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Vanke Xi An Club | gad


About Vanke Xi An Club

Vanke Xi An Club is situated on the banks of Fuxian Lake in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province. It boasts a stunning panoramic view and abundant natural scenery. It Covers a total area of 4,740 square meters; this project includes various functional areas such as a swimming pool, yoga room, gym center, library, art gallery, and coffee shop.


© Qiwen

Vanke Xi An effectively utilizes the natural landscape and topography to create a harmonious and eco-friendly design. By extending the structure downward, the architects ensure minimal environmental disruption. The roof design incorporates the waves of the lake, creating a seamless integration with the surrounding nature and the distant Fuxian Lake.


© Qiwen

The modelized box-like spaces are used for multiple purposes, such as concealing equipment, defining boundaries, and guiding flow. Each area has a different shape and incorporates functions like spa, fitness, entertainment, reading, and art exhibitions. The goal is to create a cohesive and immersive spatial experience that encompasses all these activities.


© Qiwen

Space with a glass curtain wall allows for the warm breeze and sunlight from a lake view. There are multiple sunlight patios inside, creating a bright and open spatial pattern. The building allows light and air from the outside to flow freely, creating a comfortable and peaceful environment similar to a natural cave.

Project Info:

Architects: gad
Area: 4740 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Qiwen
Interior Design: Matrix Design
Landscape: gdi Design
Engineering: gad Design
Design Team: gad
Project Director: Yan Wu, Cai Tan, Han Wu
Project Chief Designer: Si Yu
Architecture: Renjian Zhang, Yuan Yu, Chang Liu, Yiping Hu
Structure: Jia Huang, Junjie Guo, Jian Wu, Xinjie Lin
Water Supply And Drainage: Dingcheng Wang
HVAC: Shengli Yang
Electrical: Xingyue Zhou
Clients: Vanke
City: Yuxi
Country: China


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