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Google Campus is coming to Sunnyvale; a Collaboration with BIG Architects


Google never fails to amaze us with its innovative bizarre office buildings. Recently, they have revealed their plans for a new Google campus in Sunnyvale, California. The project is a collaboration between three top names; Google, BIG architects, and Clive Wilkinson Architects. The Google campus is expected to accommodate 4,500 employees and occupy more than 1 million square feet. However, according to Mercury News, Google Sunnyvale’s lucky employees are unlikely to use this office building before 2021.

OLIN Landscape Architects are designing the outdoor activity space with all its landscape elements. On the other hand, Clive Wilkinson Architects are responsible for the interiors of the office buildings, something they have excelled in for years, with their signature vivid interiors that encourage productivity and social interaction.

Courtesy of BIG Architects

Continuing the legacy of their significant employee-friendly office designs, Google will include a pair of five-story buildings with alternating sloped green roofs along with an attached public space hosting fun activities. These outdoor activities include skating, biking, and rollerblading.

Each one of the office buildings is in direct connection with the outdoor paths, creating a strong indoor-outdoor connection. Designing “out of the blue” offices with vibrant social spaces and entertaining activities is not at all new to Google.  Their innovative offices are all around the world, in cities like Zurich, Mexico, Benghazi, and London.

Courtesy of BIG Architects

Another recent Google Office in the neighboring city of Mountain View is expected to be completed by 2019. This office, in North Bayshore, is also designed by BIG Architects, in collaboration with Heatherwick Studio. It occupies 595,000 square feet and includes an outdoor public park. Communal spaces are commonly seen in many Google offices, both within their interiors and exteriors.

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