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Overview Of Karachi Comprehensive Coastal Development Zone

The federal government of Pakistan has unveiled a new and ambitious mega-development plan to revamp the coastline of Karachi. Karachi Comprehensive Coastal Development Zone (KCCDZ) is the new project that has been added to the projects of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with the aim to provide the city with an ultramodern infrastructure and place it among the best port cities in the world.

This blog gives a complete overview of the Karachi Comprehensive Coastal Development Zone and the benefits the residents of the city will be able to reap as a result of this initiative. 

Karachi Comprehensive Coastal Development Zone (KCCDZ)

new births in kpt
Four new berths to be added at KPT

The inclusion of the Karachi Comprehensive Coastal Development Zone (KCCDZ) in CPEC is an effort of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. The Minister for Maritime Affairs Syed Ali Zaidi consulted Chinese investors and companies for investment in this particular domain which will prove to be beneficial not only for Pakistan but also for the entire region. The decision of adding KCCDZ under the banner of CPEC was taken in the meeting of the 10th Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) on CPEC. 

The multibillion-dollar project will focus on developing infrastructure to improve the port of Karachi by adding new berths and building a bridge to connect an island and a beach with Pakistan’s Deepwater Port. The whole project will cost $3.5 billion which is close to PKR 592 billion and the complete investment will be made by the Chinese without getting any loan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has also lauded the efforts of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs in a Twitter post. He said that the inclusion of the Karachi Comprehensive Coastal Development Zone in the CPEC is a game-changer. The initiative will clean up the maritime habitat for fishermen, develop low-income housing projects and present new opportunities for investors. 

Planned Developments Under KCCDZ

The mega-development project planned to improve the coastline of Karachi and attract more foreign investors to Pakistan will begin soon. Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Syed Ali Haider Zaidi is confident the project will be completed in five to six years.

development plan of KCCDZ
Development Plan of KCCDZ. Picture Credits: Ali Haider Zaidi Twitter handle

The project can be broken down into different initiatives that will together give a huge boost to the economy as well as the well-being of the people of Karachi. Following are the projects that will be carried out under the umbrella of the Karachi Comprehensive Coastal Development Zone.

  • Development of new berths for KPT
  • Development of new fishery port
  • Development of a harbour bridge
  • Development of new low-cost housing units
  • Open gates to being a blue economy

Development Of New Berths

Pakistan has been making efforts to improve activities at its port and this recent initiative is an extension of such efforts. Under KCCDZ through Chinese investment, four new berths will be developed at Karachi Port Trust (KPT) which will add depth to Pakistan’s maritime sector and further boost economic activities at the port. 

Development Of New Fishery Port

The project also includes building a state-of-the-art fishing port along with a world-class export processing zone for fisheries. This will give a considerable boost to Pakistan’s trade and above all, it will increase the health of the marine ecosystem around the port area. Under the same project, the government has also added a water treatment plant to reduce the pollution which will be built at the Lyari River.

Development Of A Harbour Bridge

The project also includes the development of a harbour bridge that will start from behind Pakistan’s Deepwater Port. The exit ramps of the bridge will be made at Manora Island and Sandspit beach which are the two most famous spots for the people of Karachi as well as tourists in the city. The development of this bridge is important because it will connect the port with the rest of Karachi and enhance the potential of Pakistan’s Deepwater Ports. 

Development Of Low-cost Housing

Aligned with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to provide low-cost housing to underprivileged people, Karachi Comprehensive Coastal Development Zone also envisages the development of 20,000 residential units. 

Opening Gates To Blue Economy

Blue economy means using the resources of the ocean sustainably for economic growth. This includes fisheries, aquaculture, shipping and maritime transport, coastal tourism, cruise ship industry, port activities, shipbuilding, sweater salination, deep-sea mining, offshore oil and gas among others. The initiative will open gates for Pakistan to establish itself as a blue economy and provide neighbouring countries with new berths at the warm water port.

development plan of KCCDZ
Picture Credits: Ali Haider Zaidi Twitter handle:

Development Site

The entire project will be developed on the reclaimed area of Karachi Port Trust (KPT). The total area that will be dedicated for the entire project is 640 hectares (1581.474 acres) on the western backwater’s marshland of KPT. For the purpose of developing the area, a part of Karachi’s oldest slum Machhar Colony will be relocated which may be equivalent to 20,000 to 25,000 families. 

The project will present Pakistan with various opportunities related to the blue economy. Furthermore, this will also attract more investment from global investors in Karachi as well as Pakistan since CPEC provides connectivity to the cities with various remote areas of the country. The route has improved trade with China and continues to enhance development and industrial cooperation between the countries. 

Pakistan is through CPEC and is exploring its unrealized potential that could contribute significantly towards its economic growth.

This brings us to the end of the overview of the Karachi Comprehensive Coastal Development Zone (KCCDZ). For more information on the different initiatives of the government, head to Zameen Blog now and don’t forget to subscribe to Zameen Newsletter for regular updates.

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