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Nigeria’s Anambra State Advances Infrastructure Projects


Nigeria’s Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency (ANSIPPA) is progressing on several planned infrastructure projects including a five-star hotel and the Anambra Mixed-Use Industrial City in the southeastern state.
In early February, the agency said the local W Hospitality had submitted a comprehensive feasibility report on a proposed international five-star hotel to be sited in Awka, the state’s capital city. 
ANSIPPA is currently engaged in advanced discussions on the project’s financing and is in talks with international hotel operators such as the US’ Marriott and Radisson as potential private sector partners for the management of the property.
Also in February, ANSIPPA met with a delegation from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to discuss funding for the special agro-processing zone within the Anambra Mixed-Use Industrial City.
The agency expressed its desire for the zone to become a beneficiary of the bank’s special agro-industrial processing zone (SAPZ) initiative, which was launched in January 2021. The AfDB initiative is aimed at developing agro-industrial parks, transformation centres and support systems in Nigeria’s Anambra, Benue, Cross River and Ebonyi states. 
Meanwhile, India’s VGS Solar and Building Systems has expressed interest in partnering with the state government on the development of the industrial city.
Planned to be developed in Ikenga, the city will include zones for industrial operations, special economic areas, research and development institutions, logistics and warehousing facilities, commercial and retail spaces, residential areas and green spaces. The project will also incorporate an amusement park and an airstrip to facilitate cargo operations. According to local media, the city will occupy 4,000 hectares of land.
In September 2023, India’s Artelia Consulting Engineers was awarded a US$200,000 contract to design the masterplan, which is due to be completed during the first quarter of this year. Land acquisition is also set to be completed during the first quarter, with land clearing and access roads construction to commence in the second quarter. 
The UAE-based Arise Integrated Industrial Platform (ARISE IIP) has been engaged as a potential joint venture partner for the development and management of the city.
ANSIPPA is also involved in a project to develop heritage sites and tourist attractions in Anambra State in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Entertainment and Tourism.
The proposed locations are: 

Ogbunike Cave; 
Agulu Lake; 
Anam Beach; 
Owere Ezukala Cave.

In late January, the agency invited expressions of interest for the development of a comprehensive masterplan and business case for the project, with a deadline of 9 February.
The scope of work includes conducting site assessments, cultural and historical analysis, proposing infrastructure development, devising a marketing strategy, engaging with the community, conducting risk assessments, and preparing a detailed report outlining the proposed masterplan and business case.
ANSIPPA held its inaugural investment summit in September 2023 at which various project agreements were signed with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) and about a dozen memoranda of understanding (MoUs) were inked for the development of infrastructure schemes.
These include the Anambra Intra-City Rail project for which the masterplan is expected to be submitted during the first quarter. The timetable for completing the phase one design is the third quarter and the procurement process is due to be concluded in the fourth quarter 2024. The state has conducted stakeholder engagements and received a report on the phase one route and alignment selection.
Meanwhile, construction of the Awka Shopping Mall is moving forward, with the state government planning to commission the project during the fourth quarter 2024.
Execution, execution, execution.  The Awka Shopping Mall is taking a new shape.  One brick at a time.#Ansippa #Investanambra #buildingtomorrow pic.twitter.com/gB2fW7pD0S
— ANSIPPA (@ANSIPPA) February 26, 2024

Construction has also begun on the Solution Fun City in Awka. The government plans to start the process for engaging managers for the fun city in the second quarter and complete 60-70% of the construction by the fourth quarter.
And construction is under way on the Oduigbo Market Redevelopment. During the first quarter, the state government plans to hold discussions with an independent power producer to provide solar energy for the market. Handover and commissioning is slated for the second quarter.
Photo: Awka Shopping Mall project (Source: X/Twitter @ ANSIPPA)


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