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Have you ever thought about enrolling in a Master’s course at an international university but couldn’t do so due to lack of funds? If you are a qualified individual with leadership qualities, impeccable academic history and two years’ worth of full-time work experience under your belt, you can consider applying for the Chevening Scholarship for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study at a prestigious university in the United Kingdom. 

Since the applications for Chevening Scholarships 2021 are opening on August 2, 2021, we are bringing you a detailed guide focusing on the eligibility criteria, work experience requirements, application process and timeline of the programme.

So, get your degrees and transcripts in order because you only have until November 2, 2021, to submit your online application for Chevening Scholarship.

About the Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening is considered one of the most prestigious scholarship programmes in the world (Credits: Facebook/Chevening)

Introduced in 1983, Chevening is an international scholarship programme funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK Government. Since its inception, over 50,000 professionals from across the world have been a part of the Chevening Programme – including at least 17 current and former heads of the state or government.

The Chevening offers two types of awards, Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships, to emerging leaders and outstanding professionals from more than 160 countries. The recipients for each of the programmes are handpicked by the British embassies and high commissions based on the applicant’s exceptional academic background, the potential for leadership, strong drive, and ambition.     

The Chevening Scholarship allows the leaders of tomorrow to enrol in a one-year Master’s programme at a partner university in the UK. The applicants are free to choose any subject that suits their future goals and aspirations. For the duration of the award, the recipient will live and study in the UK, which is a great opportunity as it would allow them to develop academically, grow professionally, experience the diverse culture of Great Britain, and build a strong network. 

At the end of the award, the scholars will have to return to Pakistan and stay here for at least two years. 

Moreover, it is important to mention that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) serves as the nominating partner for Chevening in Pakistan. You can find out more about HEC scholarships in Pakistan here.

What Does the Chevening Scholarship Cover?

UK government scholarships for international students
This scholarship program allows students to pursue their studies without worrying about their basic expenses

These UK Government scholarships for international students allow successful applicants to study and explore the UK without worrying about their tuition fee and other expenses.

Here is what the Chevening Scholarships for Pakistani students cover:

  • Tuition fees
  • Monthly stipend
  • Cost of visa application
  • Economy class return airfare to and from the UK
  • Arrival allowance
  • Departure allowance
  • Travel grants to attend Chevening events

Eligibility Criteria for the Chevening Scholarship

eligibility criteria for Chevening Scholarship
This programme does not have an age limit for its applicants (Credits: Facebook/Chevening)

If you want to study in the UK, you must fulfil the following eligibility criteria for Chevening Scholarships.

  • The applicant must be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country or territory. Pakistan is among the countries included on the program’s eligibility list
  • After the award ends, the recipient must return to their country of citizenship for a minimum period of two years
  • The applicant must have completed all components of their undergraduate degree, typically equivalent to an upper second-class 2:1 honours degree in the United Kingdom, by the time they submit their Chevening Scholarship application. 
  • They must have at least two years of work experience, equivalent to 2,800 hours
  • The applicant must apply to three different Chevening-eligible university courses in the UK and receive an unconditional offer from at least one of them by July 15, 2021
  • They must meet the English language requirement by taking the IELTS Academic (or another) test by July 15, 2021

Here are some more conditions that can determine your eligibility to be a Chevening scholar.

  • The applicant must not hold British or dual British citizenship
  • They must not be a refugee in a non-Chevening eligible country. However, it is pertinent to point out that citizens of a Chevening-eligible country living as a refugee in any of the Chevening-eligible countries are eligible for these UK Government scholarships for international students
  • The current and former employees of the British Government, as well as their families, are not eligible to apply for the award
  • The current and former employees of the Chevening Partner Organizations, as well as their family members, may apply to study in the UK. However, they will not be eligible to apply through the said organisation 
  • The applicant must not have previously studied in the UK through a UK Government-funded scholarship programme 

Required Work Experience

study in the UK with Chevening Programme
Having work experience is a mandatory requirement to apply for this programme

Though most international scholarships for students in Pakistan only require a brilliant academic record, the Chevening Scholarship also focuses on the applicant’s work experience. 

