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Kitchen Wall Clock Design Ideas

kitchen clocks for your kitchen wall designs

Stir up a culinary storm without losing track of time with our cool kitchen clock ideas.

A well-designed functional kitchen is the mark of a healthy home. That’s because the kitchen is where the nutrition of the entire family is taken care of. The aroma of delicious home-cooked meals encompasses the whole space in a blanket of comfort and turns a confined area of four walls into a loving home. But our fast-paced life has left us with little time to enjoy home-cooked meals. This leads to skipping breakfast, untimely lunches and delayed dinner. Not anymore. Now you can clock up your cooking time and bring back a routine with these unique kitchen wall clock design ideas. They’re not just functional but add to the design aesthetics of your kitchen interiors too. Read along to know more. 

Cool Kitchen Clock Design To Match With The Industrial Style

This kitchen is designed in industrial-style aesthetics for an uber-cool look. The wood finish laminate on the base and overhead cabinets lend warmth to the kitchen, while the modern mechanisms like appliance garage, multiple pull-out units and handleless shutters provide a hassle-free culinary experience. The brick cladding accent wall adds character to the kitchen and makes it look extra chic. You can opt for some luxury kitchen wall clocks like the one shown in the image to match your design theme.

Cool kitchen clock for a wall in industrial-style aesthetics gives an uber-cool look

Classically Modern Kitchen Wall Clock Design For White Interiors

Large kitchen wall clocks are excellent for highlighting the walls of an unused corner. This kitchen is designed in a white palette for a tranquil vibe. The open shelves provide ample space to exhibit your glass jars, spice bottles and other essentials. While the cabinets and drawers in Duco and stainless steel handles lend a classy look to the kitchen. The kitchen clock in black cuts the monotony of the white beautifully and adds to the aesthetics of the space.

Classically modern kitchen clock for the white wall adds to the aesthetics of the space

Acrylic Kitchen Clock To Add Quirk To The Space

Want to add some quirk to your kitchen walls? Then this cool acrylic wall clock is for you. The unique design is perfect for adding some fun elements to your kitchen and making it look lively. The kitchen is designed in lacquered glass and wood finish laminates to lend a luxurious touch, while the space-saving mechanisms like pantry pull-out, corner units, and lift-up shutter units add to the functionality of the space. You can also add a wall-mounted open shelf unit cum foldable dining table to enjoy a cosy dinner with your partner or entertain your guest while preparing meals.

Acrylic kitchen clock to add quirk to the space

A Copper Kitchen Wall Clock For Your Modern Kitchen

Copper lends a rustic touch to your home interiors and creates a striking contrast against light-coloured walls. This kitchen clock design is a beautiful mix of vintage and modern style and goes well with the marble finish walls of your kitchen. Now you can keep track of your meal times, office meetings and kids’ study hours while managing the kitchen. The wood finish laminates on the base cabinets add a sense of warmth to the design, while the marble countertop matches with the walls lending a magnificent look.

A copper kitchen clock for the modern kitchen wall lends a rustic touch

A Fun Clock Design For An Uber Cool Kitchen

If you or your partner is a passionate home chef whose perfect date is cooking a sumptuous meal and enjoying a cosy candlelight dinner at home, we have some good news for you. Now create a restaurant-like dining nook in your kitchen itself. A small folding dining table with two cosy chairs is all you need. This set can fit even in a small kitchen area. To take the experience a notch higher, add a chef kitchen wall clock to accentuate your walls. The design is simple, quirky and perfect for uber-cool couples.

A chef kitchen wall clock accentuates your small kitchen walls
A fun wall clock and restaurant-like dining nook

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