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Kitchen cabinet designs for your home.

Smart solutions for overhead kitchen cabinets

These accident-proof overhead kitchen cabinets don’t allow bumps to dampen your cooking experience!

Kitchen accidents and minor head bumps have become a perennial part of our lives. But there are ways to avoid them. One way is to make a smart investment in modular storage solutions for your kitchen’s overhead space. Overhead kitchen cabinets and wall units offer efficient hydraulics and mechanical technology to avoid these hassles.

If you aren’t fully convinced, here are some reasons why you must invest in a smart overhead kitchen cabinet:

  • Modular kitchen cabinets offer extra storage space
  • They are easily accessible to everyone
  • They prevent head bumps and kitchen accidents
  • They help achieve a clutter-free kitchen
  • They are easy to transport, assemble and install
  • They are easy to maintain
  • They can be easily customized
  • They are convenient to use
  • They enhance the look of your kitchen

Now that you know how efficient and effective modular overhead kitchen cabinets are, here are six types of kitchen overhead cabinet designs that you can install in your home.

Kitchen Overhead Cabinets Design With A Bi-Fold Lift-Up Shutter

Making your kitchen pantry essentials more accessible than ever before, a bi-fold lift-up shutter lets your kitchen embrace an aesthetic modular component. These shutters are a great choice for individuals who have overhead cabinets with doors opening face-wards. You can replace the old mechanism with a bi-fold lift-up design to save space, bring in light and enhance your overhead kitchen cabinet’s aesthetics, all at the same time.

Replace Your Overhead Kitchen Cabinets With Open Box Shelves

Open box shelves are the most accessible and safest alternative for homeowners who are prone to overhead cabinet accidents. You can also bring more light to this area with a backlit LED lighting option. Two variants of open box shelves are shown in the kitchen below — one with glass shutters and the other without. You can choose to install doors to your open box shelves for items that are fragile, for instance, crockery and tea cups.

Replace your kitchen overhead cabinets design with open box shelves
Open box shelves facilitate easy access to essentials

Install Vertical Lift-Up Shutters For Your Overhead Kitchen Cabinets 

Unlike a bi-fold lift-up shutter, a vertical lift-up includes a single door shutter that lifts upwards. It comes with a shutter unit that’s best for storing tall boxes, bottles, and large utensils. These shutter units offer enough open space for storage and can be used for extra pantry items as well. Vertical lift-up shutters are also a fine addition to your overhead kitchen cabinets from a safety point of view. These shutters have an easy lift-up mechanism and do not creep into outer space, making it a compact, smart and space-saving kitchen addition.

Install vertical lift-up shutters for your kitchen overhead cabinets dimensions

Kitchen Overhead Cabinet Design With A Diagonal Lift-Up Shutter

Similar to a vertical lift-up shutter, a diagonal lift-up horizontally lifts the shutter door of your overhead cabinet. As shown in the image, these diagonal lift-up shutter units are great for small shelves and cabinets. They work great with L-shaped, U-shaped, or straight kitchens. These units can be used to store smaller cans and jars, horizontally placed items, and kitchen essentials at a short height. You can also vertically place all your masalas, everyday use herbs and condiments, spice jars, and more, on these shelves.

Overhead kitchen cabinets design with a diagonal lift-up shutter for small units

Modular Kitchen Overhead Cabinets With Bi-Fold Split Shutters

Aesthetically and visually striking, a bi-fold split shutter, as the name suggests, splits from the middle to either direction (top and bottom) of the cabinet, as seen in the image. These are a great addition for homes to avoid head bumps and kitchen accidents. The split shutter allows you to view the entire cabinet all at once, making it easy for you to access the items stored in this cabinet. These usually come with dual open shelves and are a fine addition to any modern kitchen.

Modular kitchen overhead cabinets design with bi-fold split shutters

Overhead Kitchen Cabinets With A Pegasus Wall Unit

If you are always struggling to reach the topmost areas of your shelves, a pull-out organizer like this pegasus wall cabinet, as shown in the image, is a great choice for you. These pull-out organizers can easily store breakfast plates, teacups, and coffee mugs and are a fine addition for homeowners that struggle to access every nook of their kitchen cabinets. 

Kitchen overhead cabinets dimensions with a pegasus wall unit for convenient access

And now that you know all about the different kinds of modern overhead kitchen cabinets available, why not book a free consultation to know how you can transform your kitchen into a modern cooking haven for you and for your family?

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