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Find Out All About The Different Types Of Open Spaces


Open spaces are integral for busy metropolitan cities. These are healthy spaces that are essential to counter the problems of rapid urbanization and to sustain natural ecosystems and biodiversity. In housing societies as well, there is a requirement for creating green spaces. Open spaces fall under the direct supervision of development authorities and regulatory bodies. However, it is the responsibility of all citizens to maintain and ensure a healthy ecosystem is able to thrive for years to come. Let’s see the many types of open spaces in a city and why you should take care of them.

Types Of Open Spaces In Cities

These are the main kinds of open spaces in cities.


Open spaces for families in cities

A city that’s home to an adequate number of parks is generally considered to be a healthy one, no matter the population or extent of urban sprawling. There are mainly two kinds of parks in cities: those located in housing societies, and the ones in forest-protected areas.

Both of these sustain biodiversity, at varying levels. Forest and/or protected areas are not easy to find in most cities. In Pakistan, you’ll find these more abundant in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As these are naturally-occuring and fall under the direct supervision of town municipalities, these become protected areas. Prominent examples of these include Jinnah Park in Lahore, and Ayubia National Park in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

Protected areas become tourist attractions and sustain the local economy as well. Therefore, in recent years, the incumbent government has developed policies aimed at rehabilitating areas that can support tourism, in an effort to support the local economy. As for smaller parks that are mainly located alongside residential areas, they essentially cater to the residents by providing them with a recreational spot, while at the same time allocating space where vegetation can take place.

Also, check out the best picnic spots in Lahore, best parks in Lahore, and hangout places for kids in Lahore to experience the city up close. In addition to these, Lahore Zoo, and Karachi Zoo also present picnic spots, as well as an educational opportunity for people who want to learn about animals.

Green Belts

For most people in the metropolis, green belts are the dividing line between two roads, however, green belts carry out an important role in regulating temperature, and noise pollution. Their function is directly linked with how widespread they are. 

Moreover, you’ll see that in most properly-planned cities, these green belts are much thicker. In Islamabad, most main roads run parallel to green belts that are dense forest strips. In Lahore, along the Ring Road, you’ll see much larger green spaces where many families come to relax and spend time in a pleasant environment. Here, you’ll see a proper ecosystem with biodiversity that creates a fresh environment, much different from that of the surroundings. Many people also take these as recreational picnic spots and spend time here, away from their congested dwellings and city life that does not provide much respite against heat, humidity, and noise.

Outdoor Recreational Facilities

artificial lake in gulshan iqbal park with boat ride facility
You can enjoy a boat ride at a vast, artificial lake in the park

In Pakistan, it’s fairly common to see young people (especially boys) playing out in the streets and even green belts. Taking this as an opportunity, a large number of developers have created outdoor sports facilities which can be rented. You’ll see a lot of these in major cities like Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, etc. Open playgrounds or cricket pitches such as these offer a healthy way of spending time in a group. Many companies take their employees here for team-building exercises.

Similarly, water parks also offer opportunities for recreational water sports to people.

Also, check out the best cycling tracks in Lahore to make the most of the recreational facilities. There are numerous waterparks in Karachi, such as Paradise Island Waterpark, Karachi, Wild Venture Waterpark, and Great Fiesta Water Park. However, Lahore’s Sozo Water Park is also one of the most fun places in the city, especially during summers.

Outdoor Eateries

Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in late 2019, most of the restaurants and cafes have shifted from indoors to outdoors. With this comes a lot more room to explore and upgrade how we view our eating experiences.

These are the best outdoor dining places In Lahore. While outdoor eateries have now become more commonplace, for many street food out in the open has always been a much-loved experience. This coupled with outdoor eating space such as in a park or anywhere with tables and chairs, allows families to get together and spend some quality time.


Hut at French Beach, Karachi
Book Your French Beach Hut for a Fun-Filled Picnic

Open spaces such as beaches are one of the most precious sites to enjoy nature. While oceans are being polluted which is also affecting coastal areas, there is a dire need to sustain them, reap benefits from marine tourism, as well as providing people a healthy environment to experience the bounties of nature. Pakistan has almost 1,000 kilometres of coast stretching from Sindh to Balochistan, providing one of the best beaches where people go to surround themselves in a calm environment with pleasant sea breeze and ocean waves. 

These, too, are natural picnic spots that boost the local economy through tourism. Read this blog to find out how Charna Island and Astola Island are boosting local tourism. Here’s how Balochistan’s coast is being developed to support local and international tourism.

What’s your favourite open space in your city? Write to us at blog@zameen.com. Also, keep checking Pakistan’s largest property blog, Zameen Blog, for the latest news on Pakistan.


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