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Cardiac Hospital Design and Planning

Key Specification Description

  • Cardiac Hospital Design and Planning
  • Get Custom Heart Hospital Design
  • Expertise Consultation for Every project
  • Free Project Co-Ordination with Construction Company and Other International Consultants
  • Free Alteration and additions

Heart Hospital Design and Planning Anywhere in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, and All Over Pakistan – By ACCO Architects and Planners – Call  (92) 322-8000-190


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What You Will Get Under This Mockup Design Services:

1) 02 Mockup Conceptual Design For “Heart Hospital Design and Planning Anywhere in Pakistan, it includes Conceptual Architectural All Floor Plans, 3D View, Walkthrough, Landscape design Etc.

2) 2D Elevations and General Arrangement of Furniture

3) 3D Views of Exterior on Finalized Floor Plan

4) Revision allowed: Until Your Satisfaction As Per Requirement ( Fairly)

Expected Time: within 10 days after gathering requirements and necessary documents from clients

Mode of Delivery for Mockup Design Submission: Online via Email with Jpeg and pdf file

What You Will Get Under ENGINEERING / CONSTRUCTION Drawing Phase Services:

1) All Architectural Working layouts of All Floor Plans, Working elevations, building sections, material specifications, finish details, all levels, door, and window details and specifications, flooring layout details and specifications, kitchen layout details and specifications, indoor and outdoor color scheme and finishes details with specifications, staircase details, railing details, etc.

2) Structure drawings: All drawings showing foundation and footing details, steel details and specifications, column and beam details, Slab details and steel reinforcement details, column centerline plans, plinth beam layout plans, floor beam layout plans, etc.

3) Electrical Drawings: it includes All working Electrical drawings of all building floor plans 

4) Plumbing Drawings: it includes All working Plumbing drawings of all building floor plans 

5) Fire-fighting Drawings: it includes All working Fire Fighting drawings of all building floor plans

6) HVAC Drawings: it includes All working Hvac drawings of all building floor plans

7) Landscape Drawings: it includes All working Landscape drawings of the Whole site as per the proposed and final site plan

Want a good Heart Hospital Design, how do we get it?

Heart hospitals specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Below mentioned are some points that can be considered while designing a cardiac hospital.  It is something very important that you need to keep in mind that a good design is very important and one has to make the patient very comfortable that is something very important and at all times one has to work hard and look for a good design.

Well, one surely needs professional help and once that is given then things become very easy and this is something one should not ignore in any case. There are many people who are very confused and for them, the right option is to look for a good professional company that can guide them in a simple way and in a limited budget and this is important at all costs.

Acco Architects provides specialized Architecture and Design services worldwide for the Heart Hospital Building campus.

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The reception area should be visible from the entrance area of the hospital. From the main entrance, there should be direct access to other departments like the medical store, medical records, and ambulance.  This is something that has to be very comfortable for people at all times and one should not look anywhere else which is something very important and one should not look anywhere else.

Interior Design and Building

The interior of the hospital should be designed in a way to reduce stress and create an environment of healing. Eco-friendly design is encouraged. Also, there needs to be flexibility in design to accommodate future changes. The hospital could be a 2-3 floor building.  There are lots of people who are looking for solutions and this is one thing which everyone has to plan well and make it easy for the customers and people who will come here should feel comfortable at all times.

Hospital Services

A cardiac hospital should provide services for a cardiac emergency. This unit must be located where the emergency team can continuously respond to emergency calls and within minimum walking distance. In this room, there should be separate entries for staff and goods and suppliers with swipe cards. Next is the Coronary care unit (CCU) which is staffed with equipment to support the monitoring and treatment of a patient. The CUU should be located in a quiet place to avoid sounds like traffic and ambulance. The next department is the Cardiac Operation Theatre which should provide high-energy particulate arrestors filters and dedicated air-conditioning. There should be washbasins in the room so that doctors and nurses can use them. Daylight should be encouraged in the room


Different labs such as catheter laboratories, electrophysiology laboratories, and computer equipment rooms are required. The minimum size of a catheter lab should be 900 net square feet. These labs should be highly maintained.

Other Essential Requirements

  • Separate parking space and canteen for visitors and hospital staff
  • General waiting area on every floor
  • The elevators of the hospital should be larger and hold beds.
  • The emergency exit on all the floors.

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