Top Tier Government Colleges In Karachi


Government colleges in Karachi

Many believe that the educational system significantly improves with the introduction of private educational institutions. However, the backbone of any country’s education system is its government institutions. In Pakistan, there are a number of government colleges that are particularly famous for training young minds, in shaping the future. In major cities like Lahore and Karachi, you’ll discover that numerous leaders and influential people of today have studied at some government college. Therefore, the importance of government institutions only increases with time. Let’s now explore the best educational institutions in the country’s economic hub, Karachi. 

Government Colleges In Karachi

Karachi is known for numerous things; food, people, shopping options, infrastructural developments, colonial-style buildings, and educational institutions. It is a city that has always been the first to be introduced with modern teaching methods and producing graduates that are an asset to the society. 

For all those wanting to know all about the best government colleges in this city, this is a list especially curated for you.

BAMM PECHS College For Women

PECHS College is one of the best government colleges in Karachi

This is one of the oldest colleges in the city that has kept up with its tradition of imparting high-quality education to all female students. This college has about 4,000 students currently, and houses one of the best indoor gymnasium facilities. 

Apart from this, there are numerous degree programs for college and Undergraduate students who enroll here. This college is primarily known for its FSc and FA programs, which have produced numerous high achievers over the years.

This variety and a classified faculty ensure that BAMM PECHS College For Women keeps producing bright minds, and a promising academic results, year on year.

Address: P.E.C.H.S Block 2 Block 2 PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Contact number: (0923) 4315200

Adamjee Government Science College, Karachi

Established in 1961, Adamjee Government Science College is one of the oldest and highly reputable institutions in the city. The inauguration ceremony of this college was performed by the then President of Pakistan, Field Marshal General Ayub Khan, on 30 July 1961.

Ever since the nationalization of this college in 1972, the college’s enrollment has increased exponentially as students are admitted at intermediate and undergraduate levels.

Address: Business Recorder Road, Gurumandir, Karachi

Phone: (021) 99215689

Email ID:

Government Degree College, Malir Cantt

Karachi's Government Degree College Malir is famous for its high academic standards.
Government Degree CollegeMa lir Cantt, Karachi

Government Degree College in Malir Cantt is one of the finest educational institutions. It’s one of the few colleges in Karachi that offers education to both male and female students in separate campuses. Here, students can get admission in a range of subjects: I.Com, ICS, FA, and FSC. More commonly known as Cantt College, this fine establishment is primarily known for its discipline, and high academic standards which put it amongst one of the most sought-out institutes in the city. 

Address: Bahawalpur line, Near، Cantt Bazar Cantt، Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Phone: (021) 99247248

St. Lawrence Government Girls Degree College

Any list of the best government colleges in Karachi will be incomplete without the mention of St. Lawrence. 

In Karachi, you’ll find a number of missionary schools and colleges, all dating back to the pre-partition time. These colleges and schools still uphold their position as one of the few government-owned schools that impart high-quality education. Of these, St. Lawrence Government Girls Degree College is one such fine institution that has produced one of the best graduates over the years.

At St. Lawrence, you’ll find numerous degree programs for undergraduate level as well as FSc and FA classes.

Address: V2HR+MXV, Jamshed Quarters Amil Colony, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Phone: (021) 99231211

Government Delhi Inter Science College, Karachi

This is a college primarily for boys that offers enrollment in Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, and Fine Arts subjects. Over the years, students of Government Delhi Inter Science College have secured prominent positions in exams, which has helped maintain the institute’s prestige over the years. Moreover, this college understands that for students to grow into good professionals, there is a need to make them confident, well-read, and eloquent. 

For this reason, you’ll see regular debate competitions, as well as Naat and Qirat competitions being held which are attended by a large number of students. The college also boasts of a dedicated and spacious library that houses more than 13,000 books, and academic resources. With these resources, the college has established itself prominently in the government educational sector of Karachi.

Address: FB Area Block 2 Hussainabad, Karachi، Pakistan

Phone: (021) 99333056

DJ Sindh Government Science College

Founded in 1887, DJ Sindh Government Science College has produced famous leaders.
DJ Sindh Government Science College was founded in 1887.

Founded in 1887, DJ Sindh Government Science College is considered to be one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Sindh. Founded in the pre-partition subcontinent, the college’s first principal was an Englishman, however, since then the college has been under the leadership of numerous heads who have set out to maintain the college’s prestige. 

Notable people like Syed Murad Ali Shah, former Chief Minister of Sindh and Ziaur Rahman, former President of Bangladesh, among many others, have all studied from this college.

In present day, DJ Sindh Government Science College offers admission in Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical for Intermediate, whereas, at the undergraduate level, the college offers a combination of any three of the following subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Statistics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Botany and Zoology).

Address: Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Saddar Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Contact: (021) 99211517

These are some of the best government colleges in Karachi, a city that continues to expand. Pakistan’s education system is one of the best in the region. This year, 16 Pakistani varsities have made the list for Times Higher Education Rankings 2021. These colleges are primarily known for giving degrees in real estate education as well. Pakistani students are also prominently placed in international scholarships such as Chevening, Commonwealth, and Fulbright.  Moreover, the government has now introduced Ehsaas Education Stipends for primary and secondary school-going children in an effort to boost enrollment. 

