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Top Areas for Property Investment in Gulistan-e-Jauhar


Best Areas to Buy Property in Gulistan-e-Jauhar
Top Projects for Real Estate Investment

Gulistan-e-Jauhar is one of the oldest and liveliest neighbourhoods in Karachi. Located in one of the most central parts of the city, the area is named after Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar — one of the most influential Muslim leaders in the history of the subcontinent. 

Based on 20 blocks, Gulistan-e-Jauhar is among the largest localities in the metropolis, which is extremely popular for its apartment culture. From an aerial view, the neighbourhood appears to be a never-ending cluster of mid-rise and high-rise buildings, stretching beyond the horizon. 

Owing to the availability of a plethora of property options, investing in the real estate market of this bustling neighbourhood turns out to be an overwhelming decision. So, to help you out in this regard, here we have compiled a list of the best performing areas and the most profitable projects for property investment in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, as of July 2021.

Most Popular Areas for Property Investment in Gulistan-e-Jauhar

As of now, the most searched areas in Gulistan-e-Jauhar by investors and homebuyers in Karachi have been listed as under. The following list has been fetched using Zameen.com’s property search trends.

  • Block 15
  • Block 14
  • Block 13
  • Block 12
  • Block 7

Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 15

Gulistan-e-Jauhar is a popular locality in Karachi
Millenium Mall is a very popular landmark in Gulistan-e-Jauhar

Directly connected with Jauhar Chowrangi Road, Block 15 is the most searched locality in the neighbourhood. Its real estate market offers an interesting mix of houses and apartments, most of which are newly constructed properties. You can find a house or a flat in Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 15 in very good condition.

Properties in this part of the neighbourhood aren’t cheap not only because of their condition but also due to their convenient location. Proximity to Jauhar Chowrangi road means you have easy access to almost all major facilities and landmarks in the vicinity. They include Safari Park, Dow International Dental College, Millenium Mall, Samama Shopping Complex Darul Sehat Hospital, and COMMECS College. University Road is also a few minutes’ drive away from Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 15.

Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 14

Located right adjacent to Block 15, Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 14 is the second-most searched area in the neighbourhood. Homebuyers in Karachi can conveniently come across many newly built property options in this block. Houses and apartments for sale in Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 14 also enjoy high property rates because of their conditions and the facilities they offer. 

The area of Block 14 in Gulistan-e-Jauhar also enjoys proximity to Jauhar Chowrangi, which means its residents can easily access popular neighbourhoods nearby including Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Nazimabad, and Karsaz. Some of the city’s busiest thoroughfares including University Road and Shahrah-e-Faisal are also located nearby.

Tip for investors: The Mega Mall & Residency, which is one of the most anticipated mixed-use developments in the city, is also located right across the road in Block 9 of the vicinity near Jauhar Chowrangi. Click on the highlighted text to jump to the section of this post where we have shared complete details about this project.

Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 13

A prominent medical facility in Gulsitan-e-Jauhar
Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital is a renowned hospital in Gulistan-e-Johar

Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 13 is another very popular locality, mostly among apartment buyers in the city as it has more flats available for sale than houses. The rates of residential properties in this part of the neighbourhood are also market competitive. 

Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 13 starts at the intersection of Pehlwan Goth Road and Jauhar Chowrangi Road and goes all the way to Jauhar Chowrangi. Owing to its unique location in the outskirts of the neighbourhood, Block 13 shares boundaries with the jurisdiction of the Jinnah International Airport Karachi. 

Living in one of the apartments here, you could get to see a regular view of airplanes landing and taking off if your building is high enough. It would hardly take you around 20 minutes to get to the airport using the route of Jinnah Avenue.

Gulishtan-e-Jauhar Block 12

One of the largest blocks in the area, Block 12 of Gulistan-e-Jauhar is also being actively searched by investors and genuine buyers. It has recently become one of the most popular areas for property investment in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, and rightfully so. It has tonnes of residential and commercial properties available for sale.

Owing to its large size, Block 12 is connected with some of the major arteries running through the vicinity including Pehlwan Goth Road and Munawar Chowrangi road. Besides, Gulistan-e-Jauhar also enjoys easy access to many key landmarks and facilities in the vicinity including Habib University and Karachi International Airport.

