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CNIC Verification System of NADRA: Overview


NADRA CNIC Verification System
How To Verify
Other Initiatives of NADRA

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has been working towards making a digital record of all the citizens of the country as well as registering foreigners who are in Pakistan for business, stay or any other reason. This allows the authority to maintain a digital record to control any illegal activity using the system that may be negatively associated with the country’s name. Recently, NADRA has launched a CNIC verification system that will identify any wrongfully registered citizens without prior records and cancel their registration.

In the past, cases were reported of issuance of fake CNICs to non-residents which resulted in illegal activities. In order to prevent this from happening, the authority has been focused on using technology to help identify fake registrations from the ones that are legit.

NADRA CNIC Verification System

nadra sms service to verify family tree
Now you confirm your family tree via SMS service

The incumbent government has its focus on using technology and making departments and authorities digitally inclusive to make necessary changes to the system. This also includes digitization of different processes making it easier for the public as well as themselves to record and track information.

The federal authorities have realized the importance of technology and how it can be used to improve efficiency and performance in the public sector. Proof of that can be seen in different initiatives of NADRA to record the data of foreigners and register them in the system if they plan to stay after a particular period. The newly launched system to verify CNICs also uses high-end technology to identify fake identity cardholders and it is called the Qaumi Tasdeeq-o-Tajdeed Campaign. 

The Government of Pakistan and the authority has been facing the issue of illegal immigrants and foreigners residing in Pakistan. This poses a threat to the country which is why finding these foreigners and tracking people with fake identity cards has become a priority. Since the supplementary record of the fake CNIC holders does not exist, these are planted in already existing family trees. The system, through artificial intelligence, allows the authority to check any discrepancies and verify the existing records. 

It is important for all the residents to know about their family trees and if the registered record in the database of NADRA is accurate or not. The authority has launched an easy process for verification of CNIC to confirm the record.

How To Verify Family Tree Using CNIC?

In order to check your family tree with NADRA, you will need your CNIC number and the phone number that is registered with your CNIC. Once you have these follow the following steps:

Step 1: Using your registered phone number, send your CNIC number and its date of issuance to 8009. Your CNIC number should not include any special characters or dashes (<13 digits CNIC number> DD-MM-YYYY).

Step 2: You will get the names of people that are registered in your family tree. You should verify these and look for any additional member who doesn’t belong to you. 

Step 3: If you find anyone registered wrongfully in your family tree, reply with ‘1’ and a representative of NADRA will call you shortly to verify. If everything seems to be in order, reply with ‘2’.

Note: It is important for you to know that a representative of NADRA will only call you from the number 051-2778009. If you receive a call from any other number, don’t share your personal details with them.

Register/Change Mobile Number With NADRA

Having a cellphone is the requirement of modern-day life. It is positively used by government authorities to let you know about different public announcements and notifications.

In order to use the CNIC Verification System By NADRA, you have to have a registered cellphone number with the authority. This is the same number you provide in the form while applying for a CNIC. In case you haven’t mentioned it earlier or you need to change your number in the authority’s record, all you need to do is visit your nearest NADRA Centre and you can get it done free of charge.

For more information on this initiative, you can call NADRA Helpline at 1777 or 051-111786100.

Other Initiatives Of NADRA

NADRA is a versatile portal and is used for various different purposes. Some of these are mentioned below.

Alien Registration Card

benefits of residence permit
Alien Registration Card allows immigrants and foreigners to stay, work and run their own businesses in Pakistan

Just before launching the CNIC verification system, the authority took up the task of registering foreigners or non-Pakistani citizens. The project is called ‘Alien Registration Card’ and it’s important to live legally in Pakistan as well as get a work permit to earn a livelihood legally in the country.

Through the Alien Registration Card, a foreigner can apply for jobs in the private sector, start a business, open a bank account, register a SIM card, travel inter-city, get a driving license and much more. The eligible candidates are people who already have NARA cards, foreigners intending to stay in Pakistan for more than 90 days and foreigners and illegal immigrants who have lived in the country for over five years.

COVID-19 Vaccination Pass

The outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 virus has affected the lives and businesses of many around the world. However, different countries were successful in creating vaccines that have proven to be effective against its spread. Like other countries of the world, vaccination drives in different cities of Pakistan are in full swing and so far, millions of people have been vaccinated. 

The data of the vaccinated people is being stored by the National Immunization Management System (NIMS), a system launched by National Command and Control Centre (NCOC). To get your COVID-19 vaccination certificate, you have to apply online at nims.nadra.gov.pk. 

You can also check our guides on how to change your name with NADRA, NADRA smart card and its benefits and how NADRA e-Sahulat can help you with different things.

The Government of Pakistan has taken several initiatives since the beginning of the year 2021 and you can read about these initiatives by heading to Zameen Blog right now. To keep yourself updated with the upcoming initiatives of the government and read detailed guides on them, subscribe to Zameen Newsletter for instant updates.


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