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Top Interior Design Trends that Will Rule 2023

Say goodbye to the absoluteness of minimalism, as the Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2023 are here to turn everything on its head. 

The coming year is expected to herald a much-awaited change in how people decorate their homes by turning their focus towards wellness and hospitality. From spaces carved out to encourage positive thinking and practice mindfulness to convivial furniture with delicate curves that inspire a sense of serenity, the latest home décor trends are equal parts elegant, dramatic, and fun. 

While bold colours and embellishments took the centre stage in the interior design trends for 2022, the new year will focus on creating healthy living spaces and a relaxing environment without compromising on sophistication. Luxury is undoubtedly going to remain an important element, but the design trends for 2023 are much more relaxed than those of previous years. 

Instead of grand statement pieces that exude grandeur, homeowners are likely to switch to textures and materials that are less formal and more comfortable while being adequately appealing to the eye. If you like to stay up-to-date about the latest trends taking the world of interior design by storm, this comprehensive guide might help you transform your space into something that is illustrated on the glossy pages of high-end home décor magazines.


The latest interior design trends are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Let’s look at them.


home décor trends in 2023
Focus on creating a healthy lifestyle in the new year

Interior designers expect wellness and self-care to be essential themes reflected in most home décor trends in 2023. There is going to be a pertinent shift towards a healthy lifestyle and how homeowners can incorporate it into their living spaces with innovation and beauty. Creating an environment that fosters wellness is certainly going to make people comfortable with the idea of their home being their personal sanctuary.

To put it simply, the latest interior design trends will stimulate calmness and timelessness while ensuring practicality in every aspect. From architectural details to furniture choices, we are going to see a growing preference for elements that elevate physical and mental health. In luxury properties, this could also manifest as the addition of temperature-controlled swimming pools, meditation rooms, and fully equipped gyms. Meanwhile, in the more common settings, this trend could translate into naturally lit spaces, more indoor plants, and the use of sustainable materials.


Get ready to take a trip back in time to the roaring 20s as art deco is bound to make a dramatic comeback in the new year. Defined by exuberant geometrical shapes and rich hues, this opulent architectural style was all the rage between 1920 and 1940s, with the Chrysler Building in New York City and Palais De Chaillot in Paris being the two distinct examples of this design. 

Although symmetrical shapes and angular forms have become popular elements in interior design over the last decade, we are expecting to see these patterns being enriched by decadent motifs and luxurious materials to exude the glitz and glamour associated with art deco. Homeowners may also notice an influx of art deco-inspired furniture and accessories featuring enchanting hues, bold motifs, gentle curves, stylised wildlife, trapezoidal shapes, and zigzag patterns.

In addition, premium upholstery materials such as velvet will gain popularity while stainless steel and glass are going to become important fixtures in modern homes. High-end accent pieces made of marble, mirror and chrome, and zebrawood may also draw the attention of interior designers around the world.


curved furniture trend in 2023
Your curved chairs can become the statement piece of any room

The popularity of curved furniture is likely to rise even further in the new year, making it one of the top furniture trends for 2023. This cosy design trend links directly to wellness and art deco, as it reflects a sentiment for creating tranquil spaces within homes and helps soften the room while still giving off luxury and elegance. The sculpted edges and rounded corners of curved furnishing also create a good flow and provide weary eyes with a place to rest. 

That being said, one of the best things about the curved furniture trend is its versatility. From tulip chairs and circular coffee tables to bowed headboards and rounded sofas, there are countless ways to incorporate curvy interior designs into your home without worrying about whether these pieces would pair well with your existing furnishing. You can also add mushroom lighting to your rooms and an oblong mirror in your hallway to serve as statement pieces. 

Furthermore, apart from round rugs and curvy nightstands, arched doorways and alcoves are also among the most notable elements of curved architecture that are expected to become a major design moment in 2023. 


With traditional layouts finally taking a backseat, it is time for unexpected details and eclectic pieces to truly shine. For starters, top interior designers predict a rise in accent chairs with innovative details and surprising colour combinations. From rope and woven materials accentuating the back of the chairs to expensive upholstery with a metallic sheen and complementary layers will add texture and visual interest to any room. 

In addition to new textiles and hues, convivial furnishing will also gain prominence in 2023 as people move towards couches and sofa sets that not only elevate their homes but also make them look cosy and cohesive. It is also important to note that larger accent pieces in vibrant colours are expected to be all the rage in the new year. Paired with throw pillows in muted shades and organic textiles, these accent pieces will surely stand out and draw the attention of every guest. 


furniture trends for 2023
Multipurpose living rooms are among the top trends of 2023

Functionality remained one of the strongest interior design trends in 2022 and things are likely to remain the same in 2023, albeit with a new flair.  

