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Tourist Attractions In Balochistan That You Need To See


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Balochistan, the magnificent part of Pakistan owns a total of 44 percent of the land. Its spectacular beauty, clear blue beaches and a rich landscape is still unknown and a mystery to the world. The land of wanderlust is not only rich in minerals, extremely resourceful but a top tourist attraction for Pakistanis. 

One of the main purposes of the CPEC is to boost tourism in Balochistan just like Gilgit by providing a safe and secure network of roads. The government of the province has also been working vigorously to allocate a bigger budget for the tourism sector, both tangible and intangible.

The gold-laden province and it’s stretched coastline is known for many places and enriched with sites worthy of appraisal and tourism. In this blog, we will cover some of the top-rated places that should not be missed. 

Hingol National Park

Hingol is Pakistan’s largest national park that covers a whooping range of 6,100 square kilometers, located in the Lasbela District. If you plan to come directly from Karachi, then make sure not to miss its drive along the scenic Makran Coastal Highway which was built in 2004. 

Hingol National Park will surely give you a peek into the wild bewilderness, the lush green flora fauna, animals and many other species that you would not have seen elsewhere. The Park was established to protect its enchanting beauty and wildlife.

There are many other nearest points that you can visit within the vicinity of the park.

A rock sculpture of a princess that will sure catch your eye. It can be seen while passing through the buzzi pass on Mekran Coastal Highway. The locals say that the rock formation was a natural phenomenon. 

Just like the princess, there is another naturally formed rock sculpture called the Balochistan Sphinx. The name actually represents a sphinx.

The giant mud volcanoes, a total of ten clusters, are also located within the area of Park. Two of the most significant of the clusters are the Chandragup and Khandewari volcanoes. Make sure to not skip them. 


Kund Malir

Who has not heard of the famous Kund Malir beach? If you are a a beach lover, then this should be on the top of your list. It’s one of the favorite beaches for the people of Karachi and interior Sindh. The beach features a scenic view with which you can also enjoy a quiet picnic with your family. It is located 150 kilometers from Zero-Point on Makran National Highway.

If you ask the locals or people who have visited, you will hear that the water is as crystal clear as of the Maldives beach. The beach is also a favorite spot for the fishermen. 

The blue freshwater smell of the clear Arabian Sea and silky soft sand are bound to give a feel of paradise. This untouched beauty rests between mountains and deserts. That’s right! Imagine beaches, mountains and deserts. All three are in our beautiful Balochistan. 

The locals are very friendly and hospitable. It is definitely a place to visit with family and friends. 

Ziarat Juniper Forest

Located in the Ziarat District, Juniper forest is the biggest in Pakistan. Famous for hiking and picnics, no doubt, Ziarat is home to some of the most ancient and oldest trees in the world. Snow lovers must visit the place to behold its winter beauty. The forest covers the mountainous area of Ziarat and Mount Zarghoon, covering an area of about 110,000 hectares. The forest has 54 different species of plants such as; Afghan ash, wild pistachio, wild almond, makhi, surai and zralg. The locals also make use of the plants for medicinal purposes. The Juniper Forest serves as a major livelihood for locals. Mammals such as Suleiman markhor, urial, Asian black bear, wolf, golden jackal and Afghan pika can be seen. 

Gwadar Viewpoint

Going to Balochistan means going to Gwadar Viewpoint is a must! From its beautiful clean beaches to a breathtaking marine drive. The Gwadar tour will make your trip worth it. The peak of Koh-e-Batil gives you the most dramatic and intense view of the entire Gwadar city. Make sure to stay or just enjoy a delicious hi-tea at The Pearl Continental Hotel, located at the top of Koh-e-Batil – a 5-star luxury hotel offering impeccable service with a beautiful view. 

Astola Island

Known as Island of the Seven Hills or Jezira Haft Talar Satadip, Astola is situated at a distance of 39 km southeast of the fishing port of Pasni. It is a small yet Pakistan’s biggest offshore island. You can also rent a boat and leave from the city of Pasni. The area is totally inhibited. 

The island is a favorite spot for people for camping and fishing. The island is an epitome of beauty that is completely undermined. 

Jhal Magsi Desert Rally

Why go to Dubai when you can enjoy a desert safari at Pakistan’s top attractions. Jhal Magsi Desert holds a yearly desert rally where huge crowds are catered and sponsored. People from all over the country go to attend the rally, especially those who like to go off-road. 

Quaid-e-Azam Residency – Ziarat, Balochistan

Quaid-e-Azam – Father of the nation, spent his last days nursed by A. S. Nathaniel at a small wooden cottage in Ziarat. The place holds historic and architectural importance. The residency was constructed in 1892 during the British era and is an extremely significant and famous heritage site of Pakistan. Who would not want to visit this place and feel the power and zeal of the great Quaid? His remains in the cottage are very well kept and maintained. The building was designed as a sanatorium until it was converted into a summer residence of the Governor-General. The residency is a national Monument

Pir Ghayb (The Invisible Saint) Waterfalls

The Pir Ghayb, Bolan waterfall has a very interesting tale to tell. It is said and believed that a saint (Pir Ghaib) was saved by Allah when a wicked King’s men attacked him. To save himself, the saint struck a stick in the mountain through which the water started flowing and to this date, it flows where the surrounding is barren as a desert. It is located 70km from Quetta. There is a cascade of waterfalls that flow together with two other waterfalls into a much larger pool of cool blue water.


If you liked this article, mention in the comments if you have visited the place and which was your favorite spot? Which place would you suggest the most? 

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