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How To Apply For Water & Sewerage Connections In DHA Lahore


Step-By-Step Guide
Documents Required
Charges & Timeline

Building a home is not just developing a grey structure and decorating with quality finishing products. It’s more than that. After buying the desired piece of land, the next step in line is to apply for utility meters which include Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA). The procedures of different housing societies to apply for these connections may differ, so one must check and know how to proceed to avoid any inconveniences. Here in this blog, we’ll tell you how to apply for water and sewerage connections in DHA Lahore.

How To Apply For Water And Sewerage Connections In DHA Lahore

approval for sewerage connection
Approval for sewerage connection is granted after everything checks out

While you are building your home or a project, there are five times that you will need to visit the Building Control Branch of the DHA office in Lahore. Getting water and sewerage connections ranks number four on the list of duties of the Building Control Branch of the DHA Office. The remaining instances are:

  • Site plan
  • Approval of drawings
  • Physical demarcation to start construction
  • Water sewerage connection
  • Completion certificate

If you are building a project in DHA Lahore and are new to construction, don’t worry because we got your back. This guide will tell you each and everything about the procedure and all the documents and fees required.

Step-By-Step Guide For Application Procedure

Follow these steps to easily apply for new water and sewerage connections in DHA Lahore.

Step 1: Fill out the form for the new water and sewerage connection. You can get these forms either by visiting the Customer Care Reception of the DHA office or simply download the form online from their website. The form is free of charge.

Step 2: After filling the form, the applicants have to visit the Customer Services Officer (Building Control Branch) to get the challan for water and sewerage connection. The challan needs to be paid at the designated bank as mentioned on the challan.

Step 3: The representative at Customer Care Services (Building Control Branch) will issue an acknowledgement to the applicant. The new water and sewerage connections will be provided after flooring, plastering, gate, windows, doors, plumbing and electrification of the house have been completed.

Step 4: Once the project has been completed, the field staff of the Building Control Branch will visit the property to confirm if the construction has been done as mentioned in the design and approved by the authority. If the construction has no violations, the field staff will make the recommendation to open both connections. 

Step 5: According to the construction bylaws of DHA, once the approval has been given by the DHA Office for water connection, the previously installed water pump for construction activities will be removed.

Step 6: Once all the above-mentioned steps have been performed and everything is in order, the sewerage connections will also be opened.

Required Documents

DHA is strict in its procedures and if you have not submitted everything they have asked for, they will not provide the approval. In order to get the acknowledgement from the representative at Customer Care Services (Building Control branch) you must have the following list of documents:

  • Application form completely filled by the owner or their attorney
  • One photocopy as well as the original copy of the challan of water and sewerage connections paid at the designated bank
  • Photocopy of CNIC of the owner or attorney in case they are the applicant
  • Two identical coloured photographs of the front elevation of the house or building on a photo paper of size 6”x4”. It is important that complete elevation, beam area or driveway and paved area etc. are properly visible
  • In case the applicant owns a corner plot and requesting water and sewerage connections for that, two coloured photographs of the same size will be required of side elevation
  • A photocopy of the site plan with the current owner’s name
approvals for connections
To get all the approvals for new water and sewerage connections, the construction has to be according to the approved plans

Charges And Timeline

The two connections are independent which is why both are individually charged. Charges for a water connection are PKR 10,000 while for a sewerage connection are PKR 5,000. The working connections are subjected to approval and recommendation of the field staff which is granted only if there is no construction violence and everything is according to approved plans.

For construction purposes, people can also apply for temporary sewerage connections that can be processed within 12 working days.

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