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Holiday Homes In Cedar Valley, Kalam: Location & More


In recent years, holiday homes in Pakistan have emerged as one of the most sought-after investment avenues. However, whenever you are investing in holiday homes or want to rent out your property to other tourists, you should ensure that the property is located in an accessible area, offers facilities and amenities for comfort, and is equipped with utility connections such as water, gas, and electricity. To earn maximum profits, make sure it’s in an area that people generally like to visit. All of these features can be adequately found in Cedar Valley, located in Kalam of Swat Valley. Let’s explore how this project can be the best option for your investment needs.

Cedar Valley For Your Holiday Home Needs

Cedar Valley has beautiful apartments in Kalam for holiday renting.
Cedar Valley offers luxurious apartments in Kalam

What makes Cedar Valley the perfect option for setting up a holiday home is its location in Swat Valley’s Kalam area. This area gets one of the highest numbers of tourists each year, and is therefore an ideal location for investment. Investing here, you can be sure of getting high returns on your investment. Let’s explore this in a bit more detail.

Location Of Cedar Valley

Cedar Valley is located at Royal Regency Hotel, Mall Road Kalam, Swat. From here, you can easily visit the entire valley of Kalam; its lush-green hills and breath-taking views. Meadows, waterfalls, lakes, and natural green spaces are all that you need for a relaxing time, and the primary reason for why tourists prefer visiting this place during peak tourist season (from March to September).

Some nearby locations are:

  • 5-minute drive to Kalam Bazar (Main Mall road)
  • Close proximity to Govt. School and Hospital Kalam
  • 5-minute drive from PTDC Hotel Kalam
  • 5-minute before Kalam

These locations make Cedar Valley stand at a pinnacle of this valley, making it easier to commute to and from here.

Apart from this, there are numerous facilities attached to each apartment unit that will ensure you and your family have a nice and relaxing time here.

Properties At Cedar Valley

Cedar Valley has a number of properties on offer for investors. These include studio flats, and 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments. With each apartment, a number of facilities come attached, these are:

  • Furnished with curtains and rugs
  • Coffee table with two chairs
  • Mini fridge and microwave oven
  • LED television set
  • Decorative pieces
  • Sofa set
  • Hair dryer
  • Dressing table with chair
  • Inverter

Apart from these furnishings, you can also find a host of other amenities and facilities that are provided at Cedar Valley. These have been especially added to provide families with the utmost comfort for when they decide to visit the place. These facilities and amenities include:

  • Play area for kids
  • Fire fighting system
  • Power backup system
  • 24/7 CCTV security surveillance
  • Dedicated parking
  • Restaurant
  • Prayer area
  • Hi-speed elevators
Cedar Valley is centrally located in Kalam
Cedar Valley is situated in nature’s abundance

Investment Prospects Of Cedar Valley

Cedar Valley offers highly-lucrative investment options through its various properties. The project’s central location ensures high returns on investment. Investors can expect an annual rental yield of 7%.

Moreover, as Zameen.com is exclusively managing the project’s marketing and sales campaigns, you should not worry about the project having approvals. This project has been approved by the TMA Bahrain Swat, assuring you of your investment’s safety.

You can book your apartment now with a down payment and pay the remaining amount in 48 monthly installments. What’s great about this investment is that during the months when you are not using this property, you can put it up for rent on AirBnB or through any other portal that works for you, and earn a stable rent income.

If you are looking to invest in Cedar Valley and are eager to learn more about this unique investment opportunity, simply fill out the form attached to this blog.

Let us know about your favorite holiday destinations in Pakistan by writing to us at blog@zameen.com and we will link you up with the best properties in that location. Also, keep checking Pakistan’s largest property blog, Zameen Blog, for the latest on Pakistan’s property sector


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