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All About Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum (POREF)


More About POREF
Upcoming POREF Event
Foreign Investment Scope of POREF
How to Register for POREF
Latest Updates on POREF
Govt Initiatives for Property Sector
Top Projects for Overseas Investors

The real estate sector of Pakistan has amazing investment potential. In fact, it is among the most profitable investment avenues, accounting for a large portion of the country’s GDP. In a bid to further enhance its scope, the Federation of Realtors Pakistan and Gwadar Builders & Developers Association have recently come together and formed the Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum (POREF). Since the initiative’s primary scope is to benefit the national economy, it is also being supported by the federal government.

If you want to learn more about this revolutionary platform, then you have landed on the right post. Here we are going to discuss everything you should know about POREF and how it is going to be fruitful for overseas investors. 

More About the Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum (POREF)

More About the Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum (POREF)
POREF is a multi-dimensional investment platform targeting overseas Pakistanis (Credits: POREF website)

The Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum, which is legally known as POREF (Pvt.) Limited, is envisioned to result in major developments and transformations in the country’s property sector. It will directly link some of the most prominent investment and development names of the local industry with foreign buyers and investors. 

Two Week Grand-scale Promotional Activity Up Ahead

POREF, which is a multi-dimensional investment platform, is organising a two-week promotional activity for overseas Pakistanis in three different countries: Canada, UK and USA. The stage is set for this mega event, which will be held in February next year. According to POREF’s official website, the activity will take place from Feb 4-18, 2021 in London, New York, Toronto, and Manchester. 

Multiple roadshows and exhibitions have been planned for the POREF promotional activity, bringing a grand opportunity for overseas Pakistanis to explore some of the best property projects that are being developed back home.

How Much Foreign Investment Is POREF Expected to Bring Into the Country?

The country’s economic growth greatly relies on the inflow of foreign direct investments. Investors and stakeholders in the industry have high hopes for POREF because this platform is driven by a visionary approach of the property field experts.

The official website of the forum claims that it is going to showcase projects worth PKR 500 billion. A delegation of the most experienced members belonging to the real estate industry will meet the potential investors during the event to brief them about the projects and their investment potential. 

The organisers and stakeholders of POREF are aiming to reach the target of around PKR 50 billion worth of investment from the overseas Pakistani market. Giving trustworthiness and reliability the utmost importance, the platform also guarantees strong networking for timely assistance and investment security to the potential investors, which will also result in a fruitful long-term relationship.

How to Register for POREF?

Click here to navigate to the “registration” page on the POREF official website. There you’ll have to fill up and submit a registration form with your basic information. You then have to wait for their response.

Latest Updates on Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum (POREF)

There is a separate section on POREF’s website where you’ll find all of their latest updates. You can also keep checking back on this blog because we’ll be updating it with all the new developments regarding the upcoming POREF international event.

POREF and Government’s Latest Initiatives for Overseas Property Investors

The Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Platform has been established in the wake of the recently introduced government initiatives to facilitate the overseas Pakistani. Roshan Apna Ghar, which is an initiative launched under the umbrella of Roshan Digital Accounts, is one fine example in this regard.

While launching Roshan Apna Ghar, PM Imran Khan termed it as a “game-changer” for the Pakistani real estate industry. For the very first time in history, this initiative brings home financing facilities in both conventional and Shariah-compliant modes for overseas investors. Roshan Apna Ghar brings highly flexible and convenient loan payment terms, spanning between 3 and 25 years. 

The real estate industry has also benefited from PM Imran Khan’s construction relief package, which was introduced in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It was aimed to expedite the construction and development activities in the country to expand the industry’s scope and create new employment opportunities. 

The government of Pakistan in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investment has taken onboard many real estate projects to provide FBR-immunity to their investors. This means they will not be required to declare their income sources while investing in any FBR-registered project.

Best Property Projects That Overseas Investors Should Take a Look at in 2021!

Best Property Projects That Overseas Investors Should Take a Look at in 2021
Here we have listed some of the most ideal property projects in Pakistan for overseas investors

Almost every other major city in Pakistan is now home to many state-of-the-art residential and commercial complexes. It is all because of the untiring efforts of some of the country’s most inspiring and successful development firms like Zameen Developments

The company has introduced many noteworthy real estate ventures in recent years, attracting local and overseas investors alike. Most of these developments are equipped with super convenient locations, world-class facilities and amenities, attractive payment options, incredibly high investment potential, and most importantly, FBR immunity. 

Here we have listed all of the real estate projects introduced by Zameen Developments that are the perfect investment options for overseas Pakistanis in every aspect.

Now that we have shared with you all the key details about the Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum (POREF) and its upcoming international event, we’ll wrap it up here. If you have any queries and feedback to share with us, please feel free to reach out to us at blog@zameen.com. We’d be more than happy to answer your emails.

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