In order to apply for the Chevening Scholarship, the applicant must have at least two years of full-time work experience – or a longer period, in case of part-time employment. They must meet the minimum work-experience requirement to be eligible to submit their online application.

Now, you do not need to be employed at the same organisation for two years to be able to apply. Fortunately, the Chevening Scholarship accepts all types of work experiences the applicant may have completed before, during or after their undergraduate studies. However, any mandatory employment experience as a part of their degree programme will not be acceptable.

Moreover, the applicant can submit as many as ten different employment periods to meet the criteria. If currently employed, they are also not required to resign as long as their employer is fine with it.

Here the types of work experiences that can help you win a Chevening award:

  • Full-time employment
  • Part-time employment
  • Voluntary work
  • Paid internships
  • Unpaid internships

Depending on the type of employment, the required duration may vary a lot. Therefore, the easiest way to make sure you are eligible to apply for the Chevening Scholarship is to calculate your total work hours. 

For your reference, a working day comprises about 8 hours, which means a 5-day work week consists of 40 hours. If you work about 35 to 60 hours per week, your job will be deemed full-time employment. Anything above that, however, will be deemed ineligible.

In total, one must have 2,800 working hours under their belt.

How to Choose Your University Courses 

This is perhaps the most crucial (and overwhelming) part of the entire Chevening Scholarship application process. 

As mentioned above, the applicant is required to select three Masters-level courses at the Chevening partner universities in the UK. This means you can either select three different courses at the same university, three similar courses at three different universities, or any other combination that works for you. Just ensure the programmes you chose perfectly reflect your future ambitions and career goals.

The list of partner universities offering one-year eligible postgraduate courses in the UK can be found on the official Chevening website under the ‘Course Finder.’

Furthermore, a point that a lot of students seem to miss, is that your scholarship application is not the same as your application to get admission into your chosen university.

Once you have selected the three courses you want to apply for, make sure to carefully read their admission criteria and then submit an individual application for each course, fulfilling all of their documents and language test requirements. If you want to receive a Chevening Scholarship, you must have an unconditional offer from at least one of your chosen programmes by July 15, 2021.

Your chosen programme must be:

  • Full-time
  • Starts between September and October
  • Taught-Master’s with a duration of 9 to 12 months
  • Based in the UK

Pre-sessional courses are usually not allowed, but you can directly contact the Chevening Secretariat for further confirmation.

List of Required Documents for the Chevening Application 

Required Documents for the Chevening Application
You can submit your English language test results even after submitting your application

Let’s take a look at the list of required documents for the Chevening Scholarships 2021:

  • Valid green passport or CNIC 
  • University transcripts
  • Degree certificates
  • Three choices for master’s courses

While you must upload the documents above at the time of submitting your online application, the ones mentioned below can be uploaded at any time before their respective deadlines.

  • English language test results for Academic IELTS/ TOEFL iBT/ Pearson PTE Academic/ Trinity ISE II (B2) or C1 Advanced
  • Unconditional offer from the selected university
  • Two reference letters
  • Educational certificates (if any)

The scanned copies of these documents must be uploaded in JPG/PNG/PDF formats. You also need to make sure the attached files are under the size of 5 MB and have titles shorter than 51 characters.

How to Apply for the Chevening Scholarship Programme  

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Chevening Scholarships through the Online Application System (OAS).

Before we begin, please note that you can complete your application over some time. All you need to do is save your progress before logging out and hitting the submit button preferably a few days before the due date to avoid any issues at the last moment.

Step 1: Visit the official Chevening website and click on the ‘Apply’ tab in the top navigation menu

Step 2: Select ‘Pakistan’ from the first drop-down menu and then select ‘Scholarship’ from the second. Click the ‘Search button.’

