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Sacré-Coeur de Montréal Hospital | Provencher_Roy + Yelle Maillé et associés architectes


The aim of creating an innovative and contemporary atmosphere at Sacré-Coeur de Montréal Hospital inspired the project’s essence. The hospital, affiliated with the Université de Montréal, is one of Quebec’s largest ultra-specialized trauma hospitals. In addition to clinical practice, the expansion includes:

  • The Integrated Trauma Centre.
  • A mother-child unit.
  • An endoscopic unit.
  • Research and teaching activities.
  • A mother-child unit.
Sacré-Coeur de Montréal Hospital

© Olivier Blouin

Sacré-Coeur de Montréal Hospital’s Design Concept

Natural light and views of the outside are abundant throughout the structure, boosting patient and user well-being. The patient block, which appears as a free-floating volume above the lower levels, is distinguished from the lower levels by a primary masonry materiality that reflects the original 1926 heritage architecture.

Sacré-Coeur de Montréal Hospital

© Olivier Blouin

The language of alternating vertical bands of a solid brick wall and a curtain wall provides exceptional energy efficiency in the envelope while preserving natural light and views from the internal areas. The rhythmic pattern of openings in the envelope and the objective of establishing an effective integration of the extension into its landscape and heritage environment take on a decidedly contemporary character.

Sacré-Coeur de Montréal Hospital

© Stéphane Brügger

Project Info:

Architects: Provencher_Roy, Yelle Maillé et associés architectes
Area: 16252 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: Olivier Blouin, Stéphane Brügger
Lead Architects: Benoit Laforest, Philippe Mizutani, André Yelle
Electromechanical: BPA, Stantec
Structure: SDK
Landscaping: Vlan Paysages
Design Team: Catherine Alexandre, Juliette Amyot , Réal Baril, Luc Beaudoin, Kahina Belhouchet, Audrey Bergeron, Guillaume Blais-Gingras, Claude Bourbeau, Sofia Bustillo , Audrey Caron, Patrick Closset, Francis Coutu, Mélanie Dupuis, Yves Gagné, Sarah Harvey, Patrick-Hugh Tiernan, Benoit Laforest, Vincent Laforest , Stéphanie Leboeuf-Hauner, Tristan Leahy , Toby Manaças, Guillaume Martel-Trudel , Philippe Mizutani, Claude Provencher, Michel Roy, Julia Tran, Gilles Maillé, Maryse Barrette, Karine Boisvert, Julie Charron, Mathieu Dion, Pascale Dionne, Eve Lachapelle, Élise Lapierre, Gabriel Légaré-Bisaillon, Yan-Carl Martel, Marc Michaud, Stéphane Simard, Andréa Ste-Marie
City: Montréal
Country: Canada


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