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Why Town Planning is Important?


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Town Planning is one of the important features of urban cities. As the influx of people in the cities is increasing, the significance of town planning is being felt like never. We are residing in a world where mass consumption, increasing population, shrinking space on the earth, and insensitivity for the water bodies have taken everyone by storm. In the purview of these growing concerns, urban centers can become a suitable tool of inclusive development by incorporating small yet effective strategies in the development of cities. From the earliest period of civilizations, town planning has always remained at the core of the city’s development.

Graana.com through this blog brings forth the significance of town planning in the development of the cities. Cities are the engine of growth, without proper planning, the same urban centers can pose major socio-economic, and environmental issues. 

Town Planning

The concept of Town Planning can be elaborated as a process in which land resources are managed efficiently; the concept of town planning rests on long-term policies which can cater to the needs of the people for a long period. The concept of town planning is not only about managing the physical features of the land rather but also about uplifting the social development of a town.

Before the development of towns, certain predetermined goals are set for making the lives of people convenient and providing them with the liveliest lifestyle. The strategy as determined under the town planning can help to achieve these predetermined goals, thus making cities more open to the latest developments. The following factors will enable a reader to quantify the significance of town planning.

Availability of Amenities

The foremost aspect of town planning is that basic amenities and utilities are easily available. The towns developed in harmony with the rules and regulations have easy access to the public service. This makes a town or a city a more suitable place to live and a desirable place to live. The basic amenities overall define the living standards of the people therefore amenities are amongst the important aspects of town planning. The amenities also correlate with the real estate prices, it has been observed that the prices of those areas are higher that provide basic amenities to the residents.

Impact on Real Estate

Areas that are developed with proper planning and consider the modern techniques are more valuable and offer higher returns on the investment. The investors are keen to invest in those areas where all the merits of town planning are met. Hence, making real estate sector one of the beneficiaries of town planning. Since land management is of utmost priority in town planning dedicated spaces are given for recreational activities, for commercial and residential places which enhances the value of a place. In the same fashion, the planned areas increase in the country, which the government can easily regulate.

Controlled Development

The growing population is exhausting the resources across the world. As Pakistan is already facing a shortage of houses owing to its growing population, town planning as a strategy can help to meet the requirements of the masses most properly. It has been observed that the areas that do not cater to the housing and building regulations often face issues of congestion and unsavory surroundings. This creates problems for authorities and creates hurdles for the government in raising the living standards of people. Moreover, planned towns can accommodate a finite set of people, thus compelling authorities to develop more areas to meet the needs of the growing population.

Disaster Resilience

The impact of natural disasters can be unprecedented, towns that incorporate precautions of natural disasters in their planning are more resilient to natural calamities. Such areas not only protect the precious lives of people rather they also extend a safe investment opportunity. Depending on the climate of a region and its topography, a town planner particularly pays heed to these factors to avert and minimise the impacts in case of a disaster. Particularly in the monsoon season, many urban areas of Pakistan that do not fulfill the criteria of town planning often get flooded. To avoid the impacts of a natural disaster, town planning can prove handy.


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