Step 3: Register for the scholarship programme by entering your details in the relevant fields. It is recommended to write down your username and password somewhere safe

Step 4: Start filling your online application form. Make sure to click ‘Save’ before logging out and refrain from using the Back/Forward button on your browser. Instead, utilize the arrow keys appearing on the OAS

Step 5: Upload the required documents. The reference/recommendation letters for the Chevening Scholarship can be uploaded until late April 2022.

Step 6: Someone’s application questions have a certain word count. It is recommended to write your answers offline and then copy/paste them on the OAS. However, you must avoid plagiarism

Step 7: Choose three Master’s courses and confirm the status of your application

Step 8:  Once your application is complete, carefully read it before clicking the ‘Submit’ button

Candidates shortlisted for the interviews will be informed through email. 

Chevening Scholarship Application Timeline 2022

Chevening Scholarship timeline
The deadline for Chevening Scholarship 2022 applications is November 2, 2020

Here is the application timeline for the Chevening Scholarships 2022:

  • Applications open on August 2, 2021
  • The Chevening Scholarship 2022 deadline is November 2, 2021
  • The applications will be sifted and assessed between mid-November and December.
  • The applicants are shortlisted for interviews from early to mid-February 2022.
  • The deadline for submitting the pending reference letters and education documents is from February till late April 2022.
  • The interviews will take place between February 28 and April 29, 2022.
  • The Chevening Scholarship results will be announced in June 2022.
  • The deadline to receive an unconditional university offer is July 14, 2022.
  • Studies will commence in the UK between September and October 2022.

Instead of trying to contact your local British embassy or high commission to ask about the scholarship programme, you should visit the official Chevening website and click on ‘Contact Us’ to submit an online query.

This brings an end to our guide detailing all about the Chevening Scholarship Programme. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write to us at

Meanwhile, if you cannot apply for the Chevening Scholarship due to your insufficient work experience, you can still study for free in the UK by applying for the Commonwealth Scholarships.

You can also take a look at the Fulbright Scholarship Program and Chinese government scholarships if you are interested in pursuing higher education in the United States or China. Those looking for opportunities in domestic universities may find our guide on scholarships in Pakistan rather useful.

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Commonwealth Scholarship Applications Open till Nov. 1, 2021, Apply Now!


About Commonwealth Scholarship
Commonwealth Scholarships for Pakistani Students
What Does Commonwealth Scholarship Cover?
Eligibility Criteria
Required Documents
Application Process
Tenure and Placement
Academic Calendar

Pursuing higher studies in foreign universities can be rather expensive. Apart from paying the exorbitant tuition fee, you also need to bear the expenses for airfare, accommodation, food, healthcare, textbooks, and much more. However, if you want to study for free at a prestigious university in the United Kingdom, applying for Commonwealth Scholarship programmes may be your best option.

Let’s take a look at how to apply for Commonwealth Scholarship programmes, the types of scholarships available for students in Pakistan, the eligibility criteria, what the scholarship covers, list of required documents and the application process among other important information. 

About Commonwealth Scholarship

This programme is funded by the UK Department for International Development (Credits: Facebook/CSC)

The Commonwealth Scholarship, which is also referred to as the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP), is one of the largest and most popular scholarship programmes in the world. It offers scholarships and fellowships to deserving students residing in Commonwealth nations. The programme is specifically aimed at students belonging to underprivileged backgrounds in middle and lower-income countries. 

This programme was introduced back in 1959 and has since helped about 35,000 citizens from Commonwealth countries to complete their postgraduate and doctoral studies as well as fellowships at renowned institutes in the UK. This scholarship is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to around 800 brilliant students every year, allowing them to get an international degree while developing their professional skills in a nourishing and diverse environment – that too free of cost. This programme covers almost all disciplines covering the following themes:

  • Science and technology for development
  • Strengthening health systems and capacity
  • Promoting global prosperity
  • Strengthening global peace, security and governance
  • Strengthening resilience and response to crises
  • Access, inclusion and opportunity 

In Pakistan, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) serves as the nominating body for the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. 

