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40 Buses for Green Line BRT Project Arrive at Karachi Port


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Total Capacity and Length of Project
Infrastructure of Metrobus in Karachi
Route of Green Line BRT, Karachi
Progress of Green Line BRT, Karachi

Update: (Sep. 20, 2021): The first consignment containing 40 buses for the Green Line BRT project reached Karachi Port from China on September 19, 2021. A special ceremony was organised at the Karachi Port to mark the arrival of the buses, which was attended by the Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Asad Umar and Sindh Governor Imran Ismail among other key government officials. 

While addressing the occasion, Imran Ismail termed the arrival of the buses as “another milestone” achieved in terms of the Karachi Transformation Plan (KTP), which was announced in December 2020 by PM Imran Khan.

“The second consignment of 40 more buses (is) expected to reach in October 2021, and phase 1 of the project would be made operational by the end of November,” the governor further stated.

Asad Umar also spoke at the Green Line fleet arrival ceremony. He claimed that the Command and Control Centre was established to monitor various transportation routes that would be launched under the ‘Trans Karachi Breeze’ project. 

“This is the first project under the Karachi Transformation Plan, while five other mega-projects are underway,” the federal minister further added.

Update (July 8, 2021): The Governor of Sindh Imran Ismail recently appeared in front of the media in a press conference where he revealed that the federal government had big plans for the launch of Karachi’s Green Line BRT project, which had already been delayed several times.

According to the recent statement of the governor, the project would be operational by the end of August. “PM Imran Khan (himself) will inaugurate Karachi’s Green Line BRT project in August this year,” he further stated. 

Once operational, this mass transportation project will cater to a large number of commuters in the City of Lights on a daily basis. If you want to learn more about the Green Line BRT project in Karachi, continue reading this post.

Update (May 18, 2021): According to the latest news reports, Zhongtong, which is a leading Chinese automobile manufacturer, has recently secured an order containing 100 new energy buses. These brand-new buses are expected to be shipped to Pakistan soon and would be added to the fleets of Green Line and Orange Line BRT in Karachi.

Around 70,000 new energy buses and coaches dispatched by Zhongtong are already running smoothly in different parts of the world. Such types of clean energy-powered vehicles are playing an eminent part in global environmental causes by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Stay tuned for more latest updates!

Update (April 28, 2021): Tweeting in Urdu from his official account, the Federal Minister of Planning and Development Asad Umar informed the general public about the completion of a prototype bus for Karachi’s Green Line Metrobus project.

It is currently being tested by the Chinese authorities for any mechanical and safety issues. Once the phase of the inspection is completed, a total of 80 buses will be shipped to Karachi and added to Green Line’s fleet. The mass transit project is expected to become operational in the latter half of 2021. This is what the federal minister’s official tweet says:

Karachi is a pulsating megacity where millions of people commute on a daily basis. The biggest economic hub of Pakistan still lacks a proper mass transit system. The authorities have recently revived the Karachi Circular Railway, but it runs on a limited route and caters to only a small chunk of the population of the megalopolis.

The city is in dire need of an efficient mega transportation project like Lahore and Islamabad metro bus systems. So, for the betterment of the current public transport system of Karachi, both federal and provincial authorities have announced five routes for metro buses in recent years. They are called Green Line, Blue Line, Red Line, Yellow Line, and Orange Line.

This massive-scale metro bus project based on five routes is officially called “Trans Karachi Breeze”. The total length of all these routes is going to be somewhere around 113 kilometres. The infrastructure works on Green Line and Orange Line have already begun.

Green Line Bus Rapid Transit is a federal government project. It is the largest of all the other proposed metro bus routes in Karachi. So, if you are willing to learn more about this upcoming mega transportation project, you have made it to the right post. In this blog, we are going to discuss all the latest updates on Green Line BRT, Karachi.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Total Capacity and Length of Green Line BRT, Karachi

It is expected that after completion, it will facilitate over 300,000 passengers on a daily basis. Construction on the project started in January 2016 by the Karachi Infrastructural development Company (KIDC) and, nearly three years later, it is still underway.

