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Tree House at Bambu Indah | IBUKU


About Tree House at Bambu Indah

Bambu Indah is a unique eco-resort known for its exceptional jungle retreat experience. It is renowned for its Bamboo Pure buildings, such as the highly acclaimed Riverbend House and the iconic Moon House.



Recently, in 2020, the resort successfully constructed a remarkable bamboo treehouse that spans across three massive trees. Building this treehouse was an exciting and adventurous endeavor as it required working high above the ground amidst the lush canopies of the trees.



The structure is like a big basket with sloping walls made from the curled-up floor. It has a lightweight roof that covers the space around three trees. Skylights are also present in the roof to let natural light in.



The completed treehouse offers a stunning view of the Bambu Indah resort and the beautiful Sayan Ridge. IBUKU was also invited to design the interior space of the treehouse, creating a seamless and luxurious adventure.

Project Info:

Architects: IBUKU
Year: 2021
Construction: PT Bamboo Pure
Collaborators: Bambu Indah
City: Kecamatan Ubud
Country: Indonesia 


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