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A sepia-tinted home of memories in Delhi’s Lodhi Road



It’s true—the home does have a story to tell, and a very compelling one at that, as its bones retain their antiquity, while its new, more modern interiors hold them together by laying on top like a palimpsest. But despite the newness of it all, the bedrooms feel lived in, as they should. You can imagine them being curled into on a rainy night, while also playing hosts to their inhabitants on a busy day, where things are carelessly left lying around, like you would in familiar spaces you consider your own.

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The main bedroom plays with subdued hues of white, brown and earthy tones that are calming on the eyes.


But what makes this floor really more interesting is the foyer connecting the two bedrooms, where a contemporary-looking panelled teak pillar, embellished with cornices, and marrying the best of both the new and the old, houses a library of books. There’s a sofa to lie and read on in those afternoons when you don’t feel like doing much else. At your feet lies a delicately-woven rug matching the warm browns of the rest of the space.

The foyer connecting the two bedrooms houses shelves full of books and a corner to read them in.



“This old-school home boasts an inviting open layout, allowing natural light to flood every corner. The floors are adorned with soothing printed patterns inspired by traditional Indian designs, featuring intricate motifs in earthy tones,” Duggal says. She mentions how, on account of being in the bureaucratic hub of the city, a lot of permissions had to be sought before green-lighting the project. However, the wait and efforts were all worth it.

This home is a celebration of immaculate craftsmanship and an appreciation for a slow life where even time stands still to soak in all the wonders it has to offer, which it has a lot of.


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