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Most Popular Areas to Buy Apartments in Lahore

The vibrant city of Lahore is not just famous for its rich history, architectural heritage, abundance of green spaces, and diverse culinary culture, but is also popular for being one of the most hospitable places to live in Pakistan. we will discuss the Most Popular Areas to Buy Apartments in Lahore.

For the longest time, residents of this bustling city enjoyed a distinct lifestyle. Unlike most metropolises, the dwellers of Lahore preferred living in detached, independent homes built on the land they either inherited or acquired themselves. However, over the last few years, things appear to have changed to a great extent.

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The rising population gave way to accommodation problems, prompting Lahore to follow the trend of other populous cities and go vertical. As a result, sky-high residential towers began surfacing all over, highlighting a major cultural shift as more young people started buying flats in Lahore rather than investing in houses or plots.

The rising prices of real estate in Lahore also played a huge part in the evolution of apartment culture in the city. Since buying and maintaining a flat is much cheaper, it’s only understandable why people now appear more inclined towards apartment living. Plus, investing in constructed properties such as apartments is better suited to adjust inflation and offers higher ROI than plots.

Since buying property is a huge financial milestone for many, we have analyzed the latest search trends on acco.com.pk and compiled a comprehensive guide that will tell you all about the best areas to buy apartments in Lahore.


Top Areas to Buy Flats in Lahore
The most sought-after neighborhoods to buy apartments in Lahore

As of September 2022, the following areas appear to be the most popular among prospective buyers looking for flats in Lahore. 


buy apartments in DHA Lahore
DHA Lahore is one of the top localities to invest in apartments

The high-end residential enclave of DHA Lahore enjoys the top spot on the list of the most popular areas with apartments for sale in Lahore. 

The housing scheme is located in proximity to Lahore Ring Road and has always been a top choice among investors and genuine buyers in the city owing to its robust infrastructure and selection of modern amenities that ensure a quality lifestyle. It is also among the most meticulously planned projects in the metropolis featuring ultramodern apartment complexes, an abundance of green spaces, wide boulevards, top-rated educational institutions, healthcare facilities, recreational spaces, banks, commercial areas, restaurants, and much more. 

Moreover, DHA Lahore is divided into multiple phases, with Phases 1 to 4 situated near Main Boulevard. They are also the oldest and most densely populated locales within the housing society. Meanwhile, Phases 5 and 6 are considered two of the most well-developed and thoughtfully designed neighborhoods in the city. On the other hand, DHA Phase 7 is located a short distance from Barki Road and Bedian Road, while Phase 8 is situated opposite Allama Iqbal International Airport. It is also pertinent to mention that DHA Phase 9 is strategically subdivided into Phase 9 Prism and Phase 9 Town.

When it comes to buying flats in DHA Lahore, Phase 6, Phase 5, Phase 7, Phase 8, and Phase 1 appear to draw the most searches on acco.com.pk. So, if you have been thinking about investing in this area, you now know where to begin your search.

The price of 1-bedroom apartments in DHA Lahore ranges from PKR 1.4 crore to 2.5 crores on average, whereas buying a 2-bedroom unit in the area costs between PKR 1.1 crore and 4 crores. The reason 1-bedroom flats have a slightly higher starting range is that many of the older projects in society only offer bigger residences, thus creating a small supply and demand gap. 

Furthermore, the price trends for 3-bed flats in the area start from PKR 3.5 crore and go rather high.


buy apartments in Bahria Town Lahore
Bahria Town Lahore offers its residents a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle

The popularity of DHA as the top area to buy apartments in Lahore is closely followed by Bahria Town, an impeccably designed gated community with excellent infrastructure and a high-yielding real estate market. Its awe-inspiring amenities and facilities combined with beautifully landscaped natural beauty have made it an epicenter of the latest vertical developments in Lahore, featuring a range of modern apartments.

The mega housing project is located on the outskirts of the city, only a short drive from Thokar Niaz Baig. It is also easily accessible from all main arteries of Lahore, including Raiwind Road, Canal Bank Road, and Multan Road. Moreover, the posh residential schemes of Dream Gardens and Valencia are in proximity to this upscale community. It is also home to some of the best schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, parks, playgrounds, recreational spaces, and tourist attractions in the cosmopolis.

Since its inception, Bahria Town Lahore is considered a hallmark of contemporary living in Lahore. Its urban landscape is divided into Sectors A to F along with an Overseas Enclave. Each sector is further divided into multiple blocks featuring an extensive inventory of the residential and commercial real estate. Sectors A and B of the project are located in proximity to the main gate, while Sector C is situated adjacent to Sector B, Safari Villas, and Overseas Enclave. Meanwhile, Sector D commands a prime location along Canal Bank Road next to Executive Lodges, whereas Sector E has been established near Sectors C and D. Lastly, Sector F enjoys a spot right after Sector E.

The search trends on acco.com.pk indicate that Sector E, Sector C, Sector B, Overseas Enclave, and Sector F are the most sought-after locales to buy flats in Bahria Town Lahore.

