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Most Famous Localities to Buy Plots in Islamabad

Bahria Town
Park View City

The capital city of Pakistan is often recognized as the city of opportunities. With robust infrastructure and state-of-the-art planning, it has immense potential to grow and become one of the world’s most successful administrative capitals. 

It is a masterfully planned city backed by a groundbreaking scope. The constantly growing population of Islamabad is causing the city to grow both vertically and horizontally. There are many real estate projects that have either been recently introduced or expanded, adding new residential blocks and commercial districts to the metropolis. 

The suburbs of Islamabad are also witnessing rapid expansion and development. This means plot buyers now have all the more options and reasons to invest in the capital city. So, if you are also looking for a plot for investment purposes or to build your dream house and don’t know where to start, then we’re here to help.

With the help of the latest user behavior and search data fetched from Zameen.com, here we have rounded up the 5 best areas with plots for sale in Islamabad, take a look!


Top areas to invest in plots in islamabad
These are currently the most popular areas among plot investors in Islamabad

Now, let’s learn more about the five most sought-after areas among plot hunters in the capital city one by one, according to their popularity.


The name ‘DHA Islamabad’ needs no introduction. It is undoubtedly the poshest neighborhood in the twin city metropolitan area. It has been the most popular choice for property investors and genuine buyers in the capital city for years. From ultramodern conveniences to state-of-the-art facilities, the neighborhood has it all. 

The super convenient location of DHA Islamabad makes all the difference. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, it is surrounded by some of the city’s major expressways and signal-free routes that make commuting to and from DHA Islamabad highly convenient. 

With a whole new lot of properties introduced recently, overseas investors are also taking a keen interest in the real estate market of the locality. DHA Valley, DHA Phase 3, and DHA Phase 5 are currently the three most searched areas in the neighborhood. The availability of different types of plots and their constantly increasing value is something that lures investors.

You can buy a 5-marla plot in DHA Islamabad within the price range of PKR 10 lakh and PKR 1 crore. Similarly, a 10-marla piece of land costs between PKR 40 lakh and PKR 3 crore. For those looking to buy a bigger plot in Defence, the asking price for 1 Kanal plot can be around PKR 70 lakh to PKR 8 crore, depending on the location.

On a side note, you may also want to read our detailed investment guide on DHA Islamabad. 


Bahria Town is the second most popular area among plot seekers in the capital city. It is a top-notch real estate development in every aspect. In fact, it is the very first ultramodern gated community in the twin cities, developed on such a large scale. 

Bahria Town offers an intelligently planned living environment that is surrounded by highly secure and world-class amenities and lifestyle privileges. The real estate project is so massive that it has been divided into nine different phases, spread across the urban landscapes of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 

According to Zameen.com, prospective plot investors in Bahria Town Islamabad are mainly looking for property options in Bahria Enclave 1 and 2, and Bahria Garden City. All of these three localities boast modern amenities that are perfectly in line with the posh arrangements of Bahria Town.

Talking about the latest price trends, let’s take a look at a 5-marla plot in the area, which comes with an asking price of PKR 25 lakh to 1 crore on average. Whereas, the cost of 10 marla plots ranges between PKR 40 lakh and PKR 2 crore. If you have set your eyes on a bigger investment, you can buy a 1 kanal plot in the area, which would cost you between PKR 1 lakh and PKR 4 crore.


invest in Gulberg Islamabad
Gulberg Islamabad is a large-scale project, often referred to as a ‘city within the city

Gulberg is one of the most prominent housing schemes in Islamabad. The world-class infrastructure of this real estate project greatly adds to the beauty of the surrounding cityscape.  Gulberg Islamabad mainly comprises well-planned neighborhoods and commercial districts, that are seamlessly connected with a network of well-paved roads. The entire area also boasts awe-inspiring horticulture features, greenbelts, and urban open spaces. 

It is a large-scale neighborhood backed by world-class planning and it is one of the main reasons why it is divided into different subdistricts for easier navigation and convenience for the public. People searching for plots in Gulberg on Zameen.com are now mainly interested in Gulberg Residencia and Gulberg Greens — the two main parts of the neighborhood. Gulberg Business Park is also garnering the interest of commercial investors in the area.

If you are looking to invest in Gulberg, here are the current real estate prices in the area. The price of a 5-marla plot in Gulberg falls somewhere between PKR 20 lakh and PKR 80 lakh while a 10-marla piece of land starts at PKR 40 lakh and goes up to PKR 1.5 crore. Similarly, the price of 1 Kanal plot in the area has an average price range from PKR 70 lakh to PKR 2.5 crore.


As one of the newly developed localities in the capital city, Sector B-17 is already receiving a high level of market attention and has cemented its position as one of the most sought-after areas with plots for sale in Islamabad. 

It is a prominent real estate project developed by the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). Enjoying a strategic location, it is directly connected to National Highway 5, popularly known as the Grand Trunk (GT) Road. This route further links it to other major signal-free corridors and expressways in the metropolitan area, which ensures hassle-free commutes around the city and intercity traveling.

Now, let’s take a look at the average costs of different types of plots available in B-17. If you are planning to invest in a 5-marla plot, it is going to cost you between PKR 18 lakh and PKR 50 lakh. On the other hand, the market value for 10 marla plots in Sector B-17 ranges from PKR 25 lakh to PKR 1.2 crore. If you are interested in a bigger piece of land, a 1-kanal plot can be purchased for around PKR 60 lakh to PKR 2 crore.


Envisioned as a gated community with a highly secure and upscale living environment, Park View City is one of the most promising real estate developments in the capital city. The beautiful Margalla Hills overlooking the urban landscape of this housing society further adds to its overall charm. 

According to Zameen.com’s user data, Park View City is currently appearing in most of the searches conducted by people looking for plots for sale in Islamabad. Blocks F, H, and J have now become the most sought-after subdistricts of this underdevelopment project. The project’s stellar location is also one of its biggest highlights. It is directly connected to M1 Road, which further links it to Jinnah Avenue and other parts of the city.

While investing in Park View City, you can choose among 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 Kanal plots. The smallest and most affordable option for investment is a 5-marla plot in the project, which comes with a price tag of around PKR 50 lakh to PKR 3 crore. Looking for a bigger property? You can buy a 10-marla residential plot in Park View City by setting aside a budget of PKR 1 crore to PKR 8 crore. The cost of 1 Kanal plot in the area is naturally a bit steeper and starts from over PKR 1.5 crore to PKR 10 crore or even more.

This was our detailed real estate guide on the most popular area to look for plots in Islamabad these days. We hope the information and price trends we have discussed above will help you come up with an informed investment decision.

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