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Construction Cost of 1 kanal House

One Kanal House

First of all, we need to know how much area a 1 Kanal house covers. If the house is a double-story structure, it is going to cover a total area of 5,950 sqft.

The ground floor will be spread over an area of 3,000 sqft, whereas the first floor will be covering an area of 2700 sqft. The mumty of the house will be 250 sqft in area. Commonly, a 1 Kanal house has 5 bedrooms with attached baths. Each floor of the house has 1 kitchen.

We will start with estimating the cost of a 1 Kanal house’s grey structure.

Cost of Construction of Grey Structure of a 1 Kanal House

In the following paragraphs, you will be given a detailed account of all the materials required for building the grey structure of a 1 Kanal house, and the estimated budget that goes into that.

Before we calculate the budget, it is necessary to know the total quantity of materials that will be required for the construction. Bricks are included in the basic things used for constructing the grey structure of any building. Before starting the building process, you need to know how many bricks will be required to construct a double-story 1 kanal house.

About 135,000 bricks will be used at a rate of Rs14 per brick, so the gross cost of the bricks required will be Rs1,890,000

The next important and basic material used in construction is sand and gravel. You will need about 2,100 cubic feet of Chenab sand, and its cost will be Rs105,000. Some people prefer using Ravi sand for building their houses as well.

Approximately 5,250 cubic feet of Ravi sand will be used to construct a 1 kanal house. It will cost you a total of Rs157,500. Margalla gravel is used for constructing the roof of the house. The amount of gravel you need for a 1 kanal house is 2,200 cubic feet, at a rate of Rs70 per cubic ft.

Hence, the total cost of it would be Rs154,000. A relatively cheaper option of Sargodha gravel is also available at a rate of Rs65. Therefore you will need 1,200 cubic feet of Sargodha gravel to build the floor of the house, bringing the total cost to Rs78,000.

The Total Cost of Sand, Bricks, Crush and Rori = Rs2,039,000

Kassu, Cement, and Sarya

A lot of people might not have heard about Kassu. It is a mix of mitti and sand, which is one of the frequently used construction materials. To build a 1 kanal house, you will need kassu of Rs200,000 worth.

The next essential material is sarya (iron rods). Almost 9 tons of 60-grade sarya is required for the construction of a 1 kanal house, at a rate of Rs206/kg making the total of Rs1,681,919.

It won’t be wrong to say that cement is the most essential material used in construction. For the construction of the grey structure of a 1 kanal house, you will need 1600 bags of cement at a rate of Rs570/bag. This will make the gross cost of Rs912,000.

Total Cost of Cement, Sarya, and Kassu = Rs2,057,000

Electrical Wiring and Plumbing

While constructing the building, it is vital to make sure that the plumbing and wiring are done right. The reason is that if these two are not done with proper care, it can cause you a lot of hassle and fuss in the future.

Make sure that the plumbing materials are of good quality because in case of any poorly used material, there can be a leakage in the pipes. That will subsequently cause damage to the structure of the house.

Always hire a professional so that there is a lesser chance of any mishandling. All of this plumbing will cost you Rs210,000.

Besides, the wiring of the house also needs to be done by professionals. If the work is not done with proper care, it might lead to the destruction of the whole property. The cost of wiring would be Rs200,000.

Total of wiring and plumbing = Rs410,000

Grill and Gate

In the construction of a house, steel is one of the essential materials. For a 1 Kanal house, the steel used will be Rs94,500. In addition, for installing the main gate of the house, Rs150,000 will be needed.

You will also need to install safety grills to ensure the safety of your house. Its cost will be Rs133,000.

The total cost of Grills, and Gate = Rs377,500

Labour Cost

In Pakistan, Labourers charge per sqft. So for the construction of a 1 Kanal house, the laboring cost will be Rs395/sqft. The total area of a double-story house is 5,950 sq. ft, bringing the total cost to Rs2,350,250.

