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Your Complete Guide to Greenhouse Windows

Your Complete Guide to Greenhouse Windows for a modern and nature-friendly environment.

Have you ever come across pictures of plant-filled sunrooms or modern greenhouses and wondered how you could possibly add one to your home? While there are a lucky few who have enough space in their gardens or houses to make such grand renovations, many of us do not have this luxury. However, if you love decorating your home with indoor plants or want to start your own kitchen garden, adding greenhouse windows to your house could be a more cost-effective alternative yielding similar results.

These unique windows serve as miniature greenhouses, allowing houseplants to thrive as they soak up the sunlight. It is also an ideal choice for those who want to keep their beloved plants alive year-round, as greenhouse windows keep the potted greens safe from cold drafts while ensuring they receive sufficient natural light.

If you have a green thumb or want to incorporate nature into your home, keep reading to learn more about these sustainable architectural structures. 


kitchen greenhouse window
Greenhouse windows could be a great addition to any room

More commonly referred to as a garden window, this structure is the next best thing for homeowners who dream of adding a greenhouse to their backyard. Instead of being located outside the house, this structure extends off the wall at a 90-degree angle like a box and usually features a slanted glass roof to allow bright light directly into the space. 

The length and width of the window may vary with each architectural style, but it typically has enough space for homeowners to place their potted plants underneath the glass roof. Some greenhouse windows may also have shelves for herbs and succulents, as they tend to be lighter in weight and can easily grow on a wooden plank hanging by a few nails. 

Windows that are larger and deeper may also be used to cultivate a few varieties of fruits and vegetables from the convenience of your home. A kitchen greenhouse window can be extremely resourceful for those who like adding fresh ingredients to their meals. In addition, these spaces allow one to enjoy nature at its finest without exposing themselves to harsh weather conditions. 


It is not uncommon for homeowners to get confused between bay windows and greenhouse windows, as they both could have a similar appearance. Moreover, they both let in plenty of sunlight and create a window nook that can be used to set up creative window seats. 

However, fundamentally, these windows serve different purposes and feature distinct architectural details.

Greenhouse WindowsBay Windows
Stretches out of the house at a 90-degree angleStretches out at a 25- to a 45-degree angle 
Has a slanted glass pane for the roofDoes not have a separate roof pane
May use four to five window panesUses three window panes on average
Often outfitted with shelves for smaller plantsGenerally larger than greenhouse windows

Now that we know about the difference between garden windows and bay windows, let’s discuss a few things one must take into account before adding the former to their home.


garden windows for the kitchen
It is recommended to hire a professional to install garden windows

There are a few things one must consider before deciding on greenhouse windows for homes. The first item on the list is the availability of space. As a homeowner, you must determine whether your home has enough space for a garden window. It is also worth mentioning that these structures come in all shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about dedicating an entire wall to this passion project. 

Nevertheless, please consult an expert to figure out if the walls of your house will be able to handle this type of renovation without undergoing any damage. You may also have to make sure you are not breaking any housing society bylaws by making such a drastic (though aesthetically appealing) change to the façade of your property. 

The second thing you must take into account is the orientation of your house. Garden windows need to be constructed on the side of the home that receives the most sunlight. In other words, you may want to add this window to an east-facing wall to ensure maximum exposure to the sun.

Last but not least, you may want to do some light research on which houseplants are better suited to the climate and require indirect sunlight to grow. You can also choose to grow flowers, fruits, and other types of flora inside these structures. 


pros of garden windows
Elevate the look and value of your home with garden windows

Here are some of the most noteworthy pros of greenhouse windows that you should know about:


They illuminate the space by allowing more to enter the room. Compared to a flat window, these windows are an excellent source of natural light and provide more fresh air when opened.


The box-shaped design of garden windows allows homeowners to control the temperature and humidity, much like an actual greenhouse – except this one is situated right inside your room.


These structures can not only make your home feel brighter but also create an illusion of a larger space. They are also visually appealing and can serve as the focal point of any room.


Greenhouse windows are not only pretty to look at but they are also good for your health. Apart from the plants purifying the indoor air and removing pollutants from the environment, the large glass panes allow you to enjoy unobstructed views of the outdoors, which could have a positive impact on your mind and body.

On a side note, the focus on wellness is expected to be a recurring theme in interior design trends for 2023. Feel free to check out our blog to learn more. 


cons of greenhouse windows
Greenhouse windows may not be very energy sufficient

Like everything else, greenhouse windows for homes also come with a few drawbacks.


Garden windows may add value to your home, but they are not very energy efficient. The large expanse of glass offers little protection against harsh sun rays. Which could make your house feel several degrees hotter during the summer months. However, the best way to counter this problem would be to install high-quality glass panes that offer improved energy efficiency.


If not installed and supported properly, these structures might cause structural problems in the long term. Therefore, make sure to get in touch with a professional to avoid bends or cracks in the wall, which could lead to hazardous situations. 


Interior design experts use a diverse range of materials to create garden windows for the kitchen and other parts of the house.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the frame, treated wood and steel are considered the most durable materials. Followed by fiberglass and aluminum, which also enjoy immense popularity. 

It is important to understand that greenhouse windows are prone to leakage and receive a lot of sunlight. Therefore, it is wise to choose materials that remain unaffected by the harsh gazes of the sun, are highly resistant to moisture and humidity. And can bear the weight of potted plants.

Meanwhile, there are different qualities of glass available in the market depending on your budget and lifestyle requirements. You can opt for expensive glass panes that are heavier and generally have a longer lifespan or choose a cheaper alternative with a similar appearance yet possibly lower life. 

Furthermore, please note that the price of glass window panes varies according to their toughness and transparency. However, if you are looking for something other than crack, acrylic, and clear rigid plastic could be good options. 

To conclude, garden windows could be an excellent addition to homes in Pakistan. They are not only an affordable and space-saving substitute for building a greenhouse or a sunroom.

But they also add to the aesthetics of your house and allow you to grow your favorite plants with utmost convenience.

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