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Top Features In A Garden That Will Attract Buyers | Blog


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According to research, house hunters take merely 10 seconds to select or reject a house. It means you have only 10 seconds to impress your potential buyers. For that, one of the most crucial things is to improve the curb appeal of the house.

It is safe to say that many things can enhance the value of your home in a brief period. One of such factors is a beautiful and well-maintained garden. An unmade and tacky garden can badly affect the curb appeal of your house in no time. To attract potential buyers, you need to consider top features in a garden that will attract buyers. 

From proper garden fences to perfect landscaping, you need to cover all. In short, an updated and beautiful space is required to attract potential customers. 

This blog brings you a concise yet informative list of Top features in a garden that will attract buyers. To explore all these tips and tricks, keep on reading. 


Pros of a garden:

A garden comes with many advantages. Some of the significant benefits of having a garden in your house are:

  • It is one of the first things a potential buyer will see in the house because it adds a lot to its curb appeal. Add beautiful flowers, outdoor decor pieces and minor improvements in the garden to increase the house value. Hence, it is safe to say that a garden can increase the resale value of your house.
  • Gardens have a positive effect on your mental health. Outdoor spaces allow you to soak in vitamin D and help you to calm your nerves. You can also do exercise and yoga in the outdoor areas.
  • Research studies in the United States and other countries have found that gardening improves your mood, increases your self-esteem, reduces anxiety, and you feel less depressed. 
  • A home garden means a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. You can turn your garden into a mini produce shop in no time. Grow your own tomatoes, celery, rosemary, mint etc.


Top Features In A Garden That Will Attract Buyers

Following are some of the top features in a garden that will attract buyers. 


Summer house:

If you want to enhance the overall look of your home, invest in a summer house. A summer house is a small building in a garden, used for sitting in during fine weather. A summer house comes with multiple benefits. 

During good weather, you can use it as a place to relax with your friends and family over a cup of coffee. You can also use the space to host summer parties, musical nights and birthdays. Also, during the summers or under extreme weather conditions, you can use the area to store gardening equipment and other items of household junk.

A summer house is a perfect combination of outdoor and indoor space where your family can retire and relax when the weather becomes pleasant, that too without entirely retreating indoors. 

A typical summer house is made from solid wood and is finished with glass windows and a proper electricity and heating system. Interestingly, a summer house can also be used as a great and cosy home office.



A greenhouse is a glass building in which plants that need protection from cold weather are grown. If you are fond of homegrown vegetables and herbs, a greenhouse can be your best friend. 

It is also an excellent option for people who are looking for sustainable living options. With the help of a greenhouse, you will be able to save tons of money on groceries and help in the reduction of the carbon footprint from society.

Greenhouses are specially designed for places that face severe weather conditions. It protects from the heat and cold, helping your plants to grow in a favorable environment.


Add water:

Small water bodies in your garden can transform its overall look in a blink. A little water feature adds significant value to your garden and helps you to attract potential customers. For example, a small pond in the garden adds a sense of tranquillity and peace to your house. If you are a pet lover, you can also use your garden pond to keep different fish.

Another great option to add water to your garden is by installing a small and pretty water fountain. A vintage fountain can add a running-water element to your pond, encouraging wildlife and creating an environment where you can relax at the end of a hectic day. 


Hanging baskets:

If you want to be surrounded by a wide variety of flowers and shrubs, try experimenting with hanging baskets. The hanging baskets come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Put your favourite shrubs into the hanging baskets and put them in the areas where they can receive an adequate amount of light, such as near doors.


Add bird feeders:

Bird feeders are a cheap yet effective way to attract different types of birds to your house. Install readymade bird feeders in the home or try to DIY one with your kids. Take old buckets and bottles, cut them, paint them and install them under trees. 


Add furniture:

You can add furniture to your garden to enhance its overall aura. Wooden dining sets along with swings and chairs add a luxurious element to your house. 



A patio is an area outside a house with a solid floor but no roof, used in good weather for relaxing. The patio is an excellent option to connect your indoors and outdoors. The patio can act as a perfect outdoor space that can be used for dining, hanging out, and other recreational activities. If you want a simple patio, go for it but if you want a modern and sleek patio, add equipment such as outside heaters and fans, and your patio will become a perfect weather-resistant place where you can reconnect with the great outdoors.


Landscaped garden:

Landscape gardening is an aesthetic branch of Horticulture that deals with the planting of ornamental plants to create a picturesque effect. In other words, landscaping is a method to beautify and elevate a plain and simple garden. 


Many people in Pakistan do garden landscaping at a low cost. Connect with them and turn your regular garden into an epitome of art and natural beauty. A professional will ensure that every plant used suits the soil type of your house and complement the overall home. However, you need to make sure that you choose plants that are easy to maintain and grow. For instance, you might go for perennials such as hydrangeas that grow throughout the year and need less maintenance.