Over the past two years, multifunctional spaces have become a common fixture in many homes. Basements have been converted into gyms, walk-in closets have been transformed into home offices, and balconies have turned into indoor gardens. The trend hit its peak following the pandemic, which restricted masses to their homes and effectively cut their exposure to the outside world for months. 

Even though the world is finally returning to normal, multifunctional rooms are not going anywhere. The interior design trends for 2023 will focus on creating multipurpose living rooms where families can relax and spend time together while enjoying television, enjoying their meals, or indulging in a round of their favourite indoor game.

From incorporating a home theatre system in your living room to placing a game table or installing a large bookshelf in a well-lit corner, the coming year is all about creating spaces that enhance functionality and promote wellness.


Textured walls are the perfect way to upgrade your home interior without making any major renovations to its structure. They can also add depth to a room and serve as its focal point while bringing richness and warmth into a space. More importantly, they are not plain and boring to look at – which appears to be a recurrent theme in the interior design trends for 2023.

It is also important to note that textured walls are fantastic at hiding cosmetic flaws and instilling a sense of extravagance without appearing overwhelming. Some of the most common ways to achieve this effect are to coat the walls with textured paints using precise brushstrokes or opt for faux plaster for a more natural look. Faux cement can also be a good option for those who want to create an accent wall that doesn’t pull away from the statement pieces in the room while still drawing the eye towards it.

However, keeping in mind that natural tones and organic materials are continuing to trend in 2023, upholstering the walls with a textured fabric or grasscloth wallpaper can also yield ideal results. 


colour trends for 2023
Golden accents can complement the art deco design theme in your home

With the return of the art deco, rich and warm natural hues will continue to reign supreme in the coming year. However, if you truly want to hop aboard the latest décor trends, you may want to incorporate some golden accents in your home. While Pantone Color Institute — which is globally recognized as a leading source of colour expertise — is yet to announce its colour of the year, interior design experts predict warm yellow colours to make an appearance in the form of light fixtures and accent pieces.

Interestingly, shades of golden also symbolise luxury and sophistication. They also go well with almost any hue on the colour wheel – including darker tones such as blue and black as well as lighter shades such as cream and grey. In other words, whether you want to paint your home in neutral hues or want to opt for jewel tones, gold-coloured accessories will not only complement your colour scheme but also elevate it.


While walls tend to receive all the care and attention, the ceiling mostly goes completely unnoticed. Homeowners usually paint the surface a shade of white and forget about it until the colour begins to peel or fade away. However, that is about to change as one of the top interior design trends for 2023 will be painted ceilings with bold corners.

Instead of coating the ceiling in a neutral shade with barely any design at all, the latest home décor trend will encourage experts to take a few liberties in beautifying this part of their home with colours of their choice. Although dusty tones in lighter hues are recommended for ceilings, as they can create an illusion of a taller room and make it appear more spacious, you can opt for pretty much any colour that strikes your fancy.

Moreover, wooden panelling on the corners of the ceiling is expected to become a prevalent trend in luxury homes. Wooden ceilings with geometric design can also be a good choice for contemporary spaces as they add an element of visual interest to the interior design.


how to decorate your home in 2023
Vertical sconces and recessed lighting can add to the aesthetic appeal of your room

Recessed lighting may not be going anywhere, but statement lighting pieces are destined to become a popular choice among those who like to stay on top of the latest home décor trends. 

Oversized pendant lights could be a great addition to living rooms and dining rooms, as they can illuminate a certain area while serving as an accent piece. You can learn more about different sizes and styles of pendant lights in our in-depth guide on the topic. Furthermore, wall sconces with metallic coating could be an ideal choice for more parts of a home, including the kitchen and bedroom. Of course, you can also decorate your space with various types of lamps by placing them on console tables, nightstands, end tables, and desks. 


Last but not least, water tones like green and blue will be the most dominating colour trends for 2023, according to most experts. While many believe shades of raspberry and lavender will take the centre stage owing to their joviality and vivaciousness, a number of interior designers appear to be leaning towards shades of aqua, teal, cyan and more.

The reason many predict the water tones to steal the show in 2023 is owing to their aesthetic appeal and ability to create a calmer ambience. These colours offer a sense of tranquillity and relaxation, which goes well with the renewed focus on a healthy lifestyle. Painting an accent wall in water tones can also be a good choice for those seeking a mental reset after a tiring day.

Additionally, you can try your hand at painting two-tone walls to further accentuate the elegance of your home décor.

To conclude, art deco is replacing minimalist décor while textured walls and painted ceilings are expected to be major interior design trends for 2023. In addition, golden accents and water tones will take the spotlight in the coming year, their visual appeal enhanced by decorative lighting and exhilarating statement pieces.

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