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Differences Between Commercial and Industrial Construction


Commercial ConstructionIndustrial Construction

As per the Oxford dictionaries, the meaning of industrial is given as ‘designed or suitable for use in industry’. The term ‘commercial’ means ‘concerned with or engaged in commerce’. In the construction industry, we come across commercial construction companies as well as industrial construction companies. To gain a deeper understanding, let’s unlock the major differences between commercial and industrial construction.

  1. Purpose of the project – The design and development of restaurants, retail chains, offices, shopping centres, entertainment hubs and more that deal with commerce come under commercial projects. Industrial projects may or may not be a part of commercial projects. Industrial construction mainly deal with planning and undertaking electrical, civil and/or mechanical construction works for of small, medium or large scale manufacturing units or industrial zones. An industrial project also includes construction of mega factories.
  2. What matters? – For commercial construction companies, the design and aesthetic appeal of the construction plays an important role. Commercial spaces are generally used by end customers, so even the most basic facilities should strike a chord with the users. Commercial construction is basically setting up spaces where the goods manufactured in industrial buildings can be sold. Creating innovative design plans for commercial construction helps in increased earnings for property owners as prime commercial properties carry higher value compared to industrial spaces.
  3. Choosing the construction site – For industrial construction, site with suitable connectivity by land, air or sea is important. For commercial construction, easy access for customers, parking space and other consumer-friendly facilities are needed. Experienced construction companies are adept at finding the ideal construction sites.
  4. Infrastructure support – The electricity, drainage and other infrastructure support is another differentiator for construction projects. Industrial construction might need heavy loads of electricity to operate huge machinery while commercial construction may need a well-planned centralized air conditioning system.
  5. Project challenges – Industrial construction companies hire specialized contractors. They produce customized parts, assembly lines and more based on the needs of the project. The commercial construction companies recruit modern design experts who may have to work with traditional contractors. The number of challenges faced during project management stages can be tackled only by expert project planners of the reputed construction companies.
  6. Finalizing the project – Commercial construction sites require a different set of permits compared to industrial sites. Based on the type of business that will be run in the constructed space, the construction company applies for the relevant local, national and global permissions/licenses/certifications in order to close the project.

Beginning construction of any structure be it commercial or industrial requires a foresight of possible hurdles and their solutions. Construction companies with rich industry experience are aware of these crucial areas along with the procedures to acquire all the necessary certifications.

Are you looking for a commercial or industrial construction expert to successfully execute projects? We are a reputed and highly experienced construction company with a team of expert engineers to design and construct small, medium and large scale projects. Partner with us to execute cost-effective construction projects.


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