Barbeques and wood burners:

If you are fond of hosting parties and outdoor activities, you need to have BBQ places and wood burners in your house. Nothing beats a good old BBQ party in your home. Use your garden and turn it into a cosy BBQ site. A wood burner will also attract buyers that can be used to hold bonfires during winters. 


So, these are some of the top features in a garden that will attract buyers. These features will not improve the aura of your house, but these features will also increase the value of your property.

Give this blog a read and try to incorporate these features into your garden. If you have any other suggestions or queries, let us know in the comments section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


PM says industrial development among top priorities


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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Tuesday, stated that industrial development was going to be a priority for the government to ensure all small and medium enterprises were provided with the opportunity to receive employment. 

Federal Minister for Industries and Production Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar briefed the Prime Minister on the projects that were currently underway. He also gave an overview of the 1500 actress industrial zone in Karachi and SME policy.

“Significant growth in large-scale industry is welcome, despite the corona factor and this is due to the government’s positive policies. Employment opportunities are being created in the country by the industries running at their full potential,” stated. 


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Tarin terms GB development top priority


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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Shaukat Tarin, on Tuesday, said that the development of Gilgit Baltistan was the top priority for the government. 

The Finance Minister conducted a meeting with the Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan Khalid Khursheed and assured him that the government would provide timely funds for the initiation process of the development projects. 

On the occasion, the Chief Minister further highlighted the strategic importance of the region and stressed the need to put emphasis on the tourism industry which was pivotal for the socio-economic and geographical development of the area. 


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Top 5 Areas to Invest in Sukkur


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Sukkur is one of the oldest cities in Sindh. Located on the western bank of the Indus River, the city is located adjacent to the historic city of Rohri. The city is also significant in terms of heritage as it was also a part of the Indus Valley civilization. Furthermore, the Sukkur barrage is also an identity of the city which is one of the largest irrigation projects in the world.  The Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (SITE) is also located in Sukkur which makes the city an industrial center and a hub of economic activity. through this blog brings forth the ‘Top 5 Areas to Invest in Sukkur’. Sukkur is divided into two parts as its old site is known as ‘Old City. The city can be accessed via National Highway (Sukkur-Jacobabad Highway).

100 Feet Road

The first area on the list is ‘100 Feet Road’ which can provide numerous options to the investors from the investment point of view. Investors can invest in the residential and commercial properties in the locality and provide returns on the investment. All the major housing societies of the city are located across the road. Some of the renowned housing societies include Sindh Cooperative Housing Society, Sukkur Cooperative Housing Society, Friends Cooperative Housing Society. Similarly, the office of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is also located in the vicinity.

Some of the prominent features of the locality are

  •         It is one of the settled areas of the city
  •         Transport facilities can be easily accessed
  •         IBA University is situated in the vicinity
  •         Educational facilities can be easily accessed

Shikarpur Road

Shikarpur Road is the major avenue of Sukkur which connects the city with Shikarpur. The locality also offers good opportunities for residential and commercial purposes. Although still in the development phase, the commercial activities in the locality are booming. Various restaurants and shops are situated on Shikarpur Road which keeps the area abuzz with the people. Ziauddin University is also in the development phase and is situated on the Shikarpur Road.

A few of the prominent features of the area are as below

  •         The locality offers residential and commercial opportunities
  •         Bus terminals can be easily accessed
  •         Educational facilities are available
  •         Sports Complex is also situated in the vicinity

Babarloi Bypass

Babarloi Bypass is situated closer to Sukkur Toll Plaza and is located on Karachi-Sukkur Highway. The area is mostly commercial and provides good investment opportunities however, residential properties can also be purchased in the locality. Various bus terminals are also situated on bypasses for inter-city movement. It is pertinent to mention here that Babarloi Bypass is a few minutes drive from the city. The bypass also leads to the Sukkur-Rohri interchange.

Some of the notable characteristics of the locality are as follow

  •         Khajoor Mandi is nearby Babarloi Bypass
  •         Inter-City transport can be easily accessed
  •         Shops can be easily accessed in the vicinity


Rohri Bypass

Rohri Bypass is situated on Karachi-Sukkur Highway and also offers investment opportunities in both residential and commercial properties. Various truck hotels are situated alongside the bypass and people mostly like to invest in real estate. Sukkur cement factory is also situated approximately to Rohri bypass. The areas situated closer to Rohri Bypass include Palm Valley Residency and Prime City. After the development of the CPEC route, the Rohri bypass will be connected with the old city.

The notable features of the vicinity are as below

  •         Truck hotels can be easily accessed
  •         Fuel stations are located in the area
  •         Transport facilities can be easily availed

Sukkur Bypass

The last area on the list is the Sukkur Bypass which engulfs numerous residential opportunities for the purpose of investment. Similarly, commercial properties can also be availed in the locality for investment. The areas closer to Sukkur Bypass include Sukkur Township, Crystal Model Town, and Sachal Model Town.  

Some of the prominent features of the locality


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