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An Overview Of Forrest, Nathia Gali


Nathia Gali is one of Pakistan’s most popular weekend getaway locations. Surrounded by an abundance of greenery in summers and snow-covered mountains in winters, Nathia Gali sees a lot of tourism throughout the year. Finding a decent place to stay in Nathia Gali is very easy because there are plenty of hotels and guest houses available that offer a plethora of facilities. But if you are an avid or frequent traveller, how about buying a summer home up north? Explore Forrest, Nathia Gali, which is an exciting upcoming project that combines the luxuries of a resort and home in the serenity of mountains.

This guide is an overview of the Forrest, Nathia Gali, in which you will learn about all the property options available here and the facilities you will be able to enjoy.

Overview Of Forrest, Nathia Gali

developer of forest nathia gali
Forrest, Nathia Gali is a project of Zesora Builders

Nathia Gali in Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is one of the most famous tourist spots in Pakistan. This hill station offers facilities of a city to facilitate tourists in the best possible way. People come here to enjoy a weekend away from their routines where they can enjoy with their friends or family in the serenity of green and white peaks.

One of the best things about visiting Nathia Gali is that you also get to travel to a number of other picturesque spots in the vicinity such as Miranjani Trek, Mushkpuri Top, Lalazar Wildlife Park and Ayubia National Park. In addition, for fun and adventure seekers, the mountains in Nathia Gali have a lot to offer. From hiking to visiting historical churches, one has plenty of options in terms of outdoor activities.  

Considering the number of people this place attracts every year, Forrest, Nathia Gali, is bound to be a successful investment for you. Zesora Builders have launched Forrest, Nathia Gali where you can not only stay and enjoy peaceful sunsets but also earn rental income.

Let’s have a look at the facilities and amenities of the project.

Facilities And Amenities

If you like to travel up north, summer homes at hill stations can serve as profitable long-term investments. You can visit any time without worrying about the cost of your stay and rent the place during the months you are not travelling. 

Forrest Nathia Gali offers a wholesome package; it caters to the needs of everyone, from individuals searching for a home to corporations looking to set up or expand businesses. Zesora Builders have provided facilities that have something for everyone.

meeting rooms in forest nathia gali
The project also features meeting rooms for corporate and business meetups

The facility has been designed to provide meeting spaces to the corporates and businesses on tour but the primary advantage of investing in Forrest, Nathia Gali, is that investors can stay here for 21 days a year for free.

  • A state-of-the-art 9-storey tall building
  • Zesora Restaurant
  • Terrace café 
  • Meeting rooms for corporate and business meetups
  • Free stay for 21 nights a year for investors

Location Highlights

Apart from the fact that the project is being developed on a mountain from where residents can enjoy panoramic views of the hill station, Forrest also offers ease of access to a number of locations, as mentioned below:

  • 2-minutes drive from Nathia Gali Club
  • 3-minutes drive to Lalazar Wildlife Park
  • 4-minutes drive to Ayubia National Park
  • 7-minutes drive to Dunga Gali
  • 7-minutes drive to Sweet Tooth Mushkpuri
  • 12-minutes drive to Miranjani Trek
  • 12-minutes drive to Green Spot

Types Of Properties On Offer

Investors and buyers have options of buying from four different types of properties. The developer is offering a 2.5 years instalment plan after making a 30% down payment. The multiple property options are:

  • Presidential Suite
  • Loft
  • Premier Rooms
  • Deluxe Rooms
properties on offer in forest nathia gali
Four different types of properties are available on offer

How To Invest 

The project is offering a 6% guaranteed annual rental yield and 5% to 10% capital gains every year. To ensure the safety of your investment in this project, Zameen.com has undertaken due diligence while running extensive background checks.

To book a unit for yourself in Forrest, Nathia Gali, simply fill the form appearing on this page and a property expert from Zameen.com will get in touch with you. 

If you have any queries related to the project, you may write to us at blog@zameen.com. For more updates on the project or the real estate sector of Pakistan, keep reading Zameen Blog.


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