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Saria Rate in Pakistan 2023: Grade 40 & 60 Iron Prices



Iron rod, known locally as saria, is one of the basic materials used in the construction of houses and buildings across the country. It is available in different sizes denoted by sutar or millimetre and is primarily used to increase a structure’s resistance to loads – both vertically and horizontally. The saria rate in Pakistan, which has witnessed a substantial hike in recent months, varies with the grade and dimension.

However, before we discuss the latest price of saria Pakistan, it is important to mention that there are two widely used grades of iron bars that one should know about. Grade 40 and Grade 60. The former is largely used while constructing walls while the former is used for lintels. 

Saria Rate in Pakistan 2023 [Updated November 2023]

Here are the saria rates or iron prices in Pakistan today.

Saria Size in Sutar or mm Grade 40 Rate per KG Grade 40 Rate per Metric Ton Grade 60 Rate per KG Grade 60 Rate per Metric Ton
3 sutar (10mm) PKR 265 PKR 265,000 PKR 267 PKR 267,000
4 sutar (12mm) PKR 263 PKR 263,000 PKR 265 PKR 265,000
5 sutar (16mm) – 6 sutar (20mm) PKR 263 PKR 263,000  PKR 265 PKR 265,000 
7 sutar (22mm) – 8 sutar (25mm) PKR 263 PKR 263,000  PKR 266 PKR 266,000

These are the latest saria prices in Pakistan as of November 2023. Please note the rates mentioned above may differ slightly with each company. 

Moreover, if you are looking for more information on construction materials or their costs in Pakistan, here are a few blogs that you may find helpful.

List Of Saria Companies in Pakistan

Now that we know about the saria prices in Pakistan, here is the list of leading companies that produce high-quality iron rods or rebars for construction projects.  

  • Pakistan Steel Mills
  • Ittehad Steel
  • Mughal Steel
  • Amreli Steel
  • Ittefaq Steel
  • Kamran Steel
  • AF Steel
  • FF Steel
  • Al Haj Asia Star Steel

This brings us to the end of our guide on the latest saria rate in Pakistan. This blog will be frequently updated, so make sure to check back for the latest prices. 

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