The average price for a 1-bedroom unit in the area ranges between PKR 22.5 lakh and PKR 95 lakh. On the other hand, buying 2-bedroom apartments in Bahria Town Lahore costs between PKR 60 lakh to PKR 1.4 crore. Last but not least, 3-bedroom flats in the gated community come with a price tag of PKR 1.3 crore or higher.


buy apartments in Askari Lahore
Askari Housing Society is considered one of the safest places to live in Lahore

If you are on the hunt for apartments for sale in Lahore, investing in Askari Housing Society could be a profitable decision for you. It is one of the most affluent residential enclaves in Lahore with multiple well-developed phases located in different areas. Those living in this housing society enjoy access to all major parts of the city via a wide network of thoroughfares. In addition, its phases are home to some of the most renowned educational institutions, healthcare facilities, restaurants, fitness centers, and recreational spaces.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, Askari Housing Society also provides its residents with a safe and secure environment combined with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Although it was initially established to serve retired and serving Pakistan Army officers and their families, civilians are also allowed to buy property and live here.

Phase 1 of this project is situated on Sarfaraz Rafiqui Road, Askari Phase 2 commands a prime location near Academy Road. Moreover, Phase 3 is located on Bedian Road, while Askari 5 boasts an ideal spot on Main Ferozepur Road in proximity to Kalma Chowk Flyover and Gulberg.  Askari 8 and Askari are 9 located on Faisal Ghuman Road near Nishat Park and Zarar Shaheed Road in Cantt, respectively. Meanwhile, Phase 10 is situated alongside Airport Road, while Phase 11 of the housing scheme is located adjacent to DHA Phase 5 on Lahore Ring Road.

The search trend on acco.com.pk shows that Phases 11, 10, 5, 1, and 9 are among the top 5 most coveted locales among those looking to buy flats in Askari Housing Society.

Furthermore, the price of 3-bedroom apartments in Askari ranges from PKR 2 crore to 4 crores on average. The price trend for bigger apartments with 4-bedroom starts from around PKR 2.7 crore and goes up to 4.6 crores. However, please note that the prices of flats vary significantly with the phase, block, and condition of the building. 


Surrounded by lush green natural beauty and sustainable infrastructure, Raiwind Road has become the latest hotspot for state-of-the-art vertical developments in Lahore. The area is situated a short distance from the city center, thus providing its dwellers with a serene and healthy lifestyle while ensuring easy access to prominent landmarks, facilities, commercial centers, and residential communities including Bahria Town Lahore, Bahria Orchard, and Fazaia Housing Scheme. Furthermore, some of the most reputable schools, universities, and hospitals are situated at a close distance from this area. 

Owing to its unbeatable location, this area has drawn the attention of developers and buyers alike. Over the past years, several high-rise residential complexes have surfaced on either side of Raiwind Road, rapidly altering its landscape. These projects boast showstopping architecture, tastefully curated interiors, exceptional amenities, and exquisitely designed apartments with modern layouts and premium fixtures. 

It is presently the fourth most popular area with flats for sale in Lahore.

As per the data accumulated on acco.com.pk, the most sought-after places to buy flats on Raiwind Road include Lake City, Al-Kabir Town, Icon Valley Phase 1, Etihad Town, and AWT Army Welfare Trust. All of these gated communities not only promise impressive an elevated lifestyle but also guarantee impressive capital gains.

Moreover, 1-bedroom apartments on Raiwind Road come with a price tag of PKR 41 lakh on average and go up to 1 crore. Meanwhile, 2-bed units in the locality cost between PKR 50 lakh and 2.3 crores. However, please note that with a little research, you may be able to find apartments at slightly lower prices as well. 

If you are in the market for a bigger place, the average price of 3-bedroom flats on Raiwind Road starts around PKR 99 lakh and goes up from there.


facilities in Johar Town Lahore
Emporium Mall, one of the top shopping destinations in Lahore, is located in Johar Town

Johar Town claims the fifth spot on our list of top areas with flats for sale in Lahore. 

This fully-developed and well-populated residential society is located along Canal Bank and enjoys proximity to prominent intercity arteries including Multan Road and Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover. In addition, it is located a short distance from Township, Faisal Town, and Raiwind Road. It has also been approved by the Lahore Development Authority.

Named after Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar, one of the most honorable Muslim leaders in the history of South Asia, Johar Town is strategically divided into Phase 1 and Phase 2, with each phase further divided into multiple blocks. Phase 1 of the project comprises Blocks A to G, while Blocks H to R is situated in Phase 2. 

The dwellers of this high-end neighborhood enjoy a high-quality lifestyle with easy access to the best of everything this city has to offer. It is also a leading hub of commercial activity in Lahore. Some of the most well-known landmarks and facilities in the area include Emporium Mall, Expo Centre Lahore, LDA Sports Complex, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Johar Town Hockey Stadium, Iqra Medical Complex, the University of Management and Technology, the University of Central Punjab, and Maulana Johar Ali Sports Complex.

According to the data on acco.com.pk, Phase 2 of the project is slightly more popular than Phase 1 when it comes to buying apartments in Johar Town.

The 1-bedroom apartments in the area usually cost between PKR 34 lakh and 1.04 crore, while 2-bedroom flats in Johar Town fall within the range of PKR 85 lakh and 1.9 crore. 

This brings us to the end of our guide on the top five areas to buy flats in Lahore, as of September 2022. To find out all about the most profitable investment opportunities in your city, please stay tuned to ACCO Blog – the best property blog in Pakistan. You can also check out our list of the top five areas to buy property in Lahore for more information.

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