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Investment Opportunities In Gulberg Lahore


Residence 15
Sitara Serene Tower
The Opus Luxury Residences
Location Advantages of Gulberg

Gulberg Lahore is one of the city’s most famous areas. Due to the recent expansion of the city, Gulberg has become Lahore’s real estate investment hub. It enjoys an extensive road network that links to other major road arteries and areas. In line with the ongoing trend of vertical developments, the developers in Gulberg are coming up with more mid- and high-rise projects. Investors, too, seem keen on pouring money into apartments, which are more practical and affordable than houses. Since there’s a lot to choose from, we’ve highlighted the top three investment opportunities in Gulberg that you need to explore.

Investment Opportunities in Gulberg Lahore

There are multiple access points connecting Gulberg with other popular areas including Lahore Cantt, Model Town, Ferozepur Road, Canal Road and DHA Lahore. The development of commercial patches in the area over the past decade has given a significant boost to property here. Owing to community features like markets, parks, greenery and road network, Gulberg will never be out of demand.

From residential to commercial to mixed-use developments, Gulberg has a variety of options to offer investors. Since choosing the best of the lot can be a challenge, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of the top investment opportunities in Gulberg.

  • Residence 15
  • Sitara Serene Tower
  • The Opus Luxury Residences

Residence 15

FBR registered project
Residence 15 is an FBR registered project

Residence 15 is an apartment building located in Block L of Gulberg 3. When it comes to living in Gulberg, buyers, primarily, look for luxury and comfort. Residence 15 is a gated community where residents will enjoy both of these benefits and more.

Prospective residents of Residence 15 will have access to facilities including swimming pools, gym & spa, restaurant, huge parking space and VRF system. To enhance the luxurious living experience, the apartments also have separate maid rooms and separate private and cargo elevators.

The property experts have determined the annual rental yield to be around 5-7% and 50-60% capital gains in the next three years. What sets this residential project apart from other apartment buildings in the area is that it is registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and investors and buyers do not have to show proof of income.

The 15-storey grand building is offering 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom flats. Interested buyers and investors can get apartments on convenient payment plans of 42 months.

Sitara Serene Tower

area of sitara serene tower
Sitara Serene Tower spans over an area of 8 kanal

True to its name, Sitara Serene Tower is located in one of the more serene parts of Gulberg, nestled in an abundance of trees and greenery all around. The project offers commercial outlets, service apartments and hotel apartments on offer. Plus, it’s a safe investment opportunity as the developer has already acquired all the approvals from relevant authorities, including LDA and FBR. What’s more, Zameen.com is exclusively marketing Sitara Serene Tower, as of August 2021, therefore, you need not worry about the security of your investment.

Sitara Serene Tower spans over an area of 8 kanal. It’s set to be a towering, 14-storey building, giving residents of the top floors panoramic views of Gulberg. The facilities of the project include arrangements for 24/7 foolproof security surveillance, health and fitness centre along with sauna, jacuzzi and spa. What makes Sitara Serene Tower even more impressive is the availability of hotel apartments where residents can enjoy a comfortable stay in a home-like setting.

While the project is guaranteeing a 10% annual rental yield, it is also registered with FBR so it is getting a lot of attraction from investors. The flexible payment plan of 3.5 years makes it interesting for buyers who cannot make an upfront payment.

The properties on offer are hotel apartments, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom serviced apartments. Residents will have access to ample parking space and concierge services if needed.

The Opus Luxury Residences

After years of practical and research experience in the construction business, the developer of The Opus Luxury Residences has come up with the perfect model of urban residential developments that suits the needs of buyers in every way possible. In this particular project also, the developer has applied its PLUS model which is a short form for perfect ventilation, lively light, utmost privacy and smart space. 

types of properties in the opus luxury residences
The Opus Luxury Residence offers 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom flats

Following the techniques used in real estate developments across the world, this project is being developed using high-quality materials and best construction practices. The developer has provided maximum facilities within the gated community so that families and residents of The Opus do not have to look outside for major necessities. These include a rooftop BBQ area, fully automated access control system for gates, solid waste management system, safety and security measures, facilities for health and fitness and outdoor seating in the rooftop garden.

The project is approved by LDA and WASA and is available at an 18 monthly installments plan. Properties available in The Opus are 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom flats.

Location Advantages of Gulberg

As mentioned above, Gulberg is one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods of Lahore. Since it’s home to the city’s premium real estate, you’ll get good value for your money as far as community and facilities are concerned.

Gulberg Main Boulevard is one of the major road arteries of Lahore that is used by a huge number of commuters every day. One of its ends links to Jail Road and the other connects with Ferozepur Road. Between these, travellers use the main boulevard to reach Cavalry Ground, MM Alam Road, Liberty Market, Gaddafi Stadium, Canal Road, Lahore Cantt, Model Town and DHA. 

So, this was our pick of the top investment opportunities in Gulberg. To get a better understanding of how it’s like to live in Gulberg, you can check our guide which will get you a complete overview of the area. If you are planning to visit Lahore any time soon, check out our route guide of Gulberg that will help you understand the map easily.

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