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PEB Foundation design diagram

A pre-engineered building is one where the parts of the building are made in a factory and then put together on the job site. It takes about half as long to build a PEB as it does a traditional building made of bricks and mortar. This is one reason why pre-engineered buildings have become so popular over the years. So, what does PEB mean when it talks about “clear span”? Clear-span steel structures that have already been built don’t have any columns. This means that there are no columns or messages to get in the way of using the whole space inside. This is definitely the best way to use space and gives you a lot of room to be creative with how the building is set up.

Because these steel buildings are pre-engineered, each layout can be its own unique job without the higher costs that come with custom-designed and -engineered buildings. There are no columns or posts that could get in the way of a floor plan because all the space is open and free. This gives customers the freedom to plan and design the inside of their prefab steel structures in a wide range of creative ways.

The fact that the rigid structure has a clear span won’t stop you from being creative with your prefab metal structure system. It lets you have different rooms and put walls where you want without having to worry about supporting pillars. Build a mezzanine to add a second floor, keep a basilica ceiling, or leave the space open to make the most of the space for storage. There are a lot of options.

Large showrooms, factories, warehouses, and other pre-engineered buildings show the many benefits of clear-span design. Many customers are surprised by the architectural designs we can make with our knowledge of pre-engineered steel frameworks and standard applications.

Aside from all of this, steel buildings save energy and reduce the greenhouse effect because they are great at keeping heat and cold out. Because steel is a good insulator, the heat doesn’t escape from a steel structure in the winter.

At ACCO, we know everything there is to know about your building needs. We have been making things for more than 20 years, and we serve the industrial, commercial, institutional, and infrastructure sectors. Our skilled team of professionals has been trained to handle large projects from start to finish. We have worked for the most well-known companies in Pakistan over the course of twenty years.

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