Starting from Merewether Tower in the central part of the city, all the way up to Surjani Town in northern Karachi, the total length of Green Line BRT is 26 km. According to the proposed map, it will be connected with the other proposed routes of the Trans Karachi Breeze project at different points.

Funding of Green Line Metrobus in Karachi

Green Line BRT is a multi-million rupee project

Owing to the fact that it’s a mega project focusing on public transport in Karachi, Green Line BRT needs funding — a lot of it — so as to complete it before the deadline. A large part of this multi-million rupee project will be financed by the government of Pakistan.

Other public and private resources will also be used in order to fetch sufficient finances for the development of this project. However, the local authorities have also sought the support of the World Bank to initiate work on the third phase of development of the Green Line BRT Karachi.

Infrastructural Development

It is feasible for a project as big as the Karachi Metrobus, which runs dozens of kilometres across different parts of the city, to be developed in multiple phases. So, the development work for the Green Line BRTS Karachi has also been carried out in different phases ever since its launch.

Currently, the work on two phases of Green Line is in progress—still behind its desired schedule due to the unexpected delays caused by changes in the design and proposed infrastructure as per the direction of authorities. 

The project will also contain the third phase that will extend the project from Taj Medical Complex further to the Municipal Park. Work is successfully underway on the infrastructure of Green Line Bus and a 17.8 kilometres long corridor is under construction. 

The route of Karachi Metrobus, which is projected to provide state-of-the-art public transport in Karachi, will comprise many flyovers at multiple intersections and almost a large portion of this significant infrastructural development has already been completed. Due to these construction activities, different expressways and roads get clogged on a regular basis.

Even alternate routes don’t help with avoiding traffic congestion. Such a traffic situation for a city like Karachi, which is filled with squatter settlements and overpopulated areas, is not uncommon, especially when the work on a mega-scale transportation project is in progress. 

Once fully functional, Green Line, Karachi, is expected to reduce the amount of vehicular traffic from the roads of the city, especially during peak hours. However, the slow pace of development work on Green Line Metrobus in Karachi is testing the patience of the people in the city for the last few years.

Projected Route of the Green Line

Route Map of Green Line BRT
Projected Route Map of Green Line BRT, which is a part of Karachi Metro.

Running miles from the beginning to the ending point, the corridor for Green Line BRT Karachi will start from Shahrah-e-Usman Road in Surjani Town. It will then run along Shershah Suri Road where multiple flyovers have been built to keep all kinds of traffic interruptions away from the route of Karachi’s Green Line BRTS.

Moving further southwards, this corridor will go through the route of Nawab Ali Siddiqui Road, Business Recorder Road, Gurumandir, Numaish Chowrangi, and all the way to the Municipal Park on M.A. Jinnah Road. The entire route of Green Line BRT, Karachi, has been planned with dozens of stations to facilitate its passengers.

Latest Updates on Green Line BRT, Karachi

Latest updates on green line brt karachi
The latest developments on Green Line BRT

The completion date of the mega project has been extended several times, but this year the authorities seem determined to launch the Green Line route of the Trans Karachi Breeze project, somewhere during the latter half of 2021.

According to Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Asad Umar, the Green Line bus project is expected to go operational by August. The minister added the Green Line service will begin “in between July and August,” and a prototype bus will soon be unveiled. He made this important announcement at Governor House on Feb. 14, 2021.

The project is expected to be environmental-friendly. The metro buses travelling on the Green Line route will run on biomethane, which is a type of biogas extracted from cattle manure.

These were all the latest updates on Green Line BRT, Karachi. The people of the city have high expectations from this upcoming mass transit project. Do you think the development of such large-scale projects can solve the problem of traffic congestions in a city as big as Karachi? Share your thoughts with us by dropping us an email at blog@zameen.com.

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