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Top 5 Areas to Invest in Sukkur


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Sukkur is one of the oldest cities in Sindh. Located on the western bank of the Indus River, the city is located adjacent to the historic city of Rohri. The city is also significant in terms of heritage as it was also a part of the Indus Valley civilization. Furthermore, the Sukkur barrage is also an identity of the city which is one of the largest irrigation projects in the world.  The Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (SITE) is also located in Sukkur which makes the city an industrial center and a hub of economic activity.

Graana.com through this blog brings forth the ‘Top 5 Areas to Invest in Sukkur’. Sukkur is divided into two parts as its old site is known as ‘Old City. The city can be accessed via National Highway (Sukkur-Jacobabad Highway).

100 Feet Road

The first area on the list is ‘100 Feet Road’ which can provide numerous options to the investors from the investment point of view. Investors can invest in the residential and commercial properties in the locality and provide returns on the investment. All the major housing societies of the city are located across the road. Some of the renowned housing societies include Sindh Cooperative Housing Society, Sukkur Cooperative Housing Society, Friends Cooperative Housing Society. Similarly, the office of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is also located in the vicinity.

Some of the prominent features of the locality are

  •         It is one of the settled areas of the city
  •         Transport facilities can be easily accessed
  •         IBA University is situated in the vicinity
  •         Educational facilities can be easily accessed

Shikarpur Road

Shikarpur Road is the major avenue of Sukkur which connects the city with Shikarpur. The locality also offers good opportunities for residential and commercial purposes. Although still in the development phase, the commercial activities in the locality are booming. Various restaurants and shops are situated on Shikarpur Road which keeps the area abuzz with the people. Ziauddin University is also in the development phase and is situated on the Shikarpur Road.

A few of the prominent features of the area are as below

  •         The locality offers residential and commercial opportunities
  •         Bus terminals can be easily accessed
  •         Educational facilities are available
  •         Sports Complex is also situated in the vicinity

Babarloi Bypass

Babarloi Bypass is situated closer to Sukkur Toll Plaza and is located on Karachi-Sukkur Highway. The area is mostly commercial and provides good investment opportunities however, residential properties can also be purchased in the locality. Various bus terminals are also situated on bypasses for inter-city movement. It is pertinent to mention here that Babarloi Bypass is a few minutes drive from the city. The bypass also leads to the Sukkur-Rohri interchange.

Some of the notable characteristics of the locality are as follow

  •         Khajoor Mandi is nearby Babarloi Bypass
  •         Inter-City transport can be easily accessed
  •         Shops can be easily accessed in the vicinity


Rohri Bypass

Rohri Bypass is situated on Karachi-Sukkur Highway and also offers investment opportunities in both residential and commercial properties. Various truck hotels are situated alongside the bypass and people mostly like to invest in real estate. Sukkur cement factory is also situated approximately to Rohri bypass. The areas situated closer to Rohri Bypass include Palm Valley Residency and Prime City. After the development of the CPEC route, the Rohri bypass will be connected with the old city.

The notable features of the vicinity are as below

  •         Truck hotels can be easily accessed
  •         Fuel stations are located in the area
  •         Transport facilities can be easily availed

Sukkur Bypass

The last area on the list is the Sukkur Bypass which engulfs numerous residential opportunities for the purpose of investment. Similarly, commercial properties can also be availed in the locality for investment. The areas closer to Sukkur Bypass include Sukkur Township, Crystal Model Town, and Sachal Model Town.  

Some of the prominent features of the locality


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