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What Is A Kitchen Magic Corner And How Does It Work?

Magic corner kitchen designs for your home

The kitchen requires maximum storage space. From housing all your spice bottles, pots and pans, and appliances to a spacious area for hassle-free cooking, it has to take care of all your needs. A clumsy kitchen can be quite unwelcoming. It can also disrupt the look of your home even if you spend lavishly on home interiors. While overhead and base cabinets help keep your kitchen organized to a great extent, keeping away cookware that is not used regularly can be a task. These take away the maximum storage space. To optimize your kitchen space and utilize all the dead corners, we have a magical mechanism for you — the magic corner. This is a revolutionary mechanism that elevates the functionality of your kitchen by bridging out storage space on the dead corner, which is otherwise hard to access. Here we answer all your questions about the magic corner kitchen so you can make an informed decision when thinking of a kitchen makeover.

What Is A Magic Corner Kitchen Cabinet?

Magic corner kitchen cabinets are a revolutionary mechanism to optimize the space in your kitchen. They are excellent for kitchens with limited storage spaces as they utilize the dead corner areas under the joints of your kitchen counter. They usually come with four trays. Out of which, two trays are attached to the inner wall of the door and two attached to themselves. The trays placed in front can be easily removed for cleaning, while the shelves at the back can be pulled out for hassle-free loading and unloading, making your cleaning task easy and convenient.

What is a magic corner kitchen cabinet
Magic corner kitchen cabinet utilizes the dead corner areas under the joints of your kitchen counter

What To Store In A Magic Corner Cabinet?

As mentioned, there are usually four magic corner baskets. Out of which, two are attached to the wall and two to themselves which provide a commendable amount of storage. You can use these trays to store tableware, pots, pans, or utensils that are not of regular use. This frees up spaces in your pull-out units, drawers, and cabinets for storing daily essentials. You can also use the front two baskets for storing groceries and spice bottles, while the basket at the back can be used for vessels, pots,s, and pans. This way, all your spices, and supplies will be within reach, making your cooking time fun and easy.

What Is The Cost Of A Magic Corner Modular Kitchen?

The cost of a magic corner depends on the mechanism you choose and the finishes you prefer. A magic corner with a matte laminate will cost lesser than a lacquered glass finish. But to give you an overall idea, a magic corner will increase the cost of your kitchen interiors to somewhere around Rs. 30,000 to Rs 50,000 for the mechanism, while the basic cost of laminates and handles will be around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 70,000. 

Note: The quotes are for reference purposes only; the actual cost may differ depending on the size and finishes.

Cost of the magic corner modular kitchen depends on the size and finish

What Is The Standard Magic Corner Kitchen Size?

The size of the magic corner depends on the layout and dimension of your kitchen. But on average, three and a half feet by four feet is needed to fit the magic corner in your kitchen. The depth should be not less than two feet for the mechanism to work smoothly and provide ample space to store your utensils, spice bottles, and other utilities.

Magic corner kitchen size depends on the layout and dimension of your kitchen

What Kitchen Layout Design Is Fit For Magic Corner Cabinet?

A magic corner in a modular kitchen is one of the most valuable additions if you’re looking to amplify the storage space. It fits well in any kitchen layout that has a joint below the counter. Be it the L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, or G-shaped kitchen. We have shown a classic example of a magic corner in the image. The kitchen is designed with vibrant yellow overhead and base cabinets. The brick-cladding backsplash cuts the monotony of yellow and lends an industrial look. You can also add Moroccan tiles near the chimney for an easy cleaning experience. The kitchen comes with a pantry pull-out and an appliance garage to optimize the functionality of the space, while the magic corner pull-out is used to arrange expensive crockeries to keep them safe and organized.

Magic corner fits any modular kitchen layout with a joint below the counter

Now that you are aware of the most functional magic corner kitchen cabinet, let’s discuss some other utilitarian kitchen storage solutions available in modern times. If you want some expert designers to curate a personalized modular kitchen with all the space-saving mechanisms so you enjoy an easy and free flow movement in your culinary haven, book a free consultation now. We assure you 20% extra storage space. 10 years warranty, hassle-free installation, and much more. You can also visit a Design Cafe experience center near you to check out our latest interior design concepts, talk to our designers directly, and know about our exciting offers as well. We hope to design your dream home soon!

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