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Learning Center Campus Los Niches | Carreño Sartori Arquitectos


The Talca University of Technology campus Los Niches, Curico consists of several interconnected buildings that create a cohesive environment for students.


© Marcos Mendizabal

Students often require accommodations and participation in learning activities, especially when they travel long distances and have significant differences between their courses. These accommodations may include access to resources, opportunities for group work, and quiet spaces for personal study. The design solution of Campus Los Niches involves a gradual transition to more intimate spaces through a construction department that incorporates multiple floors, starting from the street level and progressing slowly from public to more isolated areas.


© Marcos Mendizabal

Concept Of Campus Los Niches

Campus Los Niches has a clear pathway that leads from the street to the garden situated at the back of the campus. The primary structure is supported by two large lattice beams on the first floor, whereas the steel roof is held up by two solid concrete walls. The design incorporates latticed elements in various scales and shapes throughout the project. To account for the south orientation of the sun, the building has an overhanging north side and a roof, along with a thick wall on the west side to prevent direct sunlight from reaching study rooms. Additionally, there is a large window on the east side to allow morning light to illuminate the naturally bright areas.

© Marcos Mendizabal

MPavilion in Melbourne is a public space that boasts a large area covered by a six-metre floating roof, which provides shade, tall panels and aesthetic features like automatic machines. The interior design is open and features unique gridded timbers that create a vibrant university atmosphere. The contrasting flooring is designed to serve distinctive functions, while the acoustic wood cladding adds to the overall simplicity of the metal structure.

Project Info:

Architects: Carreño Sartori Arquitectos
Area: 458 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Marcos Mendizabal
Manufacturers: Budnik, Cintac, MK
Lead Architects: Mario Carreño Zunino, Piera Sartoti del Campo
Collaborators: C.Contreras, M.Gartcía, A.Henríquez, M.Margalet, F.Mujica, C.Rivera, A.Wetzig.
Landscape: Piera Sartori de Campo
Electricity: Mauricio Salinas Medina
Sanitary: Fernando Hidalgo Tapia
Climatization Project: Termovac
Structural Design: Vertical Ingenieros
City: Curicó
Country: Chile



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