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De Chill House | X11 Design Studio


The lack of natural light in tube houses in expanding urban areas with high development density can make the interior feel stuffy and isolated.

De Chill House

© Hoang Le

De Chill House ‘s Design Concept

The De Chill House, built for a three-generation family, focuses functionality while also encouraging a deep “connection” between nature and its residents. The architect designed three “breathing” zones in the house’s front, back, and middle. These rooms benefit from direct contact with natural light and ventilation thanks to a void along the vertical axis. A skylight in the center connects the common areas with the dwelling areas above. Green spaces are smoothly interwoven with various functions, creating a link between nature and daily life. This creates a welcoming and comfortable living environment for youngsters to exercise, study, and view nature.

De Chill House

© Hoang Le

In addition to the gardens, balconies are alternatively arranged. The journey’s endpoint on the third floor leads to a spacious courtyard that serves as an extension of the internal space, where private life merges with the exterior. Every weekend, the entire family can tend to the garden together and meet with friends. Heat radiation, scorching dry winds, and minimal rainfall are all mitigated by the garden, porch, and buffer spaces, as well as chrysanthemum curtains. The internal rooms are still light and bright, with plenty of flora.

De Chill House

© Hoang Le

The De Chill House is a minimalist and balanced architectural style that emphasizes the beauty of simplicity. Natural components are essential in producing a one-of-a-kind architectural environment that is both basic and rustic, bringing a sense of tranquility to individuals who live in a sunlit and green-filled home.

Project Info:

Architects: X11 Design Studio
Area: 260 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: Hoang Le
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Dulux, TAIWAN TOTO CO.,LTD., Xingfa
Lead Architects: Tran Tuan Anh
Architecture Design: Xuan Ngoc, Le Trung, Hoang Giang, Khuyen Anh, Loi Do
Country: Vietnam


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