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Museum of Prehistory | KRIS YAO | ARTECH


Situated within the Southern Taiwan Science Park, the Museum of Prehistory resides in a historically rich region, replete with 5,000-year-old relics. Its design artfully fuses two axes: one aligned north-south, resembling ancient burial sites with a black basalt block, symbolizing the past’s order; the other, inclined 19 degrees to match Tainan’s contemporary city grid, is capped by a glass tube, representing the modern world’s order. These dual themes are interwoven throughout the Museum of Prehistory, from its location to the presentation of artifacts, encapsulating the spirit of archaeological work—a harmonious blend of modern techniques and a contemporary lens for interpreting ancient treasures.

Museum of Prehistory

© Shawn Liu Studio

Museum of Prehistory’s Design Concept

The Museum of Prehistory is composed of three distinctive architectural components.

  • First, there’s the square main building, boasting dimensions of 70 meters on each side and a height of 21 meters. It presents a robust facade clad in split-face basalt, creating a striking black brutalist structure that firmly occupies the site.
  • Secondly, the monumental square tube extends for 90 meters, featuring a square cross-section measuring 8.7 by 8.7 meters. This tube is constructed using structural glass enveloping a series of steel frames. It serves as a significant divider, effectively bisecting the main building. This division separates exhibition areas from administrative spaces, storage zones, and conservation laboratories, clearly delineating the area for staff from the section designated for visitors.
  • Lastly, the square aluminum component, measuring 3.3 meters on each side, runs externally from floor to floor, serving as a unifying element that links the two other architectural features together.
Museum of Prehistory

© Shawn Liu Studio


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