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Arbour Hotel and Residence Pattaya | Architects 49


The Arbour Hotel and Residence, a 23-story structure in downtown Pattaya, is nestled amidst smaller existing buildings. The design philosophy focuses on harmonizing nature with the urban landscape while ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding structures, beginning with the initial planning phase.

Arbour Hotel and Residence

© Nattakit Jeerapatmaitree

The small building footprint is a deliberate choice to reduce disruptions to neighboring properties, both during the construction phase (think noise and vibration) and after completion (like blocking wind and sunlight). This consideration aligns with the project’s goal of being a good neighbor.

Arbour Hotel and Residence

© Nattakit Jeerapatmaitree

The Arbour Hotel and Residence’s Design Concept 

The presence of green spaces around the Arbour Hotel and Residence building brings a touch of nature closer to the community. Moreover, the green façade incorporates vertical green spaces that not only boost the urban aesthetics but also provide privacy for both the building’s occupants and the neighboring properties. It’s a harmonious blend of nature and urban living.

Arbour Hotel and Residence

© Nattakit Jeerapatmaitree

Project Info:
Architects: Architects 49
Area: 14412 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Nattakit Jeerapatmaitree
Manufacturers: C-Post, Ecolite
Lead Architects: Prabhakorn Vadanyakul
Structural Engineering: Architectural Engineering 49
Landscape Architecture: VVdesine
Clients: Bann Krongthong
Graphics: Pitchapol Lim-im
Mechanical And Electrical Engineers: M&E Engineering 49
City: Pattaya City
Country: Thailand


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