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Mauritius Seeks Partner For Transit-Oriented Development


The Ministry of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management in Mauritius is looking for potential private partners for a transit-oriented development to be executed under a 60-year lease agreement.
Proposals are invited to design, build, finance, manage, maintain and operate a modern urban transport interchange terminal over four plots of land in Rose-Hill town centre, integrated with a mixed-use real estate development. The deadline for submissions is 15 May.
The terminal is expected to integrate a Metro Express station, a bus station and a taxi stand in a development which may include retail, commercial, office, leisure facilities, residential apartments and car parking. It is expected to be iconic in design, becoming a focal point and contributing to the revitalisation of Rose-Hill town centre.
The successful bidder will undertake the planning, detailed engineering and design, relocation or diversion of existing services, financing, construction, marketing, operation and maintenance of the project over the 60-year lease period.
The government will not participate – either directly or indirectly – in the funding or financing of the project at any part or stage of the development, other than offering tax incentives.
The tax incentives include an eight-year corporate tax holiday on income generated from the development, sale, rental or management of property; an eight-year VAT exemption on capital goods; and customs duty exemptions.
The terminal is expected to be completed within about 24 months from the land being handover over to the developer.
To support the development, the government will undertake roadworks around the project site.
Rose-Hill TOD project site planSource: RFP documentationA pre-bid meeting will be held on 15 March. The tender documentation can be viewed here.
Construction of Mauritius’ 26km light rail transit system, the Metro Express, began in 2017. The network, which will have 19 stations, is being built in phases by India’s L&T Construction. It is being implemented with assistance from the government of India through a loan-grant combination. The 13km first phase was inaugurated in 2019 and the third phase in January 2023.
Photo: The Metro Express (Source: Metro Express)


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