Tip for investors: Dundas Tower is a project you need to look out for if you are planning to buy a well-equipped apartment home in Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 12. Click on the highlighted text to learn more about this up-and-coming real estate project.

Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 7

It is one of the farthest blocks in the neighbourhood, which is very popular among property buyers in Karachi. Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 7 has become a hub of apartment complexes in recent years. There are also more flats for sale than houses in the neighbourhood, as per the listings on Zameen.com.

Despite its far location, Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 7 is directly accessible from many popular areas of Karachi. The locality is connected with some of the most popular and busiest roads in the area, such as University Road, Pehlwan Goth Road, and Gulistan-e-Jauhar-Malir Cantt Road, which further connects it with the neighbourhood of Malir Cantt.

Most Successful Real Estate Projects in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi

The neighbourhood of Gulistan-e-Jauhar has always been a hotspot for infrastructure and real estate development in the city. This is also one of the biggest reasons why it is considered among the top five areas to buy property in Karachi. Owing to its immense popularity, Gulistan-e-Jauhar is now home to two of the most successful real estate ventures, the names of which have been listed as under: 

  • Dundas Tower in Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 12
  • The Mega Mall & Residency Near Jauhar Chowrangi

Dundas Tower, Block 12, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi

All set to rise from the prime location of Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 12, Dundas Tower is considered among the most well-located projects in Karachi. The ultramodern mid-rise development is the brainchild of EastGate Builders & Developers — a highly recognised real estate development group.

With world-class features and a thoughtfully architectured facade, Dundas Tower is going to be a welcoming addition to the skyline of a city, which is already pretty famous for its apartment and high-rise culture. To provide you with all the comforts of a modern lifestyle, the project has been planned as a well-equipped and fully secure gated community. 

Some of the most noteworthy features of the building include 24/7 security surveillance, covered car parking, high-speed elevators, electricity backup, and many other in-house and recreational facilities. Location is also one of the stellar living features of Dundas Tower. The project is just a short drive away from some of the most prominent facilities nearby including the main Johar Chowrangi, Habib University, Darul Sehat Hospital, Mosamiyat Chowrangi, and Safari Park.

This up-and-coming apartment building has a lot to offer to its investors. For instance, properties in Dundas Towers are available on highly convenient monthly instalments. Besides, it is an absolutely safe investment opportunity as it is approved by the Cantonment Board Faisal (CBF). 

According to the local property experts, investors of this residential project will get to enjoy up to 40% capital gains within the next few years. Also, around 7% rental yield has been predicted for property units in Dundas Tower, which further lifts up the real estate value of the apartment building. Zameen.com, Pakistan’s most trusted real estate portal, has recently become its official sales and marketing partner.

The Mega Mall & Residency

The grand-scale mixed-use development of The Mega Mall & Residency is all set to emerge from the prime location of Johar Chowrangi. Equipped with top-of-the-line features, it is being considered the most glamorous addition to the city’s real estate market. Properties in The Mega Mall & Residency offer an eclectic mix of tastefully designed apartment units and well-planned commercial spaces, featuring all modern-day facilities. 

Since the project is situated in the immediate vicinity of Johar Chowrangi, it is among the most well-located commercial projects in Karachi. It enjoys easy access to many major facilities and landmarks, such as Darul Sehat Hospital, Habib University, Safari Park and Karachi University. Owing to the project’s strategic location, the vicinity’s upcoming Chase Up Departmental Store is also going to be a part of it, making it a one-stop retail and lifestyle destination.

The world-class facilities and amenities make The Mega Mall & Residency one of the most anticipated mixed-use developments in Karachi. The project has been equipped with 24/7 security surveillance, electricity backup, ample car parking space, and a BBQ area among other recreational and communal facilities. It is a successful real estate venture of Mega One Properties — one of the most well-reputed names in the industry.

The Mega Mall & Residency is a highly rewarding investment opportunity unlike any other commercial project in the city. It promises up to 40% capital gains within the next few years and guarantees a 6-7% rental yield to its investors. With construction activities in full swing, this grand-scale project is expected to be completed by 2025.

So, if you want to invest in this groundbreaking mixed-use development or want to fetch more details about it, just fill out the (green and white) form attached to this blog with your contact info and We’ll make sure to get back to you ASAP.

There you have it — a detailed real estate investment guide on Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi. If you have any questions or feedback regarding our blog, feel free to drop us an email at blog@zameen.com.

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