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Tips To Protect Your Car From Rusting & Harmful Air Pollutants


Car is not a luxury anymore; it has become a necessity, especially in urban areas. From intracity to intercity travelling, cars are used as a primary means of transport. People like their cars neat and clean but it’s, more often than not, all about the exterior. Your car is more than just looks and colour. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to parts that aren’t easily visible. The most neglected part of the car is the undercarriage which can slowly catch rust and you will not know until it’s too late. You don’t want to lose your car to rust because this will really affect the resale value of your car. If you don’t want this to happen, these tips to protect your car from rusting and other harmful air pollutants will be quite helpful.

Protect Your Car From Rusting

rusted car
Rust slowly catches up on the entire body of a car

The most common reason behind the rusting of a car is moisture and dirt which will trigger the process of rusting. There is no set time after which the car will begin to rust; it could either be after a decade or within a few months after the car has been bought. The car is made up of metal and it starts developing rust when oxygen and water react with the iron. A coat of brownish-red colour starts appearing on different parts and continues to extend until something is done.

Cars also age and if not looked after properly, facing break downs will be the least of your problems. There are a few factors that initiate the rust on a vehicle and are explained below:

  • Climate: Most cars are designed and bought to travel on the roads in the city but the weather conditions are not always ideal. Regular exposure of the car to snow, rain or sand dunes will ultimately result in rusting the car.
  • Age: Paint is one way of protecting the car from rust but over the period of years, it needs to be renewed due to wear and tear. If the metal on the body of a car is even slightly exposed to moisture, mud or salt, it will begin to rust and corrode.
  • Material: Due to advancements in technology, the materials used in cars have become better and are protected with a non-reactive coating. Older models of cars didn’t have these coatings so the chances of them catching rust are higher.
  • Drive: The after-market modifications in different vehicles are meant to make them perform better while off-roading. This may affect the undercarriage and suspension of the vehicle leaving exposed wounds and cause the metal to erode. 

Steering your vehicle clear of the rust is almost impossible but there are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to protect your car from rusting for a longer period of time. Here is what you can do:

  • Regularly wash your car
  • Ceramic coating
  • Use anti-rust spray
  • Keep the car covered
  • Keep the interiors dry

Regularly Wash Your Car

washing car to protect it from rust
Regularly wash your car to clean the accumulated dirt

On a daily basis, the car catches dirt, grime and debris from the road and mixed with water, it starts accumulating there. The mud is known to speed up the process of rust which is why you must at least once every two weeks get your car washed with a hose. The pressure of water will remove the dirt and mud and make it clean after which it can be checked in detail for any rusted areas. 

The boot of the car, even though seldomly used, needs to be cleaned regularly. The problem with the rust is that it can start from anywhere and if not taken into notice, it will eat the whole car.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a bit expensive but it is long-lasting and gives your car the necessary protection against rust. Ceramic coating not only offers protection but also makes your car look shiny and clean. On a non-ceramic coated car, dirt, mud and water will cling to the metal getting more opportunity to damage it. However, the ceramic coating is liquid repellant which means that a liquid will not stay on the car and will slide right off minimizing the opportunity of water to react with oxygen to cause rust.

A less expensive alternative to ceramic coating is getting the whole car waxed. It’s not long-lasting but does the job. You will need to get your car waxed multiple times throughout the year to keep it rust-free and in pristine condition.

waxing a car
Waxing is a less expensive protective coating for a car

Use Anti-rust Spray

The anti-rust spray is a must for the hidden parts of the car such as suspension, mounting, trunk and undercarriage. You must check these areas for possible rust every once in a while so that if there is any accumulation, it can be dealt with right away. 

A rusted part has to be replaced completely if it exceeds beyond the repairing point. If it is on the upper body of the car, it will be replaced by a panel sheet which will have a huge impact on its resale value. Similarly, other parts of the cars may also be expensive depending on the make and model of the car. An anti-rust spray must be applied after washing the car completely to clean the area. It is also a cheap alternative to waxing and ceramic coating.

Keep The Car Covered

Cars used in the mountains and closer to the sea are more exposed to the rust-causing elements. For instance, the humidity level near sea and ocean is higher and so is the amount of salts in the air that trigger erosion. In the mountains, the weather is quite uncertain and the cars may be exposed to rains and snow. Cars in such weather conditions demand high maintenance such as more washes in a month, regular waxing and frequent use of the anti-rust spray. Additional care is using covers while the car is sitting idle in the garage or a parking space. This will keep the car safe from more exposure.

Keep The Interiors Dry

As minor as it may seem, keeping the interior of a car is essential too. As mentioned earlier, the rust spreads on the entire car if not dealt with timely and can be a nightmare for the owner. Any liquid spills in the car if they find their way to the lower part will start the chain reaction of rusting. If there is a liquid spill or water has somehow entered the car, don’t ignore it and dry it completely before it gets too late. A complete service of the car is mandatory at least once a year especially when the seasons change.

buying a used car
Look for signs of rust before buying a used car

Recognise the signs early and make use of the aforementioned tips to protect your car from rusting. However, if it seems more than you can deal with at home, you must immediately take it to the workshop and get it fixed. 

If you are buying a car, you must check in detail the signs of rust because these may be hidden under fresh paint. Paint bubbles on the body, puddles on the carpet or floor of the car, dented body or other damages and irregular paint job will indicate that the car has been rusted or rust-treated. So before you buy such a car, you need to be sure if you will be happy driving it and can you afford all the hassle and expenses coming with it?

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