You can find out more about HEC Scholarships here.

Commonwealth Scholarship Programmes for Pakistan

Study for free in the UK
Commonwealth Scholarship Commission offers various programmes for deserving students in Pakistan

These are the Commonwealth Scholarship programmes available for deserving students in Pakistan.

Commonwealth PhD Scholarships: For full-time doctoral study at a UK university

Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships: For PhD candidates to spend up to 12 months at a UK university as part of their studies in Pakistan

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships: For full-time Master’s degree at a UK university

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships: For full-time Master’s study on selected courses, jointly supported by UK universities

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships: For part-time Master’s study by distance learning on selected courses offered by UK universities

In this guide, we will be focusing on the eligibility criteria and application process for full-time study in the UK, as they are the most popular scholarship programmes in Pakistan.

What Does Commonwealth Scholarship Cover?

what does commonwealth scholarship cover
Commonwealth Scholarship covers your airfare, tuition fee, accommodation and much more

Here is a detailed account of what Commonwealth Scholarship programmes for full-time Masters and PhD study cover:

  • The airfare from your home country to the UK is funded by the CSC. Similarly, the programme will cover your flight back home at the end of your award
  • The scholarship programme also covers the approved tuition and examination fee of the host university 
  • A stipend or living allowance is also provided to each award recipient. This allowance varies as per your location
  • If applicable, a warm clothing allowance is also included in the Commonwealth Scholarship programme
  • A thesis grant is also provided to cover the cost of preparing a thesis or dissertation
  • A study travel grant is provided to cover study-related travel across the UK and even overseas
  • The charges for TB tests that students need to take while applying for Commonwealth Scholarship are also refunded
  • The programme also provides excess baggage allowance subject to certain conditions
  • In the case of widowed, divorced or single parents, a child allowance may also be provided if the children are living at the same address as the award-recipient in the UK

Who Can Apply for The UK’s Commonwealth Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria for Commonwealth Scholarship and HEC Pakistan
You must fulfill the eligibility criteria to be able to apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship

Let’s take a look at the eligibility criteria for the Commonwealth Masters and PhD Scholarship programmes:

  • You must be a citizen and permanent resident of Pakistan or Azad Jammu and Kashmir in order to study for free in the UK under this programme
  • Those applying for Commonwealth Masters Scholarship must have a first-class/first-division undergraduate degree in the relevant field of study by the closing date of applications. It must be equivalent to 16 years of education
  • Those applying for Commonwealth PhD Scholarship must have a first-class degree in relevant postgraduate qualification by the closing date of applications. It must be equivalent to 18 years of education
  • The candidate must not have any third division throughout their academic career. CSFP allows a maximum of two second divisions. However, the applicant must not have a second division in the last degree
  • The award recipient must be in the UK before the start of the academic year (September/October)
  • Those applying for the programme must not already be registered for Masters, PhD, or an MPhil leading to a PhD, at a university in the UK or have studied in the UK at the same level before
  • The applicant should not have worked or studied in any developed or high-income country for at least an academic year
  • The applicant cannot avail another scholarship concurrently
  • The recipient must return to their home country at the end of the award
  • Students applying for this scholarship must be unable to afford to study in the UK without a Commonwealth Scholarship programme

It is important to mention that each university in the UK has its own set of requirements pertaining to its respective course programmes. You must go through the official websites of your chosen universities and study their eligibility criteria before selecting your study options. 

Documents Needed for Commonwealth Scholarship

Apply for scholarship through HEC Pakistan
Your degree and other transcripts must be verified by the HEC Pakistan

Let’s take a look at some of the documents you will be required to submit in order to apply for the programme. 