The grand total of Labour Cost = Rs2,350,250

Miscellaneous Costs

There is always a chance of termites attacking the base of your house. However, you can tackle the issue by the use of a strong termite repellant spray. Keep aside a budget of Rs 45,000 for termite sprays.

Now that we have covered almost all the materials required to build the grey structure of the house, let’s talk about the finishing cost of a 1 Kanal house.

Finishing Cost of 1 Kanal House

Once the grey structure of the house has been constructed, the next thing is adding details to the house. The finishing process of the house is also time taking and complex.

Hence, for the finishing process to go smoothly, you need detailed information regarding all the related materials.

Marbles and Tiles

Like almost all other construction-related tasks, the installation of tiles also needs to be done by professionals. Make sure that the person who is assigned the task is an expert with years of experience, and that the tiles you choose are also of good quality. For different parts of the house, different types and numbers of tiles are used. The details have been mentioned below.

For the floor of the house excluding the garage, terrace, and bathroom area, you will need a total of 465 tiles. In the markets, the cost of a good quality tile is 2,500 per sq. Hence, the total cost of flooring tiles will be Rs1,162,500.

For the area of the terrace, you will be needing 75 tiles at a rate of Rs1200/piece. Similarly for the garage, you will require 700 tiles at a rate of Rs75/ tile. The cost of both of them is going to be Rs142,500.

In case you want to use marble tiles, that is also a good option. Most people use it for stairs and kitchen countertops. For the staircase, the estimated cost of marble tiles would be Rs162,500, while for a kitchen countertop, the price would be Rs50,000.

Don’t forget to add the labor cost to it as well. The total estimated cost of labor will be around Rs375,000.

The total of Marble and Tiles = Rs1,892,500

Electrical Supplies

Although the wiring process is already done, there is still some work left related to electricity i.e, the installation of switchboards, lights, fans, and lamps.

It can certainly be more or less as per your requirement, however, the average number of switchboards needed for a double story 1 Kanal house is 35. The average cost of 1 switchboard is Rs850. Moreover, plugs and sockets will also be required, and their cost will be around Rs475.

You should keep aside a budget of Rs240,000 for the installation of lights and lamps. Now, talking about fans, you will need at least 14 fans for a 1 Kanal house. A top-quality fan can be found for Rs5500 in the market. Besides, you will also need a minimum of eight exhaust fans, and their total cost of Rs2500.

To protect the electrical appliances of the house you will also need a circuit breaker. The cost of a circuit breaker is going to be Rs1000.
However, don’t forget to add the labor cost as well. You will need to hire a professional and for that, the total cost will be Rs50,000.

Total cost of electrical supplies = Rs533,375

Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories

The bathroom and kitchen are one of the most frequently used and essential parts of the house. To complete their outer look, you will need to accessorize them.

Starting with kitchens, you will need one hood for both of them. The cost of each kitchen hood is Rs50,000. Moreover, a sink will also be needed, and the cost of each sink is going to be Rs15,000.

Now, moving towards bathrooms, six commodes are required. The average cost of one commode will be Rs15,000, therefore the cost of 6 commands will be Rs90,000. The other necessary items like mirrors, vanity, etc .will cost you around Rs200,000.

The total cost of Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories = Rs450,000

Painting and Ceiling

Now that almost all the basic things are done, the next thing is to paint the house walls and ceiling. The paint of the house is something that can make or break its overall look. So, it’s important to choose the color of the paint and its quality wisely. This whole process will cost you around Rs630,000.

Rockwall is used in Pakistan mostly for the exterior walls of houses. It does not need to be maintained frequently. Its cost is going to be around Rs130,000. In addition, the total money required for the ceiling process will be Rs362,375.

Total cost of Painting and Ceiling = Rs1,122,375

We have covered almost all the things and their average estimated costs that are included in the construction process of a 1 Kanal house in Pakistan. You can also reduce the cost of construction to a great extent by using effective techniques. Hopefully, this information will be helpful for you in getting an idea about the total cost of everything involved in the construction process of a house.

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