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Journeying Through 18 Iconic Museums Worldwide


One must look beyond the artworks gracing its halls. It’s the walls themselves that play a vital role, working harmoniously to enhance the exhibits on display. Architects have long recognized this, transforming museum buildings into awe-inspiring works of art in their own right. In many cases, these structures have attained iconic status, rivaling the masterpieces held within the museums’ collections.

Iconic Museums

©Kawasumi-Kobayashi Kenji

This curated list celebrates the most significant museum buildings of the past century, encompassing influential modernist experiments, polarizing postmodern expansions, architectural curiosities, and cherished additions. From circular marvels to glass-encased pyramids, these extraordinary edifices have challenged traditional notions of how a museum should appear, forever altering the cultural landscape. In recent decades, a museum renaissance has unfolded, propelled by the groundbreaking Guggenheim Bilbao designed by Frank Gehry. Though the initial fervor has subsided, the legacy of that era continues to shape the architectural realm.

Designing a museum is an exhilarating architectural endeavor, teeming with unique demands and constraints. Each museum possesses its distinct requirements: from specialized spaces for preserving delicate artworks to expansive archives for vast collections, and even the intricate task of integrating new extensions with beloved heritage structures. Architects, driven by their artistic sensibilities, embark on daring exploration, crafting unconventional, extraordinary designs that transcend convention. In doing so, these visionaries transform the museum itself into a masterpiece, blurring the line between art and architecture. As a result, our world is adorned with a plethora of breathtaking museums boasting dramatic and captivating architecture. Today, we venture into the realm of these architectural wonders, unveiling a selection of the most intriguing and awe-inspiring creations.

© Duccio Malagamba

“Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition ,located in Shenzhen’s Futian Cultural District, unites the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Planning Exhibition (PE) in a single structure. Both museums maintain their unique identities within a shared space, enclosed by a multifunctional facade. The design offers transparent views and column-free exhibition areas. Visitors access the Plaza, a central hub, from where they can explore cultural spaces, auditoriums, and a library. A distinctive feature is the central “Cloud,” a multi-level element connecting both museums and providing public amenities, creating a harmonious blend of two museums under one roof.

5- San Francisco Museum of Modern Art | Snøhetta

© Snøhetta

SFMOMA, San Francisco’s modern art museum, collaboratively designed with Snøhetta, blends a 10-story expansion with the original structure, offering 170,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor galleries. The museum’s iconic eastern facade, inspired by the local environment, features over 700 uniquely shaped, locally crafted panels that play with light and shadow. After reopening in May 2016, SFMOMA now boasts three times more gallery space, 19 special exhibitions, and a commitment to free access for visitors aged 18 and younger. Its diverse collection, including works from the Fisher Collection, is complemented by over 600 newly committed and acquired modern and contemporary pieces. SFMOMA’s Pritzker Center for Photography is the largest in the U.S., featuring an inaugural exhibition on photography’s evolution.

Iconic Museums

© Snøhetta

The museum showcases California artists and connects with the neighborhood Designed with Snøhetta, the museum integrates into the city, with two welcoming entrances. It offers educational programs, performances, and interactive digital experiences. Visitor amenities include dining options and stores. SFMOMA successfully raised over $610 million in a capital campaign and provides free admission to visitors aged 18 and younger. The museum is open daily, with extended hours on Thursdays.

© Zhang Guangyuan

The 1911 Revolution Museum in Wuhan, China, was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1911 Revolution. It’s part of Shouyi Square’s cultural symbols and is a comprehensive museum with advanced display technology, recreated historical scenes, and a complete visitor guide system. The primary exhibit, “The History of the Revolution of 1911 – The Foundation of the Republic,” showcases the revolution’s history with artifacts, historic photos, recreated scenes, artwork, and multimedia exhibits. The museum, which opened in 2011, has attracted over 1.3 million visitors, becoming a prominent cultural landmark in the city.

7-China Yellow Sea Wetlands Museum | DuShe Architectural Design

© Yong Zhang

The text discusses the transformation of a railway station into a wetland museum in Yancheng, with inspiration drawn from international examples like the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. The renovation involved retaining the original structure while enhancing it to meet exhibition needs. Key design features included a steel frame curtain wall for transparency, a unique roof shape inspired by the red-crowned crane’s feathers, and close collaboration between architects and engineers to maintain design coherence. The original station square, waiting platform, and railway tracks were repurposed to create a city square, an outdoor exhibition area, and an urban connection.

© Marcus Bredt

16- Qintai Art Museum | Atelier Deshaus

© Fangfang Tian


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