  • Duly filled HEC online application form 
  • Commonwealth online application form for Masters and PhD
  • Detailed educational transcripts verified by the HEC Pakistan
  • Statement of purpose
  • Study and research plan
  • Passport
  • Copies of CNIC
  • Domicile certificate
  • Two letters of reference (to be submitted directly by the referees)
  • IELTS Academic test results (if applicable) 

This list of documents may vary according to your chosen study programme. Also, CSC does not require applicants to take IELTS. However, your chosen degree programme might require it. 

Moreover, here is a complete guide on how to get your degree verified by the HEC that might help you out.

Application Process for Commonwealth Scholarship

HEC Pakistan Scholarships for Pakistani Students
Commonwealth Scholarship Commission has chosen HEC Pakistan as its nominating body

As mentioned above, the HEC Pakistan serves as the nominating body for CSFP. That means all students must apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship through the HEC, which will also conduct interviews and tests for shortlisted candidates. CSFP will not accept any application directly. Moreover, HEC Pakistan also has the authority to disqualify an applicant for submitting false documents or information. 

Furthermore, the Commonwealth Scholarship application process varies with the university that you choose, as they each have different rules and requirements. For example, some universities in the UK have made it mandatory for the applicants to submit the official university admission form and fulfil other requirements before the admission deadline. CSFP recommends selecting three UK universities that have funding agreements with the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. The list is available on the official website for the programme.

Applications to the selected universities must be made through the Commonwealth Scholarship Electronic Application System (EAS). 

Here is a step-by-step process on how to apply for Commonwealth Scholarship programmes through HEC Pakistan.

Step 1: Visit the official website for Commonwealth Scholarships, click on ‘Apply’ in the top navigation panel to access the Electronic Application System (EAS)

Step 2: Fill your form for Masters or PhD on EAS and upload the required documents

Step 3: Visit the online portal for Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and click on ‘Register’ 

Step 4: Fill out your personal and academic profile on the online HEC portal

Step 5: Click on ‘Learning Opportunities Abroad’ tab under the ‘Scholarship and Grant’ menu in the left-hand side panel of the online portal

Step 6: Submit your application for the chosen programme

Step 7: Wait for the HEC to conduct tests, interviews or both to shortlist candidates

Step 8: Once shortlisted, submit hard copies of your HEC application form along with relevant documents and transcripts 

Please note that HEC Pakistan merely nominates the deserving and talented students to the donor organisation, which then shortlists candidates depending on their academic merit, quality of the plan of study, and potential impact of the work on the development of the applicant’s home country. 

Tenure and Placement

scholarships for developing countries in the UK
Commonwealth Scholarship allows students a chance to develop their academic and professional skills in a diverse and nourishing environment

Here are a few things regarding tenure and placement that you must keep in mind while applying for the Commonwealth Scholarship.

  • You should list three universities in the UK and choose appropriate courses in order of preference. Be very careful and make sure to explain your reasons because the CSC will not allow you to change the university or course after the point of selection
  • Since many courses have strict admission deadlines, you must secure admission to your preferred universities in advance of your application if you want to avail Commonwealth Scholarship in Pakistan
  • This award is only meant to obtain one degree. The CSC will not extend funding for candidates who fail to complete their studies within the allocated time or wish to complete a higher qualification while in the UK
  • The CSC only fund full-time study programmes, which means the candidate cannot apply for another course of study at the same time
  • The programme only funds a one-year taught Master’s programmes. It does not fund MBAs.
  • The CSC has the authority to overrule the preferences indicated by the applicant
  • The award recipient must leave the UK within a month of the end of their award tenure or one month after the end of their degree programme, whichever is earlier. Failure to do so might result in the withdrawal of airfare and excess baggage allowance

When do Commonwealth Scholarships Open?

Applications for Commonwealth Ph.D. and Master’s Scholarships are now open for the academic year 2022-23. Candidates can apply up until November 1, 2021.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more scholarships for developing countries in the UK, US or Germany, here is a list of international scholarships that all Pakistani students must know about.

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned above has been extracted from the official website of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission and the HEC Pakistan. We will update this guide as more information about the application cycle is announced. Therefore, make sure to check back frequently.