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Here’s Why You Should Try Eco-friendly Mattress Cleaning Methods

Your bed is the place where you spend almost one-third of your lifetime. Even though you may regularly clean your mattress or use fresh linens after every two days, there is still a good chance germs are still there. It’s important that you regularly deep clean your mattress to have a good night’s sleep and keep yourself away from any dust mites, allergies and skin diseases in the process. This blog is a complete guide for eco-friendly mattress cleaning and why it is so important for us.

Eco-friendly Mattress Cleaning

Eco-friendly products are made up of organic extracts and do not threaten the well-being of a person

Over a period of time, your mattress accumulates not only dust but also microscopic elements that may become a cause of different health issues. Liquid spills on the bed are also very common and these often leave behind stubborn stains and lingering bad odour. There are other things that aren’t visible to the naked eye, for example, dust mites, oils, skin cells and pollen in your mattress. That needs to be cleaned as well. 

Dust particles and pollen can cause severe health issues, such as asthma. One must clean their mattress at least twice a year but, if you can, cleaning after every three months will prove to be even more effective. If you have never done it before, you can check our guide on how to properly clean your mattress and all the supplies you will need.

The emphasis of this guide is on using eco-friendly ways and solutions for mattress cleaning for your own good. People have different kinds of allergies and some can even be life-threatening. Cleaning chemicals like bleaches and some surfactants are strong and even though they do the best job, they still have side effects on us humans as well the environment. 

Here are the top reasons why you must go for eco-friendly mattress cleaning:

  • Non-hazardous
  • Air quality
  • Child safety
  • Cost-effective
  • Better for earth and environment


Cleaners available in the markets contain harsh chemicals most of which can cause redness, rashes and itching. These cleaners can prove to be quite harmful to your lungs and skin and need to be used after taking proper precautions. Even though the results will be quite satisfactory, these products have a foul odour which can cause severe headaches. On the other hand, eco-friendly products are made up of organic extracts and do not threaten the well-being of a person.

Air Quality

Eco-friendly cleaners are gentle and don’t have a bad odour that will remain in the air and mattress among other chemicals. The air in your room will not be affected if you use natural products and you can breathe fresh air all day and night. However, your bed will keep smelling bad with the harsh odour of chemical-based cleaners for the next few days and you will be directly inhaling that at night. This affects your sleep cycle as well as your health. The best thing about eco-friendly cleaning products is that you can add essential oils to the mixture that will create a calm and less stressful atmosphere.

Child Safety

Children are more sensitive as compared to adults especially when it comes to chemicals, airborne infections and diseases. Using organic products for cleaning will safeguard your children from any diseases and let them have a peaceful sleep at night. If children are exposed to such chemicals or dust, they can develop symptoms of rashes, respiratory diseases, severe headaches and skin allergies. 


cost-effective cleaning products
Green cleaning products are cost-effective

Commercially available cleaning products can be expensive and need to be used with great care. This is the reason why professional cleaners are hired who have proper knowledge and equipment to use the products and get the job done. However, if you choose eco-friendly products over commercially available products, you will not only find a huge difference in the cost but also that you can use them on your own. The small and easy steps will get you a clean, tidy, dust-free and odourless mattress in a short time. 

Better For Earth And Environment

Green cleaning products are made from organic materials and don’t use any fossils nor pose a threat to nature. These biodegrade surfactants don’t pollute the environment which is becoming a big concern for the world. Since chemical-based products are strong, these have the tendency to affect nature and your surroundings.

Going green is the future now because the world is gradually adapting to sustainable lifestyle solutions in order to make this planet better. 

If you are looking to read more blogs on green and sustainable living such as zero waste living, visit Zameen Blog now where you will find how Pakistan among various other countries is adapting to this lifestyle. If you have any queries or need to share your feedback, write to us at blog@zameen.com

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