’t mean it can’t flaunt its beauty anywhere else in the house. Try to move furniture and placing it in different areas to revive old places into newly designed ones. Go from room to room and explore new chairs and coffee tables, decorative items and arrange them according to your desire as a single move of an item can change the overall look of a room. You might be surprised how re-arranging your furniture can greatly impact the look of a room. This is a fun way to improvise and let your creativity and aesthetic sense reflect in your house.

Add mirrors (big and small)

It isn’t said enough that mirrors are a great way to make a house look classy and elegant. They are the universally appealing decorative item you can place in any room, and they will instantly look amazing. Another advantage why mirrors are a great way to make your house look classy and trendy is that it is budget-friendly. They come in all shapes and sizes or can be custom-made. They take full advantage of the natural lighting and, last but not least, are the perfect way to pose for your mirror selfies for the gram.

Don’t just match finishes; consider contrasting too

Being monochromatic is a good idea but not when it comes to designing a house. There needs to be an element of contrast to make things blended in such a way that they complement each other. Certain stains and finishes go well with each other such as cherry look nice with oak or hickory blend well with almost everything, but some don’t. If you want to match your floors with your cabinets or your faucets with your doorknobs, it is okay to match them, but you may also contrast. It is suggested that you choose three shades to create a contrasting effect, either lighter or darker. An almost match shade looks tacky and cheap.

Add voluminous accessories

Expensive items generally carry a lot of weight and volume. But you do not have to go to that extend to make your house look and feel luxurious. You can volumize your space by adding curtains, throw blankets, accent pieces such as vases, pictures, ornaments, etc. For your living area, we would suggest investing time in wooden paneling.

Create statement art

Create a focal point or an accent room in your room to accentuate its features. After that, create artwork for that space. You can either go with hanging a multi-panel piece of art (a single picture divided into three or four parts/gallery type of display), or you can accent paint it. Perhaps a design or different shades of paint blended.


There are also plenty of décor DIYs easily available on the internet that you can use and put together fantastic items for your home. If not, you can re-evaluate options and décor items that are already in your home and give them a revamp. Spice up your house’s aesthetics by rearranging, elevating, and remodeling your furniture. In this process, don’t forget to have fun.


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