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In terms of hospital design, Pakistan is too far away from developed countries. Our main aim in this research paper is to improve the planning of hospital design through modern techniques and practices which is very crucial in crafting the future of India’s healthcare industry. Indian hospitals need an upgrade not only with the latest technology but also with the best design solutions for sustaining the quality of the work levels in the healthcare industry for planners, architects, engineers, and students as well.

In Pakistan, the healthcare industry faces various challenges, like financial, demographic, and epidemiological leading to recent metamorphic changes within the discipline of healthcare architecture. Due to globalization and increasing demand for better health care standards, gradual changes in the outlook of healthcare have created a hard comprehensive environment in planning and designing hospitals around the globe, especially in India where the medical sector is playing at the back foot at present time. Hospital design is the most complex discipline that resulted in aa major change at rocket pace. Therefore, the hospitals should be designed and planned to fulfill today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

Key Planning and Designing Parameters of Hospital Building Architecture: Call ACCO Architects Today +92-322-8000190 or +92-311-1749849.

The following parameters should be followed before starting any hospital Design project.

⦁          Required persons

A team having an architect, administrator, financial expert, engineer, health statistician, and social scientist is preferred before starting any project.

⦁          Data of vital stats

Data like birth rate, death rate, maternal, demographic, socio-economical, climatic, geographic, etc should be kept in mind.

⦁          Laws and regulations

Laws and regulations like WHO & PMDC etc should always be kept in consideration.

⦁          Scope for convertibility, flexibility, and expandability

These three aspects should be given due care for creating a fully functional design to fulfill the needs of today and tomorrow.

⦁          Assessment of requirements

Make a proper list of No. of beds needed, no. of staff and the number of departments as per the requirement, etc.

⦁          Estimation of cost

Before starting the project the cost should be estimated by any designer or architect for smooth and steady development of the project.

Hospital Planning Grid: Call ACCO Architects at +92-322-8000190 or +92-311-1749849.

A hospital project can be located in rural or semi-urban or urban areas. In urban localities, the designers and architects do not have the freedom to go horizontally due to a lack of space. In comparison to metropolitan areas, rural areas have more space to design and plan the project. Grid patterns can vary as it requires circulation & services within the building. In urban localities, the hospital develops vertically that contains numerous functions & services. Generally, it is elucidated that grid design in hospitals basically starts from 5.5 m to 8.5 m and most architects use 7.2, 7.6, and 6.5 meters.

Site selection criteria for Hospital Building:

The building of the hospital must have enough land, an easy approach, and a sufficient supply of electricity and water. Here are some general guidelines and rules that should be followed before selecting a site.

I.          General considerations: Always prefer a large site for a hospital for future expansion. A hospital should be always in the heart of the population. A land of 2.5 – 5 acres is preferred in crowded areas for hospital development.

II.         Land requirements: The need for land depends upon various factors. In semi-urban and rural areas plenty of lands can be available which may be used for the hospital to develop horizontally. On the other hand land prices in urban areas are too high due to which the hospital grows vertically.

III.        Public utilities: The ISI national building code recommends 455-460 liters of water per consumer day. Around 300-400 liters of water is required per bed per day, so before starting a project ensure that plenty of water is easily available. A storage capacity of 3 days must be constructed at the site.

IV.        Sewage disposal: According to a report 1 kg of waste material and 300-400 liters of liquid effluents per bed per day were received from the hospital’s service areas. Always ensure that a proper sewage disposal system is available before selecting any site.

V.         Power: For a hospital around 1Kw electricity is needed on a per day per bed basis. This contains requirements of all services and departments including the power need of OT, X-RAY department, etc.

Indoor Air Quality in Hospital Architecture Design:

Hospitals are a place where the air quality is very crucial for the recovery of the patients and has a direct impact on the occupant’s health. Therefore suitable and better air quality, mitigation measures and monitoring methods should be used for a contamination-free and safe environment.


As the drainage system and the water supply has a direct impact on nosocomial infection, therefore the selection of plumbing equipment like pipes and fittings should be made out as per the recommendation of experts.


Flooring also is very crucial for nosocomial infection and helps in finding ways. Engineers and architects should make a perfect selection of flooring materials, color, and texture that helps to create a soothing and healing environment for the users.

Entrance and lobby

According to researchers on building materials, a lot of products and materials are used due to their special and unique properties in the healthcare industry. But the Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and terrazzo are highly suggested by the engineers and architects for entrance and lobby areas, as they are durable, require minimum maintenance, handicap- friendly and are easily available.

Clinical areas and Corridors

Engineers and architects recommend Rubber and LVT for hospital flooring in clinical areas and corridors as they come with protective coatings and pre-applied adhesive also they resist scuffs and scratches and are easily available.

OT and Emergency

For hospitals linoleum and LVT, sheets are recommended for an ambiance environment, as these materials enable flash coving and heat welding during installation. These products also can be used to promote Air quality.

Treatment areas and Nurse’s station

Hospitals are that place which requires regular upgradation to function properly. Treatment areas and nurse’s stations are very important places for a hospital. Nowadays hospitals are using bio-based tile (BBT), LVT and sheet tile made from less VOC. Engineers and designers suggest those categories that have scratch-resistant protective coatings for Treatment areas and nurse’s stations.

Patient Rooms

Patient rooms are the most crucial part of any hospital that’s why they should be designed in a manner keeping a home-like feeling in mind. Textile flooring may be a better choice as it gives the feel of a proper carpet. In recent years a system of rating and evaluation has been growing to fulfill the rigorous needs of hospitals.

Ceiling and Walls

The corners of the wall should be protected from any damage by stretchers and trolleys. Walls should be clean and jointless. A soothing and smooth color is provided to the ceilings to create a peaceful environment.

Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors should have 90-92 cm openings to provide easy passage to patients, visitors, and staff, and also to air.

In the healthcare industry, while designing and planning hospitals, there is no architectural plan and design which is hundred percent error free but we could get a healing and smooth environment in hospitals by minimizing these errors. Designing should always allow indeterminacy which is an architectural principle making the building change with a calm and grow with order.

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