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China Port, Karachi: Location, Features & More!


There is a never-ending list of places in Karachi that you can visit for leisure, relaxation, and recreation. The city is widely famous for its coastal belt among tourists. From Sea View Beach to Port Grand and Manora Island, the largest city of Pakistan hosts a number of outing spots from where you can enjoy the mesmerising views of the Arabian Sea coastline.

Named after the country’s friendly neighbour—’China Port’ is yet another remarkable addition to the list of coastal attractions in the city. So, what can you expect from your visit to China Port in Karachi and where is it located? To answer all your questions related to this fascinating place, we have put together this blog, so make sure to read it till the end.

Why Is it Called ‘China Port’?

China port is a breakwater
China Port is a man-made breakwater to protect the port area from lethal sea waves (Credits: Facebook / Sabieh Ahmed)

China Port is not actually a port, instead, it is a breakwater to protect the port of Karachi from the lethal forces of ocean waves. The artificial breakwater was built by ‘China’ for the protection of the ‘port’ of the city, so these are the two key factors that have inspired the name of this place. Its unique location has made it a part of Oyster Rocks—Karachi’s very famous series of small islands, located near the coast.

Why Was China Port Banned for Tourists in 2018?

In mid-2018, pictures and videos of China Port started to make rounds on social media all of a sudden. After being discovered by Karachittes, the place was thronged by massive crowds of sightseers almost every day. However, as discussed above, China Port wasn’t primarily designed as a tourist attraction, so there weren’t any adequate arrangements to handle the trash of such large mobs. As a result of which, in only a few months, the beauty of this man-made breakwater was ruined as piles of trash littered the entire place. And, this could be one of the biggest reasons behind the closure of this recreation spot, which remained inaccessible by the general public for around three years up until now. 

Prominent Features of China Port

features of china port
The main attraction of China Port is the ‘tetrapod rocks’ (Credits: Facebook / China Port)

Now, that the place has been reopened, you can finally explore it. The main attraction of China Port is the ‘tetrapod rocks’, which have been laid across the entire length of the breakwater. The place also lets you enjoy a closer view of amazing natural islands and small rocky formations rising from the sea with a backdrop of tall cranes working at the South Asia Pakistan Terminal (SAPT) and container ships entering and leaving the port.

Location of China Port in Karachi

The route of Sea View Road, which converts into Marine Promenade once you cross Bin Qasim Park in Clifton, will take you straight to China Port. If you are coming from Sea View Beach, after crossing Noor Ali Ground and Summit Tower, you’ll need to take a left turn and follow the trail of a narrow road, which makes China Port directly accessible for vehicular traffic.

Other Key Attractions Near China Port

Upon your trip to China Port in the area of Clifton, you can also visit plenty of other popular attractions nearby, some of which have been listed as discussed as under:

Bin Qasim Park

Bin Qasim Park in Karachi
Located in Clifton, Bagh Ibne-Qasim is the largest park in Karachi

Counted among the best urban open spaces in Karachi for family outings, Bin Qasim Park is one of the largest parks in the city. It is also located on the main Sea View Road in the area of Clifton Block 4, just a few minutes’ drive away from China Port. 

The place offers you greener in the form of well-maintained gardens and ample seating arrangement with shaded spots as well as picturesque views of the Arabian Sea. Some of the other noteworthy features of Bin Qasim Park include a turtle pond, rose garden, and dinosaur murals that kids usually find very intriguing.

Dolmen Mall

Centred around a large atrium and home to world-class facilities, Dolmen Mall is another very prominent shopping and recreation spot near China Port. It is considered one of the best malls in Karachi. Its food court has outlets of many different local and international food chains.

The large-scale mall offers an ideal arrangement for an international supermarket chain like Carrefour. Their outlet has occupied a large portion of the ground floor of the mall. So, if you have saved some time from your trip to China Port, you can spend the rest of your day while buying groceries at Carrefour, which is also one of the best supermarkets in Karachi.

Sea View Beach

things to do at Sea View beach in Karachi
There are a host of fun activities available for people visiting Sea View Beach

Finishing your trip with a quick visit to Sea View Beach is how you can make the most of your experience. It is probably the most famous and easily accessible seashore in Karachi. You can simply take an evening stroll or sit on a bench by the beach to watch the setting sun, which is a captivating sight in itself.

Places like Mcdonald’s, Clock Tower (the Grand Food Bazaar), and Chunky Monkey are some of the most prominent landmarks established on Sea View Beach to offer visitors a memorable experience filled with fun and excitement. Also, if you are visiting the beach by car, you’ll find ample parking space in the service lane of Sea View Road, which further adds to your convenience so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

This marks the end of our detailed blog on China Port in Karachi. Since the coastal attraction is now publicly accessible, you could plan to visit it during the upcoming weekend with your family and friends. Or if you have already been to this place, please share with us your experience at blog@zameen.com. Your valuable input could help us improve our pieces and we can make them more informative and interesting for our readers.

On a side note, if you want to visit other picnic spots along the coastline in the region, try reading our guides on some famous beaches near Karachi, a few of which have been listed below:

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*Cover Credits: Facebook / China Port Karachi


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