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Transformed Entrance: Foster + Partners Revamps Main Entrance of New York’s Penn Station, the Busiest US Train Hub


Foster + Partners has completed a magnificent redesign of the entrance to Penn Station located at 7th Avenue and 32nd Street in Manhattan. The project was carried out for Amtrak and the Vornado Realty Trust, and it is expected to have a significant impact on the station’s overall appearance and functionality.

The reconstruction of Penn Station aims to widen the entrance of the train station by 50% to accommodate the large number of daily commuters. The expansion prioritizes safety and ensures accessibility for individuals with disabilities, adhering to ADA standards. It’s important to note that this train station is recognized as the busiest in the country, with approximately 600,000 people passing through it daily.


© Fernando Sandoval/MW

Concept Of Reconstruction Penn Station

Penn Station’s entryway underwent a renovation that included the installation of a new canopy and LED display. The staircase was widened, and new interior lighting features were added. To improve the flow of people, Amtrak also added an additional escalator and improved elevator access. The sidewalks and plaza surrounding the building were expanded as well. The project was designed to complement the redevelopment of the PENN 2 Tower by Vornado and MdeAS Architects. Amtrak’s goal was to create a sense of place and civic monumentality with these changes.


© Fernando Sandoval/MW

Foster + Partners’ Head of Studio, Nigel Dancey, stated in a press release that they have been working collaboratively with Vornado to design and develop a master plan to enhance the public spaces in New York City. The objective is to provide a more inclusive and dynamic urban experience. This project is considered a significant step towards a broader transformation aimed at improving the quality of the areas between buildings, which in turn will make the busiest transportation hub in North America more inviting and welcoming for all.


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